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Edinburgh, Lothian

31 hires on Bark
‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I provide close-up magic with cards, coins and classic effects at tables or walk-about environment. I provide great magic and humour. I have a repertoire that is excellent for adults, but can also be tailored to teenagers and younger children (12+).

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31 August 2020

I asked Tim to help me propose during a recent Edinburgh trip.

Tim helped plan the venue and talked me through alternatives, all the while talking through the plan so we were agreed on the right approach.

On the day the magic was unbelievable and he has ensured that my future wife and I will never forget that moment.

Edinburgh will always hold a special place in our hearts and much of that was due to Tim.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tim as someone who is meticulous, personable and a great talent - someone to help make a special event truly magical.

Many thanks Steve. It was a real pleasure and I'm glad you feel that way. Lovely to meet you both and be a part of your memories of Edinburgh. All the best! And Congratulations!

10 February 2020

Tim performed at my sons baptism meal which was a family affair of about 40 including kids, what a great performance he delivered! You could tell from the reaction of everyone as to how good he was!!!
If you are looking for someone to make that day special then this is your guy 5 stars all the way!!! very professional and well priced, great value for money

Thanks very much Iain. It was a pleasure!

20 January 2020

Tim was incredible. He was hired for my friends baby shower and I was blown away by all of his tricks. Still trying to fathom how on earth he does what he does! We’ve taken business cards and hope to have him appear at my mum’s 60th. Would definitely recommend for events! More...

20 January 2020

Wow just wow. Absolutely fantastic. Tim blew us all away with his magic. Tim arrived at my daughter Lauren's baby shower & from the moment he arrived & performed his magic at the individual tables all I heard was screams, wow, clapping shouts of oh my god.
Everyone at the shower were blown away & delighted stating it was the best baby shower they had been too. Tim also performed some magic for the wee ones that were there. Not only is he a fantastic magician he is also a delightful friendly guy.
Do not hesitate to book Tim.
A million stars from me & all that attended the shower.
Many thanks for making me the star of the moment for hiring you Tim

11 November 2019

AMAZING! Tim is an incredibly professional and amazing performer. The tricks were amazing and the office would not stop talking about how unbelievably incredible he was! We received rave feedback from all those who attended our office event. I look forward to working with Tim again in the future! More...

27 September 2019

Fantastic experience. The expressions on the kids faces were full of wonder throughout! Would highly recommend!

2 September 2019

Tim was absolutely incredible from start to finish at my partners 30th birthday party! Everyone was amazed with all of his tricks and were talking about them hours after he left! Such a funny and lovely guy! Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for something extra to entertain your guests! Thanks so much Tim, will definitely see you again! More...

3 June 2019

Tim is an incredible magician! He was able to entertain a room of mixed audiences from grandparents right the way to younger children, all the time holding his audiences attention and creating all the reactions of disbelief and amazement.
He is very easy to work with and very responsive and adapted well to my various locations- indoors & outdoors.
Tim is a very friendly and an approachable person which makes him the perfect entertainer for any party...I’ll certainly be using him again!

16 May 2019

Absolutely amazing magician and an absolute gentleman. Tim did not disappoint and mesmerised the guests at our wedding with his magic. Highly recommend 👍🏻👍🏻

7 May 2019

Our Party had an age range of 11 to 79 and Tim catered for them all. A relaxed and Gentlemanly approach by him allowed us to really enjoy watching some great magic. Would not hesitate to recommend anyone who's thinking of using him. More...

21 January 2019

Tim was fantastic! The magic tricks were amazing and my friends and I were astounded! I would highly recommend Tim , he is funny and very clearly talented!

30 November 2018

Tim arrived on time and just got going. He kept 160 of my guest entertained and he was talk of the night. Such a friendly guy with a lovely smile. He definitely put a lot of smiles on everyone else's faces too. Few of my friends have already asked for his contact details to book him for their parties.Definetely recommend him. By far the best magician I've ever seen More...

13 November 2018

Tim came to my house for my 60th birthday party. He took over mingled with the crowd interacted with people who thought he was great.
Tim was an absolute joy who also helped make my 60th a night to remember.


24 October 2018

Tim is amazing x we booked him for a private party for close up magic and WOW !!! Best we’ve seen along with lovely personality

100% recommended xxx

21 October 2018

Tim was a joy! He confirmed dates and time of event and kept in close contact. All the guests thought he was fantastic and interacted well with young and old alike. He is extremely likable and a very accomplished magician. I hope to have the opportunity to see his magic again! More...

16 October 2018

Tim was absolutely brilliant, totally mesmerising! So pleased we booked him , he made my friend’s 50th extra special! If you are in Edinburgh and fancy something different Tim is a must!!! ♦️♣️♥️♠️

16 October 2018

Wow!!!!!! My friends arranged Tim to visit our holiday home for my 50th birthday and I absolutely loved this experience ❤️
Tim was delightful.... a true gentleman and so unbelievably talented and gifted!!!!! We were mesmerised at what we witnessed! Would HIGHLY recommend this amazing magician!
Thank you Tim for making this night truly memorable ❤️❤️❤️

16 October 2018

Amazing night thank you so much Tim you were brilliant very entertaining and talented

16 October 2018

Highly recommended! Tim is a genius! He is also extremely personable and friendly. His magic left us all in wonder. Very tasteful and professional. Thank you so much Tim we all loved you. More...

15 October 2018

It is not easy to please 11 middle aged ladies on a friend's 50th Birthday.
However, Tim exceeded our expectations and was absolutely brilliant! !
A gentleman and obviously a very talented magician.
We will definitely book him again!

24 August 2018

Very good magic and very friendly, lovely guy!

24 August 2018

Tim absolutley blew my mind. I've seen so much during the Edinburgh Festival over the years, but really, this is not one to miss! Up close and personal, I would recommend him for any event! More...

24 June 2018

Tim was truly magical. He engaged so well with a party of 74 guests and they all loved him. From kids to adults, I have been getting text messages today commenting how brilliant he was! Thank you Tim for make a memorable day so amazing.
Definitely recommended and would put on 10 stars if I could ⭐️

Thanks very much Zahid, it was truly a pleasure!

20 June 2018

Tim entertained 28 of us at a birthday/graduation BBQ. He did his close up magic with small groups of us. Very professional, very entertaining and mixed very easily within our crowd. He delighted everyone and made our night extra special. I would recommend him. Prompt arrival and did not rush off immediately his time was up. More...

1 June 2018

Tim provided us with a marvellous afternoon of magic and entertainment for my brother’s 21st last week.
He mingled very well and divided himself very well amoungst our guest so no one was left out. His tricks were amazing and had us all stunned.
A very geniune and hardworking magician, can not recommend him highly enough. Perfect addition to any party or event.

28 May 2018

Tim certainly helped put the magic into my sons 21st birthday party which we had in the house for family and friends. Everyone raved about how great he was and how mind blowing was his magic. He indeed brought the wow factor to the party. Can highly recommend him. A big thank you Tim. More...

27 May 2018

Tim made my husbands retirement meal, extra special!!! We had 4 children ages 4, 6, 8 and 11 and they absolutely loved his magic- the adults were in as much awe of his trickery! ! Tim made sure every table saw his magic and our friends and family agreed he made the night a great success! I was so lucky he replied to my request on Bark!! More...

23 May 2018

I invited Tim to perform at my 40th birthday party and he was fantastic. The magic was amazing and he had all of the guests eating out of his hands! !!
He was extremely entertaining and highly professional.
I would definitely recommend Tim to anyone.

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As most magicians, I became interested in magic from about the age of 8! A magic set for Christmas, and I was off... I developed a particular interest in close-up card magic from the time was 14 and have been influenced by many great magicians such as: Dai Vernon, Bill Malone, Brian Gillis, Juan Tamariz and Jonathan Kamm. My interest and enjoyment of magic only gets stronger as the years go by.

I have a very personable style of interactive close-up magic with cards, coins and small objects and perform astonishing classic card and coin effects with the magic happening right in front of your guests and often in their hands. I have tricks that are suitable for younger children and the sleight-of-hand is great for adults. At times bills / cards float in the air and decks of playing cards may cut themselves to find a selected card. I also do a few mind reading effects as appropriate.
My style is most suited to moving through a room interacting with individuals or small groups of people so I think would be well suited to what you are looking for. Everyone feels very close, involved and has a good view.
I believe magic should be very fun as well as astonishing and if tricks are done well, people should feel so delighted and nicely mystified that the question of ‘how it’s done’ is not even in their mind… Mainly I want people to have a good time. I’m a pretty straightforward guy, don’t take myself too seriously and work with a lot of good humour. The reactions I get from people are fantastic.

For me the enjoyment and engagement with a close-up audience is where the real magic lies. Interacting with people is the absolute best. Seeing the enjoyment and delight as people react to 'magic' happening right in front of them or particularly in their hands, is amazing.

I love magic, both seeing it and performing it. I spend a lot of time practicing and decided to become professional at doing something I love and enjoy sharing.

I am a professional actor and entertainer, as well as a magician. As an actor, I am very good engaging with people and provide an extremely fun experience for your guests. I look at close-up magic as an amazing and engaging experience which adds a bit of memorable delight and great fun to your party or event. I've worked on stage throughout Scotland and the UK, most recently in The Arabian Nights, the Royal Lyceum Theatre's production of The Arabian Nights. I have also appeared in Outlander and more recently The Cry on BBC 1. Originally from Chicago, I've performed close-up interactive magic at many parties in Chicago and New York. I perform every Thursday night, 9pm to midnight, at The Joker & Thief pub on Leith Walk in Edinburgh and Friday nights, 6 to 8pm at Revolution on Chambers Street, Edinburgh.