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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Do you suffer from stress or anxiety?
Do you have a fear or a phobia?
Do you have a problem with work or social gatherings?
Have you got the feeling that your not worth it?

If you struggle with any of these or other issues please call me and see how I can help.

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8 customer reviews

4 December 2019

Went to see Rene not knowing what to expect,this lady has changed my life for the better. There is homework but that only takes a few minutes. Rene has the ability to make you feel calm and safe. I highly recommend her services, worth every penny. Thank you once again More...

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22 November 2019

Really didn't know what to expect, knew i needed something, not sure what it was. Had a couple of appointments with Renie, we then started BWRT, not really fully understanding what that was. But boy was it effective. Apart from the homework you have to do, it was painless, not hard work. ( I did have trouble trying to keep up). The effects have been noticed not only by me, but by others too, who have commented I seem to be different.Great result,Thank you Renie. More...

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8 July 2019

I cannot thank Renie enough for all that she has done for me. I have several phobias and am a very anxious person, she has been so patient, listening to me and handing out the tissues when necessary. I feel so much more confident after treatment and my stress levels greatly reduced. Renie is a very professional lady and a wonderful caring person. Thank you so very much - June. More...

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2 May 2019

Renie is great therapist!

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4 March 2019

Before seeing Renie I felt stuck in a negative cycle of thoughts, reliving a past trauma and experiencing much distress. After 4 sessions of BWRT, something inside my mind has been untangled. Renie guided me through the process with calmness and compassion and I am now able to move forward with my life. I am feeling strong and positive and I am re-discovering my inner joy. I would recommend this therapy for anyone experiencing difficulties. More...

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6 January 2019

I came to see Renie at possibly one of the hardest times of my life. I had a lot of fear and stress over a recent diagnosis. Renie's approach was both down to earth and practical. It helped me put everything into perspective and in turn made it all manageable. It felt like a weight had been lifted off me. So much so that some of my physical symptoms abated a little also. With a more positive outlook I was able to face my challenges and that in turn made me feel much more in control of my situation. The skills I learnt with Renie were life skills that I will now be able to use going forwards if I come across any more challenges. So that is also a great take away from the sessions. I would certainly recommend Renie to friends. I am very grateful to her. More...

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5 January 2019

Just to say, thank you so much.......you have shown me. that I have a strength I never knew I had.... and for that I will be forever grateful! I hope you realise just how brilliant you are..thanks again.... Very Best Wishes. More...

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15 December 2018

Excellent service. The interest and care starts from the minute you meet Reenie. A genuine interest in you,your life, your desires and anxieties makes it easy to trust her. My experience of hypnotherapy was extremely positive, I had no difficulty being comfortable enough to relax and let go of the things stopping me move on. I was happily surprised by the positive effect it had not only on my mood but my ability to cope with the difficulties life continued to throw at me and hand me back the control I was so needing.I had six sessions and was able to return again after another life crisis. The methods and strategies I learnt have continued to be useful and help me deal with the things in life that can throw you off balance.I would recommend therapy 4stress to anyone who needs that extra hand, hug or push to keep going with whatever life, work or others throw at you and grab back the control we all need to have in at least one area of our lives. More...

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My passion is helping people to feel better in themselves.
The part I love the best is when I see someone happy and smiling, as they leave my office.

I have seen many people depressed and anxious for many different reasons throughout my life, myself included. I felt it was the time to go and really help others, make a difference to their lives as I had done to my own.

I am not a magician. But I believe I can help you feel the way you want to feel and become the person
you want to be.


Helping you re-wire your brain into thinking the way you want to think

Walk your way through you past, to help resolve your issues

I currently am a GHR supervisor for other therapists.

Relaxing your mind to help your subconscious take on board that you can STOP the things you want to stop, so that you CAN do the things that you want to do