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Hello and thanks for looking at my profile.

I offer individual clients and businesses a range of confidential services including:

** Life Coaching
** Career Development
** Confidence Building
** Stress Management
** Managing Difficult Relationships -- whether professional or personal

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20 February 2021

John was excellent. He came to our annual conference and delivered a wonderful motivational speech to 200+ people. We only booked him for an hour due to time constraints, but we could have listened to him for much longer. Highly recommended.

30 September 2020

For me the course hit the right note and connected in a way that I really think could be a turning point. The biggest take home for me was dealing with the root cause of anxiety. R.B

30 September 2020

I would like to thank John for such a wonderful day. The Public Speaking course was so much more than what I had envisaged it to be. Thank you for not only providing tips on the practicalities of public speaking, but also for opening-up my eyes to the possibilities that lie within me. A gift, that will remain with me for a lifetime I am sure, and not just within the domain of public speaking. More...

30 September 2020

John is passionate about his work and is truly adept in triggering transformative change within the individual. We were taken on a rollercoaster ride around personal energy, voice projection, authenticity and controlling stage fright. Half-way through, one by one we found our voices and at the end, each of us was able to step into our confident presenting personas. Awesome! Ross More...


Helping people from all walks of life and professions to break through their fear whatever it is -- real or imagined -- and to move forward with their lives. Seeing people do this is a great joy.

It grew naturally without me really doing anything much to kick it off. It was mainly through word-of-mouth from people I had worked with over a number of years. I enjoy coaching/mentoring very much — it’s more than a business for me. I get personal satisfaction from helping people to "awaken" to their true potential.

There is pretty much nothing I haven't seen or heard, human nature being what it is. I do not judge people and treat everyone equally. I have worked with the so-called "great and the good", as well as "ordinary" people from all professions and walks of life. In fact, there is no such thing as an “ordinary” person — most people have their stories and are often extraordinary and that includes you!

Anything we discuss is 100% confidential, with anonymity being paramount. I offer an initial free (up to 30-minutes) phone call to hear what a potential client is looking for and what their issue is. If I don't think I can help you, I will tell you. Feel free to get in touch and take the next step.

Yes, I provide my services on Zoom which works very well. We can also meet in person if that's what you are looking for after government restrictions have been lifted.

At the moment I don't meet in person until Covid-19 is more under control and the government deems it safe to meet again. Until then, it's via Zoom.


Life Coaching covers a wide range of things from helping people break through difficult situations at work and in their career, to their personal relationships. Helping people to follow their dream and achieve the goals they have set out to accomplish. To be who they want to be and to live without fear, regret or resentment. And, above all, to be happy in their own skin regardless of what is going on around them. To be free to be the best a person can be. To accept themselves and the world around them and to have that quiet, inner confidence that comes with knowing you are okay and at peace.

Coaching people to be able to stand up and speak to an audience of any size and be a strong, confident communicator whether that is speaking in person to a small or large number of people or online via Zoom/Teams/Skype. Please see:

Fear is one on the most debilitating things that holds people back. Fear can be "free-floating" – in other words something you can't quite name or put your finger on – but is nevertheless always lucking in the background, preventing you for achieving what you want to achieve in life. I help people find their true potential in life and break through their fear, whatever that is. There is nothing I haven't seen or heard and I bring a wealth of human experience with me to assist you in conquering your own fear and to be free to be the best person you can be.

The word "spiritual" covers many things and can freak people out and scare them off. Spiritual for me is not about religion -- there is a BIG difference between religion and spiritually -- it's about helping another person to become conscious, to awaken, to live in the present moment -- the "Now" -- and that can have a profound effect, not only on them, but also all the people around them that they love and care about. I have had my own "awakening" many years ago and it changed my life forever.

I also offer a range of motivational speeches that provide humour, insight, life experience and inspiration to people, especially in these uncertain times due to the pandemic. Speeches can vary in length and will be tailored to your specific event. These can be delivered online or in person, taking into account any government restrictions in place at the time.