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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


For over a decade The Business Generation Group (TBG) have engaged with all manner of decision makers from CEO’s of Multinational Corporates and Local Governments and through to SME’s and the self -employed so we have a very varied knowledge base backing us.

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15 January 2020

We have been working with TBG for the last 2-3 years now, and the impact they have had on my business has been fantastic. They have supported myself and my team in finding new customers that we can supply our goods to . They have also helped in making my business more well known to a variety of business sectors, all of which has been very positive.

I would highly recommend TBG and give them a very well deserved 5 star rating!


Using our proven lead generation methods we quickly gain key decision maker intelligence and engage with them at their level, about your business service offering or products. We speak with authority on the subject, build a professional rapport with your prospect, gaining completely qualified leads whilst re-enforcing the values of your brand and become a transparent extension of your sales team.

During these conversations we naturally extract Business Intelligence which can range from a general overview of the company to very specific and focused details depending on your preference which will resulting in qualified leads or future opportunities being identified which you can add to your business development pipeline.

You will receive high value leads from a group that prides quality over quantity.

Well qualified, high quality leads and appointments are a core TBGGroup competency.

It goes without saying that appointment generation as part of a carefully thought out and targeted strategic Business Development Plan is critical to any organisation’s success. The better your sales team are set up on the call gaining the appointment, the more chance of success they will have when they are face to face.

We are driven by knowing that our success is each client’s success and perpetually think out of the box. We use all avenues to maximise the number of well qualified leads and appointments for our clients.

It is far from a numbers game to us and we feel our lead and appointment generation success lies in our intelligent, open-ended discussion approach. We pride ourselves on an enviable track record of results, which we know is reflected in our clientele as they do come back time and time again.

Not to be confused with Telesales (think high volumes of calls, scripts, headsets, mostly B2C - Business to Consumer- changing your energy tariff or PPI claims etc.)
Telemarketing is non-scripted, intelligent & fluid conversations with the correct decision maker, conducted in an engaging manner and at their level gaining your required outcome. This could be appointments in the diary, a defined opportunity being found then passed over to you and your sales team, a survey, current suppliers and important dates or a full landscape of the entire company.

When initial contact has been made with a prospect or potential client, it is critical to keep an ongoing communication with them maintaining rapport and brand awareness otherwise the process needs to start again and is potentially quite costly. Timing is everything so our contact nurturing service keeps touch points happening throughout a period of time to stop warm leads going cold and positioning you in the right place at the right time.

Depending on your solution, your potential clients and where they are in their buying cycle is how often and to what level contact must be made. Tailoring this level is very important as too much will have a negative effect and not enough is wasted efforts and money.

We can remove the burden of keeping this level of contact by maintaining these relationships with prospects on your behalf. Moreover, by helping you to ‘farm’ existing accounts we can sometimes uncover additional revenue opportunities.

Success of one product or service in a specific industry sector will not necessarily guarantee the success of another. We are experienced in supporting organisations who seek to explore new markets or sectors. We can obtain the information needed to enable accurate risk assessment before investing heavily in a new sales campaign.

Whether you wish to run a small pilot first or have a more extensive information gathering requirement, we have vast experience in investigating and researching new markets.

This may be in the form of Surveys, Company Profiling or Mystery Shopping.

Every marketing campaign is based around your contact data, even the most perfectly planned campaign will result in failure and possibly loss in revenue and credibility when the wrong contacts are mailed, e-mailed or telephoned.

We can enhance the value of your existing customer and prospect data by ensuring that it contains accurate and up to date information.

For example, we can check that the following details are still correct, and populate incomplete or absent fields.

Contact names - Phone numbers - Job Title - Email addresses - Addresses - Number of employees - Company Turnover

We can also create a new contact database by purchasing contact lists from our trusted commercial suppliers and validating that the existing contact information is correct and enhancing it with specific additional information that you require.

There are a number of ways to connect with your target audience, social media, email campaigns, web based methods, mail, print, media, and the list goes on. Depending on your margins, conversing and asking direct questions to your prospects is one of the most cost effective methods of marketing possible. Consider looking at multiple touch points with the addition of telemarketing to really maximise your chance of success.

Gaining a foothold into a blue-chip or large corporate, can be the first step to developing major ongoing and growing business, but opening that initial door can be a tough proposition. Arming yourself with key in-depth information about all aspects of that company that is relevant to your products and services is key to getting in.

We specialise in providing in-depth investigative analysis of the key information to enable you to capture a major new corporate client. Examples of the information it may be possible to deliver includes:

Company structure (e.g. by country, branch, department)
Relevant key decision makers and their contact details
Current and future buying requirements
Procurement and tendering processes
Budgets and budget allocation
Key pains/issues

The holding and planning of a seminar or similar event can be a costly but key part of your marketing strategy. How do you justify this expense and insure a positive ROI? We can help you get the best return from your investment through targeted telemarketing before and after the event.

Driving Attendance

Of prime importance is attracting the right delegates to attend, and then ensuring that they then turn up. This is best achieved by a telephone campaign, which we can plan and co-ordinate.

Getting people to your stand

For large events where you are only one of a number of exhibitors, it is of paramount importance to ensure delegates visit your stand rather than your competitors. Calling the delegate list to raise awareness and announce incentives is an effective way to advertise your stand.

Event Follow-up

The most important information from the event is the contact list of those delegates who visited you during the event. It is imperative that these contacts are followed up quickly whilst you and your offerings are still at the forefront of their minds

Email Marketing is the tracking and analysis of the results of a bulk email campaign. Email marketing is a far more successful than ordinary email for reaching your customers and prospects and is an invaluable tool for relationship marketing and sales pipeline building.

If you do not have the resource and capabilities to undertake your own Email Marketing, We can facilitate this for you. We can help create and send emails out on your behalf, track the analytics and report on what has happened to them for you.

After the email(s) are sent, we can monitor who has clicked and who has opened your email. We can produce easy-to-understand reports at the click of a button. This makes it possible to see what campaigns have generated the most interest and what links people have clicked on to find out more, allowing you to target resources at those most likely to be prospects.

We will also be able to tell you who has opted out of receiving your emails and email addresses that have bounced back, so you can ensure your data is accurate, and remains within email marketing directives.

This approach is perfect for keeping your brand awareness high and is especially effective when coupled with a telemarketing campaign for a more of an integrated marketing.

During the natural course of intelligent conversation we are able to extract relevant details about the company we're speaking with. In the setting up stage of the campaign we understand your requirements so whilst keeping the overall objectives in mind, we are able to glean the information that you will also find beneficial. Such as where they are in their buying cycle, how many of x are currently being used, who they currently use and dates of etc.

We find this is a very useful bi-product of quality rapport building and depending on the number of questions is how comprehensive the data returned is.