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Swindon, Wiltshire


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Get a free quote from this professional


The Body Zone is a female fitness and transformation studio offering:

Group personal training (groups of 10)
Small group personal training (groups of 3)
Personal training (1-2-1)
Healthy eating guidance

The Body Zone studio is a private, high quality fitness facility based on Kembrey Park in Swindon.

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11 customer reviews

30 June 2018

Being naturally slim has always made me feel unable to go to any type of fitness class or gyms as i usually end up with 'you are soo skinny' ' why you here' ' salads must be all you eat' or the really bad ' you must never eat', when the truth is i cant get any bigger without training, without building muscle. The body zone has given me a place where i can get personal training from two fantastic ladies with an even greater supportive group of lovely ladies. Already i have gained weight and kept at least half it on which is huge for me. But even better is the support linzie,katie and the other ladies in the classes give. We are all there for different reasons, some to tone their gorgeous bods, some to lose weight off their fab selves and some to gain weight, muscle and definition. Whatever you need linzie and katie will help you obtain it with really supportive and a no quitting attitude. These work outs are truely effective. The body zone offers a great support network. More...

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8 June 2018

Amazing! The best classes I have been to in a long time. Such a great atmosphere. The best part is it takes up 30mins of your day.. so no excuses from me � �

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12 February 2018

My first nite and its just wot i needed I feel energized nowxx

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3 September 2017

Fantastic. This actually works. Linzie is amazing. Great workouts and it's FUN! The change in 8 weeks is incredible. There is continuous support and encouragement and the ladies are great and inspiring too. If you want to improve you, this is the place to be. 5* are not enough. Thanks Linzie. xx More...

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13 May 2017

�it.... Just finished my free trial.... Now Signed up ... can't wait to lose inches....

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31 March 2017

Linzi has not only helped me lose weight, tone my body (14.5cm off my stomach in 8 weeks), & learn to love exercise, but also built a confidence within myself that I didn't think was possible, while building friendships with the other ladies. I would 100% recommend The Fitness & Nutrition Centre to others. More...

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10 February 2017

Linzie is great at getting you motivated and making each session different to keep it interesting and fun !

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13 December 2016

I really struggled with fitness and exercise. I joined and after two weeks had lost 2inches off my waist, feeling more awake throughout the day, drinking more and snacking less. Thoroughly enjoy the sessions! Totally worth the pain after the burn :) Highly recommended. More...

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21 November 2016

Totally enjoyed the sessions. Easy diet plan nutrition plan to follow. Fantastic value for money .. looking forward to seeing my results in a couple of weeks time..

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20 June 2016

Fantastic workout sessions! 100% recommend!!!! Wonderful trainer!! Would keep going for as long as possible! I wouldn't anywhere else!

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20 June 2016

I have tried lots of different ways to lose weight, get fit and get toned but never managed to do it. I started with the fitness and nutrition company 6 weeks ago and I can't believe how different I look! I have not only lost weight, I have lost inches and feel so well. I look forward to my sessions each week and the personal trainer couldn't be nicer. She will help and guide you along the way. I wouldn't go anywhere else. More...

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45 minute training sessions
Nutrition guidance
Top quality coaching

45 minute full body workouts - my sessions are designed to give you the ultimate workout in less than an hour, ensuring you burn fat and build lean muscle.

Helping women get into shape and providing a unique training environment!

My love and passion for fitness and wanting to open a facility that focused on women's health, fitness and transformation.

My experience in helping women get into shape.
Female fitness and nutrition professional
The best fitness environment to train in
Affordable personal fitness


Train in groups of 12
£5.00 per session

Train in groups of 3 (bring two friends or be put in a group of two other women who have similar goals)
Get the personal training experience but at half the price.
£12.00 per session

Train with me in a 1-2-1 session
£36.00 per session