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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


As we have just entered 2019, I am happy to announce a 50% off on my “Lose Weight Once and For All Programme”.

I used to be 4 stones (28kg) heavier and tried all the diets under the sun- so trust me I’ve been there, done that.

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3 March 2019

Excellent professional, great advices in healthy food & sports to achieve your goals!!! Just an amazing lovely person with amazing personality.

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26 October 2018

I approached Ashvy as I was keen to reverse my diabetes after being diagnosed 5 years ago. Ashvy is a highly knowledgeable doctor with an incredible array of skills & experience.

Her approach was very thorough & totally bespoke, she took into account my cultural background, my interests & my preferences.

She also encouraged me to exercise more fast more & make some rather drastic changes to my diet. These changes were easy after a while as I had simple adapted & my mindset was accommodating.

Being a practising GP was important to me as I was on several meds. She studied my files in depth & also took a full medical background.

After about 4 months I was completely off diabetic medication. My bloods are now normal & I still keep to the diet she recommend. I am 78 years old - so it was a huge accomplishment for me.

Ashvy is a committed & passionate Dr with a very gentle yet encouraging manner. She cares for her patients with all her heart & has the ability to support you to make radical changes to your health.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her & just keep an open mind, trust her & be ready to see massive changes.

Thank you Ashvy

25 July 2018

I have been suffering from IBS( constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, poor digestion) for the last 30 years and five years ago I was diagnosed with hashimoto and prediabetes, had low energy and suffered from dry eyes and skin. Lots of different drugs were prescribed to me with poor results. What’s more, I was told that there was no cure for IBS. Fortunately, I came across Dr. Ashvy who gave me hope that all my diseases were curable. Five weeks ago Dr. Ashvy put me on a strict diet which was not so difficult to follow except for being obliged to cook every day for at least 1.5 hours. I know how hard that sounds but it was worth it. Already, after a few days on the diet, I did not feel bloated at all, I could wear trousers I hadn’t fit into for 30 years, I had more energy and discovered that I can function without 4 cups of coffee per day, and even better in fact! I am still following Dr. Ashvy’s recommendations in order to be able to stop taking any pills at all. I can say that Dr. Ashvy is a very professional, responsible, dedicated, and emphatic doctor, and a lovely person, and I would recommend her to anyone with health issues and a will to recover. Renata S. More...

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29 June 2018

Saw Dr Reema Parekh this week and had a fantastic level of service. Both from the same day appointment; her thorough questioning of my symptoms and her advice and prescribed medicines. Would highly recommend. Thank you for getting me better so quickly and for being so professional and caring. A huge asset to the Ricky community. MP More...

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Having been a doctor for nearly 20 years now, I can say that diet and lifestyle are the most important factors in illness prevention, as well as treating and fighting disease. Pharmaceutical medicine/ conventional medicine, simply aims to give you a pill to allow for a quick fix scenario. This doesn't work long term and can have even more negative effects. Your food (and lifestyle) can literally be the sole determinant of whether you develop cancer, alzheimers, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc. etc. The list is endless!

That I am finally helping my patients. For 12 years I was practicing as a doctor but feeling internally dissatisfied and sad. Because no-one ever really got better, which is what I thought my job as a doctor was all about. Since practicing lifestyle/ functional/ nutritional medicine (it has so many names!), I have permanently improved or reversed diabetes, crohns disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, PCOS, acne, eczema, depression, anxiety, thyroid issues, heavy periods, sub fertility etc. Get in touch to see if I have helped others with your condition, chances are I have.

The fact that I was so disappointed that I wasn't really helping people. Also, I was quite overweight and had very little energy or motivation, until I myself studied nutrition and exercise and learned first hand how to lose weight and keep it off.

If they want a very bespoke individualised plan
If they want permanent solutions
If they have multiple diseases with a treatment that will fix all of them
If they want to be really listened to, respected and involved in their decisions.
If they have unresolved health issues