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Ten over ten limited

Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

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Get a free quote from this professional


Mobile Disco DJ and MC (live broadcast via link worldwide. myradiostream.com/Tenoverten


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Quality music and entertaining speech comic design.

Born entertainer and flow with mystery of music and socialising.

Long time but unfortunately l don’t do magic but can arrange magicians if need be.

Expect a setup of equipment playlist if required or my own playlist as discuss base on kind of music and blast the place up from low tunes to High nonstop unless a break for introductions or speech

The joy of seeing people enjoy the music and having complement of my job and getting introduced for more jobs and getting to know people and socialising.

I want to be my own Boss and enjoying multi tasking socialising and getting to my self actualisation

Quality equipments, Quality music, Quality DJ and MC and a clever skills and approach to music.