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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Synergy is a boutique, British owned and operated full service digital agency.

Our website is www.wearesynergy.co.uk

For 10 years we have been supporting companies across the UK and internationally with their digital, search and social media success.

We are Google Certified in SEO and Adwords.

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1 October 2018

I had Synergy Media run a large project for me which was:1) design me a company websiteThe website design overall was fantastic, they kept in contact with me throughout the whole process and showed me many options to choose from, this made me feel at ease as I was more involved in the web design and they allowed me to have it my way. 2) create a bookings system for my websiteSynergy Media recommended that I had a custom booking system created and integrated into my website, I asked for a demonstration and they sent me a link to a live booking system they had created for another company. I thought it was an excellent idea for my customers and it would make their lives and mine much easier because the booking environment and processing was so much better, easier and faster.3) submit it to the major search enginesI asked Synergy to submit my website to the major search engine and within 1 month I started to get a boost to my work of about an extra 4 bookings a week, after 6 months this turned to approx. an extra 5 a day and after a year I was getting well over 10-15 extra bookings a day, which I thought was amazing. The project would pay itself off by more than 50 times, what an investment.4) develop our company a mobile appAnthony later contacted me regarding developing a mobile app for us so that we could appear in the app markets and be more accessible to our customers, so we agreed and within a couple of months we had hundreds of downloads of our mobile app and our customers were using it regularly to book our services.5) create a database system to file bookingsFinally, we were having a nightmare keeping track of our bookings, creating invoices, creating day sheets and designing our receipts and service forms. So I asked Synergy if they could help with this so they put something together over about 3-4 weeks and the finished product was amazing, it wasnt perfect but did everything which I needed it to do. From a simple copy and paste function I could then print the sheet out and save it into the database so I could create monthly sale reports, send invoices to customers, it even filtered and sorted my bookings how I wanted, also the design of the order forms and receipts were excellent.I am now 3 years into business and thought I would write a review of how Synergy Media have turned my business from a small business getting a few bookings a week, to being on Google page 1 and being 3rd in the natural search for at least 2 years of my 3 so far. I am now getting on average 25 bookings a day and this had allowed me to expand my business into other sections, so as stated on their website they have an excellent return on investment and I recommend them to anybody who is worried about parting with their hard earned money because it is an excellent investment, these guys know what they are doing and within 6 months you will see a massive boost to your bookings and customer base, just like I did.Thanks Synergy Media, you have turned my business around. And I will be keeping in contact with you in case I require your assistance again in the future. Keep up the good work :) More...

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1 October 2018

Brilliant service - everything delivered before expected and all queries answered very quickly and with total ease. Wonderful design, everything I wanted and all less than a grand!

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1 October 2018

I've had the pleasure of knowing and collaborating with Anthony Godley for the last 5+ years on several projects. He is an responsive project manager with deep experience in both social and marketing and SEO which is an increasingly rare thing to find. He's super reliable, pays attention to the details and provides high end work at affordable prices. I highly recommend him and Synergy Media. More...

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1 September 2018

Always a great service. I have been using SEO and PPC services for several years.

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5 October 2017

Thank you so much to Anthony, Nick and everyone at Synergy.

I had a site built in Magento which had all sorts of problems and was not performing as we required. I contacted synergy after a recommendation and was very pleased with the consultancy I received before being offered the solutions to resolve the issues my site had.

We decided to rebuild the entire site from the ground up in magento and have already seen massive improvements in the performance of the site both in conversion and on google.

Extremely happy and will not not goes anywhere else for my technical needS

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28 July 2017

I work in marketing and with so much choice in marketing alone I thought finding a web partner to build a series of websites for us business would be easy, but it was anything but.

After speaking to a number of companies across the U.K just felt that the tone of conversation always seemed to be about what I was willing to spend rather than what I actually required.

Fortunately a friend recommended me to Synergy and I am very thankful that I made contact. Anthony and the team at Synergy have been fantastic, taking time to really understand the industry and my brand objectives.

Being in marketing myself I do appreciate the holistic approach at that is exactly what I got with Synergy.

The websites I needed were delivered at a great price and exactly as I required. Communication has always been great too! Happy to recommend.

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It is very satisfying to know that your experience, hard work and creativity have helped your partners achieve success, whether that be through the design of a new website, rolling out of an SEO or Social Media campaign or a multi channelled digital marketing strategy.

So for sure, what we love most about our job is delivering success.

We are very fortunate to have worked with, and continue to work with a broad range of innovative businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK.

A genuine belief that I could offer something more, inspired the launch on Synergy. Having spent many years working within and around digital agencies across the UK, I felt that great work output and great customer service could be combined.

Synergy is the new age of digital agency; consumer-centric, customer focused and highly transparent.

We live and breathe by our core vision:

"We will, through constant improved customer service and digital innovation, provide unparalleled levels of excellence across the digital sphere”

There is a lot of choice out there... And a lot of good choices; perhaps some not so good ones too :-)

If you want a highly focused and skilled team, driven by great communication, clear goals and success, then I/we are the right partner for you. We place a lot of value in building relationships, delivering continued success and ofcourse, adding value.


We do Search Engine Optimisation very well here at Synergy. In fact we like use this simple statement as the underlying base of all our SEO Strategies:

“sustainable and ethical SEO marketing in the delivery of organic growth”

And we really do stick by that.

SEO is a fast moving, highly unpredictable practice, but also one of enormous importance in most companies marketing plans and objectives. We have delivered over 1000 successful search campaigns for partners all over the world so it is no wonder we are the UK’s most in demand SEO specialist.

We do well, where so many others fail because we understand the “dos” and “don’ts” of SEO and the importance of compliance. Understand Google’s best practice and algorithm is no easy task but as a Google Certified Partner we are constantly updating our approach to ensure the best results and highest ethical practice.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a highly targeted, powerful and complex advertisement platform which supports millions of companies revolutionise profits. It can however be an expensive option which is why it is important to partner with a company that has experience in driving costs per click down, constantly increasing click rates and conversion and ensuring the highest ROI. And this is where Synergy comes in.

We offer full PPC Setup, configuration and management through our specialist Search team. We charge a competitive 20% of monthly spend and ensure the highest conversion rates are met.

Synergy has a combined 30 years’ experience in Art Direction, Graphic Design, User Experience and Website Design. Our design capability is a part of our company that is highly valued by our national and international partners of all sizes. From marketing collateral to fully responsive websites, our creative team thrives on creating innovative, high impact designs. Our expertise runs across the entire design lifecycle from discovery and ideas and conceptualisation to art direction and delivery. We ensure that a holistic approach and highly effective editorial takes centre stage in our approach. We deliver leads to our customers through our consistent, professional expertise.

> User Experience

Through our discovery expertise, researching and profiling we have become specialists in the science and art of creating effective user experiences. User Experience (UX) and User Planning is a fundamental function within website design. At Synergy we take a holistic approach to website design considering user experience, website design, website development and search engine optimisation to ensure our websites deliver the maximum effect.

There are so many reasons as to why WordPress supports more than 75 Million websites worldwide. This is not a figure that can be ignored…

WordPress is a highly capable, highly fluid, highly scalable and extremely SEO friendly platform. It offers a wide range of design options and is supported by one of the largest communities on the web.

At Synergy, we love WordPress for plenty of reasons but in particular we know that WordPress is a safe option. The back end panels and content management system are very easy to use; ensuring our partners have full control over their websites.

Partners can choose from millions of themes and plugins to enhance their sites features and offering to their clients. The platform is by nature responsive to all mobile and tablet devices. And of course, WordPress SEO is superior to any other platform.

Magento is the best platform on the market for large online stores. It is a more complex platform compared to WordPress and capable of handling much higher traffic, product and sales loads.

What is great about Magento is the dedication commitment from the Magento Team to produce a fantastic platform. Unlike WordPress, which was predominantly created by third parties, Magento is an inhouse platform, created and supported by an inhouse team. This means the platform is by its nature, extremely secure.

One of the reasons we really like working with Magento is the mature and highly accurate eCommerce CMS suite that it offers to our partners. To many, Magento is considered the best eCommerce platform on the market today.

Shopify has really taken off over the past few years. It has become a serious contender as a leading open source eCommerce platform and can be considered amongst WordPress and Magento. If you are considering using Shopify OR already use Shopify as your website CMS, then you have a wide range of benefits to enjoy. Not least the wonderful design capabilities the platform has to offer. Of all the open source platforms available on the web today, none offer the level of excellence in their templates as Shopify. You can create stunning stores using Shopify.

Compared to WordPress and Magento, Shopify is still a reasonable “young” platform, with just over 100’000 active websites using the platform. However, for outstanding control over your store, unrivalled design capabilities and off the shelf payment gateways, Shopify is a viable option.

Leading digital innovation and strategy is what we do best. It’s the fundamental basis of all of our frameworks and campaigns.

Digital planning is involved in everything we do!

For us to get a brand or product to the right place, digital planning becomes a core part of our approach.

Over the past 10 years we have become highly versed in audience segmentation, identifying channels, structuring campaigns, display advertising, social media, paid search, native and video advertising.

This is why we are considered a Full Service Agency.

We ensure ROI is maximised by integrating digital media channels with broader offline marketing.

Whatever platform you operate your website from, whether it’s Sitecore, Umbraco, WordPress or Magento, the objective remains the same; “sell products and services”

As a full service agency, specialised in eCommerce we understand the underlying goals of operating an online store. We have developed hundreds of eCommerce websites across a wide range of platforms nationally and internationally.

We help our partners think about objectives and create strategies on how to achieve them. Through our discovery team we create a basic model on visitor and traffic conversion. We identify channels on how to maximise traffic and reach for your brand.

We will highlight what you should be aiming for and ensure you have a clear path to achieving business level objectives.