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SW Clean is a Home Service Platform that offers domestic and commercial cleaning services to residential and business customers all around London through a wide network of local service providers.

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7 customer reviews

4 November 2021

Excellent service highly recommend, had my oven cleaned today pleased with the results 5* service.

1 November 2021

Amazing service! I had both the domestic cleaning and carpet cleaning service come to my flat last week and can honestly say they transformed the place! Would definitely recommend this service and use it again. So helpful! More...

28 October 2021

Booked weekly cleaning for my 3 bed Flat a few month ago. Im very happy working with this company ever since. Totaly recommend! 😇

28 October 2021

Booked a window cleaning from the platform and I got to say it was fast and easy. The Window cleaner was an awesome guy and did a very thorough clean. 10/10

28 October 2021

Totally recommend! Easy to book, make changes, reschedule and add services. The customer portal is awesome!

28 October 2021

used them for home cleaning. very satisfied!

28 October 2021

Awesome platform offering all kinds of domestic services. Used them for window cleaning and was very happy with the results.


Started as a local, family-run cleaning company more than 7 years ago. By merging experience with technology we've start a home cleaning platform project that allows customers to book a local service providers all around London.

Provision of equipment and/or supplies are entirely optional. Our providers can always bring and use such upon initial request of the customer.

In times of a pandemic, global warmings and air pollutions, we believe cleaning must be part of everyone's life if not daily but at least every other day. Just as personal hygiene is essential for every person on the planet, his property's cleanliness is just as important as well. Cleaning does not only relax one's mind but when doing it for others, knowing that it creates positivity, brings us joy as well.

For the provision of an excellent service we believe communication between company and customer is most essential. Understanding customer's needs and requirements is of absolute importance. We believe we've found the solution by offering both standard and premium services for everyone's wallet and budgets.

Provision of domestic services is basically the same everywhere. Customer's are usually happy with the service provided by their cleaner, not the company who sent her/him there. This is why we've chosen to work locally, offering constant communication, 2-way feedback , premium quality provision and top-notch supplies.

Booking a domestic service with us is a matter of minutes. Request a service, Get a quote, Approve & Schedule. That's it. Or maybe give us a call and get it all sorted on the phone? We provide each customer with personal portal for individual management of bookings, keep track of spending, store and download invoices, add funds to wallet and many other awesome features.

For all company providers is of highest importance to wear a mask. Gloves and overshoes are always part of our work as well. Temperature checks are made weekly and antigen tests are must-to-pass before starting work.


Hourly based service provided by local cleaners at affordable prices with many add-on options for excellent quality and top-notch standards. For maximum experience, we've launched Premium Services where we offer property-based prices so you won't care how much we've spent inside.

Your oven is greasy? Food does not taste the same as before? The bell is ringing, and you definitely need an oven cleaning! It always makes a difference when done professionally by experienced cleaners!

#SaveTheFridge! A professional clean will not only extend the appliance's lifespan but will also kill all present bacteria and prevent any mould build-up. Book a full cleaning of your fridge, including your freezer down below. Don't worry! We are using only the best food-safe chemicals from leading UK suppliers

Clothes does not smell like they used to after doing the laundry? The appliance's cycles are longer? That's it... You need a cleaning. The local service providers of SW Clean will clean your laundry machine entirely from top to bottom. Descaling the inner drum, cleaning the filter and the detergent drawer, polishing the glass door, etc, etc. You name it, we clean it!

Condenser or vented dryer? Actually, we don't care. We can handle everything! The temperatures outside a hitting a drop and drying clothes outside becomes impossible. No wonder most homeowners have a dryer. Ensure that yours will be working just fine for the winter by booking a cleaning with us...

Even the best dishwashers cannot withstand usage of bad tablets. Cycles becoming longer and longer? Water temperature does not get above 60 degrees as before? You need a cleaning, it's obvious. And why not trusting a local cleaner for that? Book yours from SW Clean and watch us in action.

There's only 1 indication that your microwave does not work properly. And that's your food's temperature. If it's not heating as before, it means that you must clean it. Grease on the walls, plate's not rotating, splashes everywhere... Book a microwave clean along with another kitchen appliance and get some discounts... on us!

Carpets are like sponges... They absorb everything. Dust, debris, bacteria, etc. This is why you need to have them cleaned regularly. And not only if spilt something on the floor! No that it matters for us... We'll clean it, whatever. Delicate fabric, synthetic fabric, it doesn't matter. We're trained for all of them. Oh yes, and the detergents we are using? #thebest

Enjoy sitting on your couch? Relaxing on your armchair after a long day? Why not doing it on a clean one? Book your upholstery cleaning by the end of the month and get your free fabric sanitisation.

Biggest con of living on island is the reason it rains... a lot. And rain is causing dirty windows. And dirty windows are causing negativity subconsciously. Avoid that by booking a window cleaning through the platform of SW Clean. First floor, Second floor, Third floor? It doesn't matter, we'll reach it. Conservatory, Skylights, Glass roof? I told you, it doesn't matter! We'll clean it!

Probably the most booked service in London. Why? Because people move places quite often. And it's hassle, we know... But why causing yourself such, when you can leave everything to the service providers of SW Clean at affordable prices. Get your full deposit back for no time. Actually it's a matter of a few clicks, or a phone call. Book yours, anytime, anywhere!

Business of all sizes needs an office cleaning, regularly! Especially in times of a pandemic. Ensure yours, and your staff's safety by booking your regular office cleaning with experience people. Oh yeah, we are available even outside your working hours!

Had a party last night? Expecting guests? Get your place in order in no time. Book a local cleaner at SW Clean and forget about the consequences. And if you do it by the end of November, you'll get a FREE antiviral sanitisation. #stopthespread

A deep clean is always recommended at least once an year. And not because people say so... but because your property needs a treat once in a while. And what better but to take advantage of our Premium Services option? Let us quote you on property-layout, and not hourly, where cleaners need to hurry and shuffle the job. We'll just clean all of it, and you won't care for the time spent.

Sub-letting property for short stay is many people's side hustle, if not a whole business. And yeah, everyone needs a cleaning between guests. Why not doing it with a local service provider though? Oh yeah, our Premium Service option is available for this service as well. Book your cleaning based on property-layout rather on duration and don't ever worry again. Your property's rating will skyrocket.

Your patio changed colour? The driveway hasn't been washed in a long time? It never stops raining and you can't do anything? That's it... This ends here. Book your Jet Wash service with SW Clean's service providers. They'll do it better than everyone.

Garden overgrown? Bushes needs edging? Weeding, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, tree pruning, leaves clearing... No problem. we'll do it. Book your gardening service now and get 3 free green waste bags disposed for free!

Had your lawn mowed recently? Or you've trimmed your hedges, maybe? Green waste has been produced, inevitable. And the council will get mad if they see you throw it at the nearest container. This is why you should book our green waste disposal team for the job. We'll come, collect it, dispose it and you won't even understand. Because it's our job and we'll doing it properly!