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Whether it’s improved well-being and confidence that you seek or support for overcoming stress, anxiety or trauma, Sussex Holistic Therapy & Coaching has a range of tools and programs to support your emotions and well-being.

Using tools such as Coaching, N.

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I love seeing people transform in front of my eyes as they release old unhelpful and limiting beliefs, step into their power and feel more peace and joy in themselves and their lives. I love seeing them have 'Aha!" moments as they find the patterns and sense in everything they've been through and find the resources to move towards the life and sense of self that they want and deserve.

After struggling with depression for several years, I researched and developed the tools and skills to heal myself then ultimately go on to help others do the same.

I am empathetic, compassionate and intuitive. I love facilitating transformation and find it a real honour to be a part of someone's journey. I am especially well suited to work with people who are highly sensitive, creative, spiritual, or those who wish to embark on a personal development journey. I offer free 20 no-obligation chat to see if I am the right therapist or coach for you.


Or ‘personal coaching’ as it is sometimes called, focuses on facilitating your potential in a supportive, reflective, client-led, individual basis. It’s about drawing the best out of you on your own terms. Looking at where you are now and where you want to be, we create realistic action plans and explore how to overcome any obstacles you may be facing.

The coach’s role is to guide and facilitate, not to direct or instruct.

Ideally, we will take a holistic approach to your life goals and creative ambitions but we can just as easily focus on one particular area or creative project to suit your needs.

The Law of Attraction is believed by some to be a ‘universal law’ regarding the way mental and emotional focus affects your life and everything in it. The basic fundamental belief is that ‘what you focus on – you attract’. Quantum physicists have long proven that ‘thought affects matter’ and their research in this field increasingly illuminates the mechanics of how we can further harness the incredible power of our mental and emotional focus.

The term Law of Attraction has experienced a rapid increase in popularity in certain personal development and esoteric fields of late. Despite the different words used to describe the phenomenon and whether you believe it is the result of a responsive universe or the ‘power of the mind’, it is always working whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Learn how to harness this incredible creative power in your life.

We focus on raising your energy, emotions and life force to be a match for the things you wish to attract/manifest into your life. We also look at strategies for overcoming any limiting beliefs or obstacles you might be experiencing so you can confidently create the life experiences you desire and reveal the most creatively powerful and authentic version of yourself.

‘EFT’ has been likened to emotional acupuncture (without the needles). Based on the same ancient Chinese meridian system, it works at dissipating blocked energy in our physical and emotional systems, allowing our body to return to its natural state of health.

Instead of needles, we achieve this by tapping on specific points on the body that relate to our physical/emotional energy systems called meridians, whilst focusing and talking about the issue. The simple sequence of tapping we use allows the releasing of blocked or negative emotion and is incredibly relaxing. In this state, we can gently explore the source of the negative feelings and the attached unhelpful beliefs that may be active and triggering sub-optimal physical, mental or emotional health or life experience.

The source tends to be a memory or group of memories around a specific belief, created during a traumatic event or deep learning experience. These can be obvious big traumas that you are aware of or small traumas that we have all collated during our childhood whilst learning about the world and our place in it without the benefit of context or adult perspective. Things that we have no conscious recollection of or any idea they may be at the root of a problem can arise and once released, bring profound healing.

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting can be helpful in releasing blocks, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, releasing traumas, negative subconscious beliefs, letting go of the past and releasing the root cause of various physical or emotional conditions and unhelpful patterns in your life.
EFT & Matrix Reimprinting is a technique that removes the emotional charge from the memory and with it, the active stress within your energetic system. We do this by identifying and releasing any unhelpful beliefs and trapped emotions that have been subconsciously stored and may be causing unhelpful behaviour or undesired emotional states. We can then instill a more positive and beneficial belief that better serves you, your physical, mental, emotional health and your life as a whole.

NLP is a model of excellence and a set of tools that we can use to up-skill your mind and subconscious. Often conducted during light trance or a relaxed state, you can make significant mental and emotional changes whilst learning skills and perspectives that stay with you and continue to support you long after the session.

Hypnotherapy allows gentle access to your subconscious so that we can modify patterns, beliefs, and behaviour to ones that better serve you.

​You will feel relaxed and at ease.

A light hypnotic trace is similar to the state you might be in when you are watching the television, scrolling through your phone or driving on auto-pilot, you are awake but relaxed and receptive.

​A deeper hypnotic trance can be similar to the state you are in just before you fall asleep, completely relaxed and receptive, your subconscious will be doing all the work for you.

​These states and everything in between allows us to do the deep beneficial work that you have chosen to do, with ease.

​It is worth noting that no-one can make you do anything that you do not wish to do under hypnosis. We only do the pre-approved work we’ve discussed and sessions can be recorded for your comfort and reassurance.

​Hypnosis can be particularly helpful in breaking patterns or behaviours that no longer serve you. Increasing confidence, motivation, ending self-sabotage, and releasing the mental and emotional contributing factors of a variety of ailments.