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Brincliffe, Sheffield, Yorkshire

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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Brain-based personal coaching in the following areas:

- behavioural change coaching
- performance and productivity coaching
- mental well-being coaching
- relationship / marriage coaching
- life coaching
- career coaching
- business coaching

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26 July 2019

I was completely stuck in a rut at work knowing I wanted to do something different but having no idea what. Gabija helped me discover what I am interested in and what energises me and how I can work with that. Today I have put in an application to study while still working and I'm so excited! I never would have discovered it without working with Gabija and her techniques to really get to the heart of what is important to me and how to take my career in a direction I am excited about. More...

18 July 2019

I have worked with Gabija for some time now, and find her approach highly motivating. She has led me to insights and understandings which have promoted growth and action in areas which have proved stumbling blocks in the past. A unique and gifted coach, highly recommended. More...

8 July 2019

Gabija is highly professional and has helped me solve numerous professional and personal issues. Her enthusiasm and positivity are addictive and I always finish our sessions feeling excited about the future and in a much more balanced place generally. Highly recommended.


I love sharing neuroscience insight with my clients to help them to understand themselves and others better.

Creating my own niche after I finished my PhD in neuroscience at the UCL

In order for us to change, our brains need to change first. If you want a real lasting change, you would benefit from understanding why your brain got stuck in the old patterns and learn brain-based methods of how to get unstuck.


In this session, we will address the area of your life you want to change: productivity, mental wellbeing, relationships, emotional patterns. We will start the session getting to understand the patterns of your behavior, then dig deeper to understand the underlying causes and brain mechanisms involved in that and finish the session with a clear plan on what are the next steps you could do to make things better.

Price: £100/h (on Video or Audio call via Zoom or Skype)

In this session, we will look at the relationship patterns you fall into and what emotional patterns it triggers in you. Then we will address the brain mechanisms underlying the responses and develop a clear plan on what is needed to make things better. This type of session can be used for individuals or couples who want to understand why their relationships are as they are and find the solution to make them better.

Price: £100/h (Video or Audio call via Zoom or Skype)

In this session, we will address the business and work performance-related issues and look for the underlying causes of them. Once we get some clarity on the root causes we will create a clear step by step plan on how to tackle it and start actioning it. Once underlying causes are addressed work performance becomes much more effortless as if the foot has been taken off the break. Sessions happen remotely on the Video or Audio call via Zoom or Skype and cost £150 per session (1-1.5h).