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Sue Fitzgerald - Exploring Futures Ltd

L18, Liverpool


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Exploring Futures – Create clarity - Achieve goals - Maximise potential.
I’ve has been working as an executive coach and leadership mentor for over 10 years. Providing personal and Executive/Professional career coaching and professional development workshops to individuals and organisations from many walks of life, including CEOs, Accountants, Lawyers, Women in Leadership, Headteachers, Teaching staff and those working in the health/charity sectors.

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26 January 2022

Sue is an outstanding coach and person. For many years now Sue has been our go-to person for those seeking to maximise their potential and performance - both inside and outside of the work environment.

Sue has had a direct and positive impact upon the performance of many of our staff over a long period of time now - helping people to find that 'light bulb' moment, increase performance and then, most importantly, sustain this over the longer term. Sue's coaching has also increased motivation and brought clarity to staff - helping them to transform their lives, achieve their aspirations and maximise their success. In turn, this has helped staff to be able to offer an ever better service to our client group.

I have also found Sue to be ultra professional, conscientious, have high emotional intelligence and be someone who genuinely cares about each and every person that she coaches. Sue has a real dedication to her profession and a willingness to go the extra mile.

I would highly recommend Sue to any business and to any individual wanting to make the most of their life.

14 January 2022

Sue has been working with my 14 yr old daughter who was suffering with anxiety paranoia body image food issues a low self esteem .
After about 6 sessions with sue my daughter has improved so much she is a lot more positive and confident her self esteem is soaring and she is eating well again she still has some wobbles but goes back to things she has learned from sue and is able to move on I can not recommend sue highly enough she was worth every penny thank you so much sue I have my daughter back

16 November 2021

It would be fair to say the personal and professional challenges I faced last year came as a bolt out of the blue. I hadn’t even considered coaching, but a solicitor friend of the family recommended Sue. Since working with Sue, I have been able to make numerous positive and sustainable changes in my life. Sue’s coaching style is unique and I wouldn’t be where I am now, without her support and encouragement.”

Thank you very much Sue


The light bulb moments when clients suddenly realise exactly what they want and why.
Witnessing the growth and transformation of my clients.
The positive feedback I receive from clients during and on completion of their coaching.
Introducing my clients to their world and improving their emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing.

As a senior officer within a government department I was appointed to roles which required effective leadership skills. My annual reports always referenced my ability to work collaboratively with others and bring out the best in my staff. Eventually I took a leap of faith, to follow my passion for helping others to maximise their success and to provide me with a healthier work life balance.

Whilst the coaching sector is not regulated, I believe I can provide prospective clients with the confidence and assurances they need to choose me for the following reasons:
I have recognised/accredited qualifications which demonstrate my skills and knowledge to provide a quality coaching service.
I attained membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management in 2011 and membership of the International Coaching Federation in 2012
If you are looking to understand you -what drives you, what makes you tick; enhance your leadership/communication skills, levels of emotional intelligence, personal/professional relationship then I am confident I can support you.

I currently provide services:
Face to face - within a 10 mile radius of my office location.
Microsoft Teams

The majority of my work is now online.
I consult my clients directly in respect of maintaining their safety and mine and take the necessary precautions.


Life coaching covers both your personal and professional life, because the two go hand in hand. As your coach I focus on enabling you to understand YOU, why you think and behave the way YOU do. I help you to explore your reality of the world and to identify choices available to YOU in the context of maximising your potential and achieving specific goals/aspirations. I will build your confidence, self esteem, resilience, emotional intelligence and empower you to be your true authentic self!

The corporate world can often be lonely/competitive. Wouldn’t it be good to have the opportunity and space to think - without being judged? Wouldn’t it be great to have a trusted confidante, your own personal sounding board, someone who has your back? I can coach you in many area of leadership, including:
Leading with confidence and authenticity; communicating effectively; maximising individual/team performance; understanding/enhancing your levels of emotional intelligence and banishing the imposter syndrome. Perhaps you need coaching to achieve a better work life balance or your overall wellbeing - whatever it is, I am sure I can help.