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Basingstoke, Hampshire

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We strongly believe that everything begins with an idea, and that there is a big idea hidden in all of us.

You may have that Eureka moment, but are unsure how to develop this idea further from an upbeat, design perspective.

This is where Spacehopper Design can help.

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The instant, concise message is key - will the customer understand what you are communicating immediately?

A strong identity that the consumer can relate to is also important.

Again, a succinct approach is key. I'd ask the client to be as thorough and clear as possible with their brief. The clearer understanding I have of the brief, the better quality the end result will be.

What celebrity best encapsulates their product? If the client is an edgy, young fresh fashion label with attitude but with commercial appeal, then someone such as Rihanna could best resemble them. If its a local butcher, then someone very different. In short, I'd like the client to get their ideal target audience into their heads from the outset.

I will also ask the client when is the deadline, and stress I am not working to the clock. The client always dictates the pace.

After a discussion with the client, I'd research the subject matter and target audience. Then with the research in mind I'd pepper the page with as many keywords relating to the clients products as possible.

From these keywords, I'd form a collection (maybe 4-5) of initial concepts for the clients approval.

We'd then discuss, eliminate and highlight what the client likes or dislikes from these initial thoughts, and channel these thoughts into a further round of fine tuned ideas.

After this stage we should be pretty close to our solution to the clients brief.

What deadline we are working towards, any design influences the client may have that they like, which we could incorporate into the process.

Creating something from scratch that will ultimately prove invaluable to the client - whether this is the branding of a new local start-up to the redesign of an established larger companies brochure. We all have an idea in us, my job is to help the client execute this idea to it's full potential - and making the client feel part of the whole process every step of the way.

My background stems in editorial/consumer magazine art direction. After working on many of the news-stands biggest titles over an 18 year career (please visit deanchillmaid.carbonmade.com for work examples), for some of the UK's largest magazine publishers, I wanted the opportunity work around the lives of my own young children and have the chance to work on some extremely varied briefs.

I'm approachable, unflappable and calm under pressure. I have an intuitive and sometimes alternative way of thinking and tackling the brief.

I listen to the clients needs and am always willing to offer my own expert advice.