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South Somerset Counselling Service

Pitney, South Somerset, Somerset

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I provide counselling for those who are struggling in life's complexities/losses.I am gentle ,person-centred and extremely effective in building the therapeutic relationship. I work from a private and peaceful country setting and believe that a "homely setting" where there is no sense of an imbalance of power between therapist and client is effective for the client to feel a sense of warmth and trust which is the key to developing a successful therapeutic relationship.

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I enjoy seeing people flourish and becoming their" true selves " through our therapeutic relationship, seeing clients engage and expand in their lives once again knowing I have the skills to help them move forward . Making a life changing difference to others is a gift that I cherish.
I also enjoy the range of human experience and feel heart felt warmth in walking alongside a client psychologically and enabling them in moving forward and accepting life's journey often through the storms,being alongside,making a difference.
Counselling and psychotherapy in itself is a continued path of learning of which there is always more and I never tire of training,reading,learning and exploring.It is never dull and I think my engagement ,knowledge and professionalism echoes in my practice and with my clients.

I was inspired initially to work in mental health support work [ after having difficulties of my own and knowing how depression felt ] which I did for over 11 years] I then decided to train as a counsellor through a deep desire to heal from the inside out rather than seeing people in the mental health system who's traumas in life were not really addressed apart from being given drugs and with no real therapeutic mending merely addressing and blanketing symptoms.
After a long training and working with Cruse Bereavement counselling [ which I still do ] and Vine Counselling I set up in practice and am counselling clients and seeing life changing results.

I am a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner.I am effective in building a gentle person-centred therapeutic relationship in which the work is done and clients then begin to move from a darker place to feeling lighter and more empowered within their lives. I have worked with many issues which often overlap including bereavement and loss, relationship issues , depression,anxiety,agoraphobia,disability and illness and feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges. Client's that are struggling with alcohol gradually explore what it is underlying the need to self medicate.I have seen clients who are imprisoned psychologically who engage therapeutically through to flying from their cage and engaging in life and finding different paths to explore;finding their true self.