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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Welcome to Solymar Group. Solymar Group offers a range of services to their clients for over 20 years. Our passion is to inspire people to create the life that they want. We take pride in encouraging our clients to become an active participant in their own life by challenging them to take ownership in the direction of where their life is currently headed.

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16 April 2021

Charlena has been my life coach for many years now. When I first started with her, she showed me how to reach my goals and make the necessary changes to sustain over the long haul. I was at that time in need of improving my relationships with family and friends, but also needed help managing my stress and anxiety. I completed a course of sessions with her which provided me the skills I needed to make the changes in my life. Was it work.... Yes! She expected me to work for the change, she made me accountable for my actions.
A few years ago, I decided to start up a business. I immediately sought out her services again to help me set reasonable goals to be able to succeed. She has been instrumental in supporting me to make difficult business decisions. If you are looking for a coach or therapist who won't give up on you, will NOT judge you and works as hard for you as you are for yourself, then look no further. She is a excellent person who can deliver you the services you are looking for with empathy. You want results... this is your person

16 April 2021


Received a call from Charlena regarding a request made, She did go through a lot with me and explain things well but I expressed concerns regarding online therapy over face to face and was not impressed with the dismissal i received. Didn’t feel like she was very empathetic towards someone trying to reach out for therapy that would be best suited for them. More...

Solymar Group
Solymar Group

Reply from Solymar Group

Gina. I am sorry you felt that I was not empathetic. It certainly wasn't my intent. I believe I was just trying to give you all the information and knowledge I had about the current situation. It was my intent to make a recommendation to you on someone I knew who would be able to help you face to face. If you still feel like you would like this referral, please let me know.

15 February 2021


Apologies, I referred to the wrong provider in my review.
I was impressed by the response and level of interest in my issues, as well as the willingness to listen. Thank you

Solymar Group
Solymar Group

Reply from Solymar Group

Hi Peter. Thank you for clearing up the message. I really do try and respond personally to each request. I am sorry to hear however, that you have had a negative experience from someone else. Let me know if there is anything I can help.

16 December 2020


spot on very good can not fault her very understanding

27 November 2020


I am writing on behalf of my daughter ...she has described her therapist as 'great'...and that is quite something coming from her!

13 September 2020


Just started sessions was very helpful to and accommodating as to when to start looking forward to her help for my daughter

Solymar Group
Solymar Group

Reply from Solymar Group

Thank you Katrina for the review. I am looking forward to working with your daughter.

7 August 2020

I am really glad I met Charlena. For years, I felt something was missing in my life. I always felt sad. I decided to try some therapy. It was hard work, but she was always there to encourage me and she has an incredible way of helping without being judgmental. Her knowledge and expertise really shines. More...

7 August 2020

I had been working as a deckhand on yachts for years. After just a few sessions with Charlena, she encouraged me to set my goals and showed me how to work towards them. Six months later and I am now the Captain of a private yacht. My salary has jumped five fold, and my job satisfaction is through the roof!
Despite being on the other side of the planet, Charlena was easy to work with as her online forms and Zoom meetings meant I could do the work from my tablet, on my schedule. This was very important to me as to see someone in their office would have been impossible when we were out at sea. But with Charlena, all I needed was an internet connection... any place, any time. I even had a session with her while I was sitting on a deserted beach under a palm tree.
She has changed my life, and I am forever grateful!

6 August 2020

Charlena helped me put my life onto the right path. She guided me through the difficult decisions with honesty, kindness and understanding. She helped me see that the best path isn't always the easiest and helped calmed my anxiety for change. Without Charlena's help I would have just settled, never pushing myself, never challenging myself and never knowing what I am capable of. I 100% recommend :) More...

5 August 2020

Charlena you are AMAZING!!! Thank you for all your coaching and guidance to manage my chronic pain.

5 August 2020

This was a super great experience! From the discovery call to the end of my program, Char was so helpful in helping me identify my needs, helping me strive for my goals, and guiding me to reach them! She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and has a great online system that allows for ease and convenience to complete her programs!

I haven't worked with a life coach before, but this was definitely positive and life-changing experience!!! A+ and highly recommend!


Solymar Group's personal trainer strives to motivate and inspire our clients to keep active, set achievable fitness goals, but also challenging their limits.

Our personal trainer has the following secrets to get the body of your dreams. They are:
keep consistent in your exercise routine
eat healthy and drink lots of water
get plenty of rest
and have a I can do it attitude

Our practitioners love to help people. We each have our own life story that we bring into our area of expertise. As a result, we are very passionate about what we do. We feel honored to have clients welcome us into their lives at their most vulnerable hour to help them and witness their transformation. This is the most rewarding part of what we do.

Solymar Group prides itself in offering a range of different services that are useful to people in today's environment. We actively upgrade our skills and take direction from our clients, so that we can better serve their needs whether that be through coaching, therapy, nutritional support or fitness training.

Our approach to our clients is very individualized. We realize each person is unique and comes with their own life story. As such, we do not approach our work with them as a one size fits all outlook. We take your concerns very seriously and meet you where you are at and we pick up work from there, using strategies that you are comfortable with but still challenging you for change.

All Solymar practitioners are ONLINE only. Our online platform of choice is zoom. We have chosen zoom because it is user friendly.

Solymar Group encourages all our clients to continue to practice good routines during these times.


The We are Family program is specifically for families with teens in the house. It is a short 6 week program which strives to educate about teen development and teach conflict resolution skills

This program is 6 weeks in length and provided in a group setting. It sets out to help your child identify their feelings, teach them what brings out their anger and provides the tools and skills necessary to diffuse their anger in a more healthy and productive way

There are 2 different self esteem groups offered. One is for adults and the other is for teen girls. The group is 8 weekly sessions and aims at educating what self esteem is and how our thoughts contribute to the low self esteem we may be feeling. Through weekly group discussions and powerful worksheets for home use, it won't be long before you are feeling more confident and fulfilled. Groups run based on demand.

Talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, is based on the core idea that talking about the things that are bothering you can help with emotional distress. Some talk therapists follow a specific school of thought, such as cognitive theory or behaviorism. Others use a more eclectic approach, drawing techniques and principles from several different theories. Solymar Group uses both a specific school of thought as well as an eclectic approach for individuals whom would benefit from this approach to obtain their therapy goals. Below are the therapy models we use.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT):
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of talk therapy that has been demonstrated to be effective for a range of problems including depression, anxiety disorders, anger, alcohol and drug use problems, marital problems, eating disorders, and severe mental health concerns. Numerous research studies suggest that CBT leads to significant improvement in functioning and quality of life. In many studies, CBT has been demonstrated to be as effective as, or more effective than, other forms of talk therapy or psychiatric medications.
Advances in CBT have been made on the basis of both research and clinical practice. CBT is an approach for which there is ample scientific evidence that the methods that have been developed actually produce change.


Dialectical Begavioral Therapy (DBT):
DBT is a therapy program designed by Marsha Linehan. It was created to help clients who struggle with depression and anxiety. These clients sometimes find it difficult to continue living. DBT is based on the Biosocial Theory and is intended to help those who are highly sensitive to their environment, are highly reactive to events, often become overwhelmed with emotion, and are slow to return to calm. Their childhood environment may have been invalidating or chaotic. Many of these clients have experienced some form of trauma, and may seek perfectionism.

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT):
Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is an action-oriented approach to psychotherapy that stems from traditional behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Clients learn to stop avoiding, denying, and struggling with their inner emotions and, instead, accept that these deeper feelings are appropriate responses to certain situations that should not prevent them from moving forward in their lives. With this understanding, clients begin to accept their issues and hardships and commit to making necessary changes in their behavior, regardless of what is going on in their lives, and how they feel about it.

When It's Used

ACT has been used effectively to help treat workplace stress, test anxiety, social anxiety disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and psychosis. It has also been used to help treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, substance abuse, and diabetes.

Gestalt therapy is a client-centered approach to psychotherapy that helps clients focus on the present and understand what is really happening in their lives right now, rather than what they may perceive to be happening based on past experience. Instead of simply talking about past situations, clients are encouraged to experience them, perhaps through re-enactment. Through the gestalt process, clients learn to become more aware of how their own negative thought patterns and behaviors are blocking true self-awareness and making them unhappy.

Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT):
Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) developed by psychologist Albert Ellis. REBT is an action-oriented approach that’s focused on helping people deal with irrational beliefs and learn how to manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in a healthier, more realistic way.

Person Centered:
The core purpose of person-centred therapy is to facilitate our ability to self-actualise - the belief that all of us will grow and fulfil our potential. This approach facilitates the personal growth and relationships of a client by allowing them to explore and utilise their own strengths and personal identity. The counsellor aids this process, providing vital support to the client and they make their way through this journey.

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on the psychological roots of emotional suffering. Its hallmarks are self-reflection and self-examination, and the use of the relationship between therapist and patient as a window into problematic relationship patterns in the patient’s life. Its goal is not only to alleviate the most obvious symptoms but to help people lead healthier lives.

Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary medicine in which hypnosis is used to create a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility.

Emotional freedom technique (EFT):
Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It's also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. People who use this technique believe tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system and treat pain.

All Talk therapy sessions are 50 mins in length and are £65/session.

Solymar Group offers a wide range of different types of coaching. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your individual needs and visit our coaching website here coaching.solymargroup.com. Below is a few types we offer.

Life Coaching:
The life coach definition is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. They are like a supportive friend and a trusted adviser rolled into one. They’re someone who will push you to identify your goals, hold you accountable and provide encouragement throughout your journey to become a better version of yourself.

Mindset Coaching:
Mindset coaches are dedicated to rewiring an individual's mindset, allowing them to be the very best version of themselves and to unlock their full potential. These coaches typically avoid directly giving advice or solving problems.

Mental Health Coaching:
Mental health coaching emphases on building resilience with the aim of reducing future mental illness relapses. A mental health coach will have experience in dealing with people experiencing depression / anxiety and other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. They will work with the individual to identify triggers which may cause the individual’s mental health to deteriorate and intercept early when possible.

Parenting Coach:
A parent coach can work with you to identify the strengths in your family. They will help you develop a plan to address any challenges you are facing, at whatever time. You don't need to be a new parent to need parent coaching.

Sober Coach:
Sober coaches are closely related to life coaches, who often motivate people in business. The goals set by sober coaches are similar to the types of goals that life coaches provide for individuals’ careers.

The goals of a sober coach include:

Installing a sense of accountability in the recovering addict by ensuring the individual maintains their treatment program
Providing expertise or support to help individuals in the early stages of recovery maintain the goals of the recovery program
Instilling motivation in individuals to stay in their treatment program

All Coaching sessions are 50 mins in length and are £65/session.

Holistic Nutrition:
Holistic nutritionists are specialized nutritionists that heal patients using natural foods and products instead of conventional medical treatments. They also seek to remedy the entire or “whole” person (mind, body, and soul) as opposed to curing isolated symptoms.
Solymar Group has partnered with Jenn's Healthy Living. Jenn provides specialized care in women's hormone health, child nutrition, and plant based eating. Here are some of the problems she can help with
Weight loss
Menstrual Cycle relief
Healthy Habits/Eating Disorders
Picky Eaters
Plant-Based diet transitioning
Reach her here www.jennshealthyliving.ca

Please email Jenn to receive a discovery call to go over options and package cost

Personal Training:
A personal trainer creates one-on-one fitness programs for their clients, motivating and guiding them to achieve their goals. Whether you wish to lose weight or gain muscle, or just keep active, our personal trainer Kyle will help you set and reach your goals.

All fitness training sessions are 45 mins in length and are £45/session.