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My name is Charlena. I am a Life Coach, Therapist and Holistic Practitioner. I have been working with clients for 20+ years. In that time, I have continued to develop my skills. My passion is to inspire people to create the life that they want.


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13 September 2020

Just started sessions was very helpful to and accommodating as to when to start looking forward to her help for my daughter

Thank you Katrina for the review. I am looking forward to working with your daughter.

7 August 2020

I am really glad I met Charlena. For years, I felt something was missing in my life. I always felt sad. I decided to try some therapy. It was hard work, but she was always there to encourage me and she has an incredible way of helping without being judgmental. Her knowledge and expertise really shines. More...

7 August 2020

I had been working as a deckhand on yachts for years. After just a few sessions with Charlena, she encouraged me to set my goals and showed me how to work towards them. Six months later and I am now the Captain of a private yacht. My salary has jumped five fold, and my job satisfaction is through the roof!
Despite being on the other side of the planet, Charlena was easy to work with as her online forms and Zoom meetings meant I could do the work from my tablet, on my schedule. This was very important to me as to see someone in their office would have been impossible when we were out at sea. But with Charlena, all I needed was an internet connection... any place, any time. I even had a session with her while I was sitting on a deserted beach under a palm tree.
She has changed my life, and I am forever grateful!

6 August 2020

Charlena helped me put my life onto the right path. She guided me through the difficult decisions with honesty, kindness and understanding. She helped me see that the best path isn't always the easiest and helped calmed my anxiety for change. Without Charlena's help I would have just settled, never pushing myself, never challenging myself and never knowing what I am capable of. I 100% recommend :) More...

5 August 2020

Charlena you are AMAZING!!! Thank you for all your coaching and guidance to manage my chronic pain.

5 August 2020

This was a super great experience! From the discovery call to the end of my program, Char was so helpful in helping me identify my needs, helping me strive for my goals, and guiding me to reach them! She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and has a great online system that allows for ease and convenience to complete her programs!

I haven't worked with a life coach before, but this was definitely positive and life-changing experience!!! A+ and highly recommend!

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At a very young age, I have been interested in the growth of the human mind, different cultural norms and family dynamics. In my teens, I experienced trauma. I really didn't work through that until later in my life but while working at discovering myself, I discovered how to use my life experience to help others. I went on to have a family whom were very supportive in my success, my "cheer" team. My family taught me a huge amount of valuable information that no text book could ever compare to. Over the years, my passion to help others create their own life story has grown. I recognize how my family, co-workers and clients have played such an instrumental role in the coach/therapist I am today. I continue to be inspired by my clients strengths within themselves.

Solymar Group prides itself in offering a range of different services that are useful to people in today's environment. We actively upgrade our skills and take direction from our clients, so that we can better serve their needs whether that be through life coaching, therapy, business/marketing coaching or parenting groups.

My approach to my clients is very individualized. I realize each person is unique and comes with their own "Book of Life". As such, I do not approach my work with them as a one size fits all outlook. I take their concerns very seriously. I meet them where they are at and we pick up work from there, using strategies that they are comfortable with but still challenging them for change.


CBT is a scientifically proven therapy that works for many different types of concerns in as short at 10 sessions

Life Coaching is a great way to make yourself accountable while trying to reach your goals. My approach combines the models of CBT, ACT and Positive Psychology along with Mindfullness

Using up to date techniques, we look at getting a good marketing plan in place.

Using a eclectic approach, a safe environment and compassion and empathy, this type of therapy is great at diving into the hard issues.

Using CBT techniques and mindfulness, we look at ways to improve how you look at your pain. While, it can not eliminate the pain, we can learn new ways to cope with it and get back to doing some of the things you love.

I built this program specifically for families with teens in the house. It is a short 6 week program which strives to educate about teen development and teach conflict resolution skills

This program is 6 weeks in length and provided in a group setting. It sets out to help your child identify their feelings, teach them what brings out their anger and provides the tools and skills necessary to diffuse their anger in a more healthy and productive way

I have 2 different self esteem groups. One is for adults and the other is for teen girls. The group is 8 weekly sessions and aims at educating what self esteem is and how our thoughts contribute to the low self esteem we may be feeling. Through weekly group discussions and powerful worksheets for home use, it won't be long before you are feeling more confident and fulfilled.