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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Being in a world that is being driven by social media we knew that our clients had to be a fore front, with our experience in the digital age and growing up around social media we made it our mission to become the fastest growing social media company in the UK.

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5 customer reviews

6 March 2019

A great business, Sion really knows his stuff and has plenty of clever ways of promoting your business. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on Google Maps

6 March 2019

Social Media hub have been great, we've been with them for over a year now. Sion and Jamie help plan our social media interactions and blogs subjects for our website. They have managed to attract new followers to our social media pages and the content they put out is to the highest standards. We would recommend them to everyone ! More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

6 February 2019

Fantastic service from a great guy!

Reviewed on Google Maps

19 February 2018

The guys over at Social Media Hub have been fantastic. They are always very efficient with any changes I want to make. I can’t recommend them enough. Very professional, always available and flexible with there time. More...

19 February 2018

I can’t thank the team enough. They have taken our social accounts and completely transformed them!. the traffic to our website has increased ten fold. With the added bonus of winning a client through our Facebook ad within the first week!! More...


We love seeing our clients grow their business from the work that we carry out for them, seeing a small business grow is a very nice feeling. Even our large clients being able to get new clients without going out cold calling and spending more time delivering the results.

I worked in the corporate world for a long time and i didn't like the way the fact it was not personal and the level of service was poor, i wanted to a business that offered the best service but also delivered the results.

Social Media Hub are a team of social media experts that keep up with the ever changing landscape of social media, We look at every detail and ensure that we are the best fit for you. Our Goals are to deliver results for our client, if we feel for any reason we can do it we are open and honest and will recommended the best company for the Job..


Social media marketing is what we do. With a team of creatives we can deliver social media management to keep your customers engaged whilst finding new ones. We ensure content is being posted regularly and campaigns are being ran to your ideal clients.

Depending on what you require we can ensure that the best creative content is produced. We can set up dedicated groups so your teams can keep us updated with images on a day to day basis or arrange to have professional images / videos taken to show you brand in its best light.

Whether it’s Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or more, we have the expertise and team that will help you get results.

Research & Planning

When it comes to research and planning we have all the tools to get the insights of your competitors and your ideal clients. We can find out where they spend there time and make sure your adverts are in front of them. We put a detailed plan together and get our team on the case to Execute it.

Paid Advertising

When it comes to social media paid advertising can be a major game changer, with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and linkedin giving us the Power to put our content infant of your ideal Client.

Its no secret that social media advertising has become a major part of any marketing campaign. Its probably no surprise to you that Facebook is one of the biggest players in the paid advertising game.

Based on social media stats, its clear that most companies are spending money with paid ads if thats Facebook linkedin, twitter and many more.

At Social Media Hub we ensure you that your ads are at the front by split testing different ads to get the best conversation, when we know what works we can scale this to give you the best ROI.

Whats The Costs

Ad spend can start from as little as £5 per day however it depends on the size of your market and the quality of the ads design. When it comes to ad spend its hard to give an exact number on it, however, this doesn’t mean you can’t run ad’s you just won’t reach as many people.

How will it work

When It comes to paid ads platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc lets you target interests, behaviours and demographics even job titles etc. When we meet with you and find out what your ideal client is we use these tools to target your audience.

We will also run retargeting ads to people that have visited your website. These are very powerful and have a awesome ROI, If you don’t no what a retargeting campaign is, Have you ever been on Amazon or Ebay looking at a product then when you go back to Facebook that product pops up in your news feed? well thats what we call retargeting and thats what we can do for your business.

Content is key to any successful social media page or campaign we have a dedicated copy writer that will create awesome ad copy or daily engaging posts for your social media accounts.

We also write blogs within your industry to upload to your website and share on social media, this helps with website ranking and gives us high quality content to share on your social media platforms.


When it comes to design we’ve got your back, our team of creatives will create eye catching photos for your social media and for your business to use anywhere within your company, for every post that we do we create unique branded content to keep your accounts looking fresh and professional.


Video is getting more popular and the social age consumes tonnes of it, so if you are looking to promote your brand with video we have solutions for you, we can create videos for all your marketing needs and then cut and chop to use on all platforms of social media.

Behind any good social media account or campaign there is a strategy, at Social Media Hub we take our time and research and plan out our marketing strategy to ensure the best results and ROI

As a team we come together and create the strategy its not just left for one person. The team has experience in a lot of industries and can come up with new ways to get clients within yours.

Within the planning stage we sit down with you and find out what you want and what is your ideal client, from this we can find what platforms will bring you the best results and what content we need to create to do so.

When everything has been signed off and we get the go ahead its down to our team to execute the strategy, our team go in to over drive to deliver results fast and get you a ROI on your investment ASAP. Don’t Believe us? Let us show you

We see Live Data Reporting as a very important part of our business, we get alerts if something is not performing and can fix it right away, we can also see all your accounts in one place giving us a good view of growth and conversions rates.

This data is not just for us, we can give you access to this live feed to put on a screen in your office or just on the PC you are using so you can see where we are 24/7

We link the reports to the following:

Google anylitics
Facebook pages
Facebook ads
Twitter Page
Twitter Ads
Likedin Ads
Linkedin pages
Google ads
Google + Accounts