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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Hi - I am Shelby and I am here to help you invest in yourself, to guide you to a more confident and energised version of yourself, a version that has purpose and passion but most of all peace

IMAGINE your future, just one year from now... a future you have created, one where you feel powerful, unstoppable and successful.

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28 January 2020

Working with shelby has been both intrnce and enlightening. I have always been hard-headed in my understanding of myself and my connection to the world. She had been pacient but also receptive to my no nonsense attitude. We talk plainly and she matches my mood, out of all our interactions I appreciate her understanding, positive and productive outlook to everything. I cannot recommend her enough and an asset to anyone who is willing to delve into their person and grow in the right direction. More...

28 January 2020

Shelby is fantastic, changed my life ever since I've began talking with her, she has first hand experience in dealing with delicate issues and knows the right things to say at the time they need to be said and there is no one I would trust more then her at this point!!! :D

28 January 2020

I don't have enough words to describe the mental shift that has been accomplished in just a few steps. Happychoicecoaching will not only help you be a better you, it will change your mental cognition and your negativity will feel as a strager to you. 1 billion starts review and every single star on the sky 💥 More...

13 January 2020

My self-esteem and self-confidence is so much better than it used to be thanks to Shelby's guidance. She has helped me to break unhealthy patterns and habits both in my relationships and my general life, and I am now much further along in my journey of self-development and greater self-awareness!


This Workshop will provide you will focus and clarity. I would recommend this workshop if you are struggling to find direction or the drive to achieve your goals.

This Workshop will show you how to break free from the beliefs and stories that are preventing you from unlocking your true potential.

This workshop focuses on teaching you how to let go of anger and resentment so you can shine brighter without all the pain.

This Workshop will reconnect you with your highest self while also guiding you through exercises that release stress and anxiety.

This short and affordable programme was created specifically for those who are new to Personal Development and want to fast-track their personal success.

Growth is important and valid, no matter how big the transformation is, you've taken your first step to a better life and that's incredible.

This bespoke coaching and mentoring will capitalise on that and instigate positive change and growth while increasing your confidence and day to day happiness.

This 3-month in-depth programme is for those that are ready to make some big changes to their life. Throughout the coaching, you will challenge those limiting beliefs that hold you back and make break out of those unhealthy, toxic habits. In the 3 months, we spend together you will free your mind from anxiety and stress while you champion transformation like never before.

This is a 6-month bespoke programme that is designed to revolutionise your life. I will guide you through the entrenched sh*t that has been blocking you from the life you want. I will coach you through the process of mastering fear, so you can create a life that fills you with purpose, progress and pleasure. This programme is for those who want to attain new heights and discover a new life, filled with opportunities and happiness.