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Sandlea Associates approach to coaching begins with the business, not the individual – we focus on the business needs rather than the person. The fact that the individual feels more enriched, more fulfilled and generally better about themselves is, however, an excellent by-product.

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I’ve worked with, and studied, a wide variety of people for a long time. I’ve witnessed staff earning enough to keep them going week-to-week and those who drive their own education and performance. I have learned, and continue to learn, from people: what they do, what works, what doesn’t. Listening to, and talking with, people and understanding the issues is my real passion.

I had been working within the property sector for over twenty years before I discovered the benefits of coaching and facilitation to drive business improvement. Originally a quantity surveyor, I became a project manager and then an operations director. The latter company was an SME which we grew to become a FTSE 100 operator.
The operations director role indulged my fascination for leadership and people development. I realised, more than ever, that business success is about the people who work in it. In my final years in the organisation I took on and developed the role of lead facilitator and integrated a bespoke sales and customer service throughout the organisation. In setting up Sandlea Associates I wanted to share my experiences with other people to help them grow both personally and as a business.

Your business is your livelihood and your passion. It’s vital to find the right help and support to suit you and the organisation.
I’m not a formulaic business coach. I use emotional intelligence and (all-too-uncommon) common sense to amplify my considerable real-time experience working in large and small organisations. Even when the solution is very clear, my mantra is not to tell, but to help. I bring examples to life through experience, not through PowerPoint presentations and bullet points. I like to think of myself as the friendly colleague who helps, emotionally and practically.
During my career I have met and worked within many business environments across the UK and through Sandlea Associates I have developed a small number of tried and trusted colleagues who I will involve in projects where I consider their particular expertise and experience is required to meet your needs, assuring you of the very best, at all times.