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Ryusui-Ryu Martial Art Schools

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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Ryusui-Ryu is a school of martial arts founded in July 2006 by Sensei Dave Waters. Sensei Waters has derived the school after more than 30 years of study in various martial arts including karate, aikido, iaido, judo, kyudo and wing chun (Sensei Waters and his instructors have been teaching and running clubs since 1985).

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5 October 2021

Trained with Sensei Dave Waters for around 30+ years, I now live in County Antrim and miss the friendly but great respect of all the Dojo members from the top to the new students, If you are looking for a great place to train, You have your answer.

16 August 2021

I have practice with the organisation for 21 years and have enjoyed every minute. The instructors and senior grades are very generous with their time and knowledge. Practice is done at the level for the student, so beginners are always welcome and catered for. More...

2 August 2015

I trained with Ryusui-Ryu for about 10 years before moving to Australia. I miss this club and the way they train as there is nothing like it that I have found anywhere else. David Waters the founder has managed to create a teaching method that applies Karate & Aikido techniques into free flowing, practical and extremely fun practice, coming together in their 'Kumi-tai' a term for free practice. This means the formal karate kata, and Aikido techniques that are studied in detail get opportunity to be practiced in a controlled but random situation. The emphasis on tactile sensitivity to be 'soft' to aggressive forces allows the mind to work on a different level of thought to not meet force with force, but rather deflect and neutralize. Martial Arts generally encompass this through good technique but the method in which Ryusui-Ryu teach and practice this core principle is very effective. For me Ryusui-Ryu has a great mentality towards students, and a masterful level of skill sourcing the knowledge that can be learned at this school. Highly recommended for anyone but in particular people who want a non competitive, ego free environment to practice a form of Martial Arts that is a great balance of skill, philosophy, fitness and fun.


A mixture/blend of Aikido, Karate