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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Passionate about consulting busy, discerning clients, how to solve their space and interior design problems and helping them add practicality, style and value to their homes and property assets, making the process as pain free and efficient as possible.

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30 October 2020

When Petra offered me help to see what she can do in our house I was very sceptical. What can a “stranger” do to help ME in OUR home ? Plus my partner is very particular and we have completely different tastes. In addition he does not like spending money, so how could Petra help anyway ? Seeing as my partner however is in hospital in intensive care with COVID-19, I needed the distraction, so I agreed thinking “what do I have to lose?”

Except for the fact that Petra and I had a lot of fun re-arranging everything and the distraction worked - she ended up simply shifting a few things around and also inspired me to take action AND she respected my decisions when I was totally against something (more for personal reasons than logic). It took a few hours and in the end you would wonder what took so long, but the subtle changes have had an enormous impact on me.

Petra has managed to create a cozy space for me, considering I am currently by myself in a 500m2 big house. I even have my safe haven where I can sit for ages and let time go by. I have realised that we all look for peace within ourselves and this is often created by our surroundings. Petra managed with a few simple changes to create this place for me, so every long day that my partner is on the brink of not making it - this house now gives me the strength to make it through another and another and another long day and helps me to visualise showing David our new home that Petra has helped me to create.

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4 July 2019

first class service
Petra has a professional eye for proportions, and a first class intuition for creating the right mood, space efficiency and maximum storage facilities.
She created a new living room for us.
We are amazed how much more space we now have.
And how much more comfortable we feel in this room.
We can recommend Petra highly.
She is a born interior designer.

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21 May 2019

Petra led the complete redesign and refurbishment of my flat in Kensington. Petra has the ability to create modern, urban, stricking looking homes whilst ensuring best practical
usafe of space. She has a gift for “re-interpreting” space, and creating the visual effect of a much more spacey flat. S... More...

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29 October 2018

Having seen an example of Petra’s ability to refurbish an entire house, we were delighted when she agreed to do the same for us, particularly as we lived some distance from the property. The 2 bedroomed terraced house was in a conservation area and needed a complete refurbishment. On meeting Petra w... More...

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12 October 2018

I hired Petra during the planning phase for a complete redesign and presented her with the difficult task to redesign a layout for my whole apartment without a site visit and on the basis of poorly drawn old plans.

To make matters even more challenging, Petra had to accommodate an existing kitche...

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14 December 2017

After a successful project in Brussels, where Petra helped us to decorate our new art deco apartment, we asked Petra for help again.

We needed great ideas how to renovate a bathroom in the guesthouse of our property in France.

There were many challenges to overcome. Sloping walls and sloping r...

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14 December 2017

Well prepared and comprehensive feedback given for a suggested approach to our internal reconfiguration .

I appreciate that Petra understands how people "live" day to day in their houses and as a result her advice is excellent. She shares ideas about how best to use space and also best flow thro... More...

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14 November 2017

Petra did a design consultation for our very small and odd layout flat. It was a great session and Petra provided hand drawn sketches of designs on the day. I am really happy to have met Petra and she provided a professional, detailed and practical advise and shared her valued experience. No job is ... More...

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11 November 2017

After recently purchasing a new flat I was slightly overwhelmed with all the decisions that needed making. Petra was great, she managed to fit in an appointment last minute and immediately based on her feedback I was able to make an important last minute change to the bathroom which was already in the process of being fitted. In terms of the rest of the flat lots of helpful information and ideas came up in terms of what was important to focus on first, what existing features were acceptable, what the problem areas were etc - I was ready to jump right into colour schemes however realised that a number of other things needed resolving such as room layouts, electric points etc. Petra was also able to share some business advice which was greatly received. I made a number of pages of notes during the appointment and an now waiting for some further followup information via email. More...

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9 November 2017

I hired Petra for advice with my large bedroom, in the end I received advice with the whole of my apartment. Petra was extremely generous with her knowledge, her ideas and her time. Her advice gave me new and renewed enthusiasm for the whole of my living space. Her ideas were inspired, realistic and... More...

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8 November 2017

Petra has a great eye for proportions, layout and storage possibilities. She created storage space and maximised every inch of our home while making it look stylish and smart. We enjoyed our home so much more after we had taken on her services. Her strength are clear lines, good lighting and maximu... More...

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29 August 2017

Petra brought the smile back to my face with her focused, inspired vision for a refurbishment which had stopped due to bereavement. She enlivened, enthused and more importantly made all the calculations needed to turn an odd space into a magnificent kitchen. Thoroughly recommended. Thank you! More...

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10 August 2017

I was apprehensive in hiring Petra thinking I had an eye for layouts and design but she came up with a fundamental idea I oversaw which meant the layouts of 2 properties immediately improved due to the recommended changes.

Petra was able to help me in coming up with a much better design for both...

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22 June 2017

Petra was fantastic and I can recommend her highly.
She came up with the correct solution for my new kitchen design whilst dealing with my resistance to change brilliantly. I shot down all sorts of ideas she had in my desire for nothing to change but she didn't give up or give in. She stood her g... More...

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5 April 2017

I struggled to make the right colour choices for the kitchen of my self build home and called Petra in for a consultation. Not only did she help me with great feedback on my project but also gave me certainty as to what colours to chose. In the process she even came up with very helpful suggestions ... More...

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23 March 2017

We had just moved into our new home but struggled with the plans for our new kitchen, so we called Petra in for a consultation.

She helped us with great ideas and valuable feedback on our own ideas. As a result we hired her to also come up with the plans, measurements and technical calculations ...

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15 March 2017

Residential Interior Designers

Petra is very efficient and easy to talk to. She came up with several good suggestions and we settled on an answer that my architect was impressed with. I would recommend her highly !

20 September 2016

We engaged Petra Lander of Room4style to undertake a complete transformation of our ex-fisherman’s cottage in Hastings old town. The property had not been touched for thirty years and was in bad need of modernisation. Whilst the property is located in the UK, we live in Singapore. We were lookin... More...

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25 July 2016

We have felt very lucky to have met with Petra and her builders as our homemaking team! They renovated our bungalow to a free flowing stylish yet practical and cosy home! They are not only capable of professional competencies in designing and delivering great skills but they also have wonderful pe... More...

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6 April 2016

"I bought a first floor 3 bedroom flat that was really dated and quite demoralising to be inside. Everything about it was awful, and there was nothing about it that I wanted to keep.

I wanted it to feel like a 'home' with a great energetic space and a design that was contemporary and would appeal...

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I always propose to start with a site consultation to establish if we are suited to each other.

Any style. I design to the client's likes and preferences.

Recreating homes and Interiors that bring the soul, harmony and an energy of flow back into a home. And taking the stress out for my clients in the process.

I already loved styling as a child and was forever drawing plans and moving furniture. So once I was made redundant from a long corporate career I thought what better than to follow my passion. I started by buying and renovating properties for myself and eventually, when asked to do so, started offering my services to clients.

I am very passionate about what I do and there is nothing better than making my clients feel great and happy again in their renovated homes.


Passionate about SPACE
- creating it
- renovating it
- organising it
- layout plans & 3D models
- making it more efficient
- making it harmonious and desirable
- adding value

Passionate about solving space and other interior design problems for busy discerning clients.
My niche speciality is space planning, especially for tricky layouts and small spaces.

My services include: interior design advice & consultations, bathroom & kitchen remodelling, space planning & storage solutions, decluttering & home organization, sourcing.

I bring practicality with style into problem homes through de-cluttering, home organization, clever storage solutions and restyling. In the process I remove blocked energy in the home, and add comfort, harmony and renewed energy flow.

I am passionate about interiors and about people, and I like nothing better than to improving homes and recreating harmony, ease, comfort and flow.

I speak fluent German (mother tongue), English, French and Spanish, basic Dutch, with a basic understanding of Italian.