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I am a consultant specialises in assisting lone inventors and SMEs to commercialise their new ideas. My focus is the efficient, cost effective and strategic use of intellectual property (ways to protect your idea and ensure that no-one else copies it) and bringing the concept from an idea to reality.

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Learning about new technology, great new ideas and solutions to problems. Human ingenuity is never ending. I love getting to grips with the details on technical products and services - it is never boring

I have always been entrepreneurial. Started my own technology business which morphed into assisting a Surrey University professor to commercialise his ideas and simultaneously into a role assisting other businesses who were trying to commercialise their ideas. I quickly found I loved being of assistance and the people I were assisting really gave great feedback which was incredibly motivating

I have now built up a tremendous amount of experience in writing and assessing business plans, pitch decks, elevator pitches and grant applications. This along with my 'little black book' which is full of connections to business angels, professional investors, academics, technologists and other consultants means that I am sure to be able to help any business who is looking to bring a new product or service to market, to protect their idea as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, to license or sell their IP or to raise seed capital.


In its broadest definition IP includes patents, trademarks (reputation), copyright, knowhow, designs and trade secrets and is vital for a business to survive. Without some form of IP there is very little to stop a competitor with deeper pockets copying your idea, taking your market share and driving you out of business. Although we are not patent attorneys we do know attorneys in a number of practices (and independent IP practitioners) who can help to draft patent applications as required. Our consultant has helped inventors file their own trademark, registered design and patent applications at the UK patent office and EUIPO saving the inventors a small fortune on attorney fees. He represents his company himself in front of the European (EPO) and US (USPTO) patent offices and deals directly with patent attorneys across the world. We are the Client Engagement and Relationship Manager in the UK for KAnalysis India who provide prior art searching, freedom to operate and technology landscaping services at a competitive price. If you want to find out how strong your IP is, or to challenge / invalidate someone else’s IP their services can give you the information that you need.

Reydoog Consultancy Services has years of experience in helping companies of all sizes to access funding. We can help companies to prepare detailed, readable and credible business plans, pitch decks, elevator pitches and grant applications.

Reydoog Consultancy Services is very well networked. It can introduce you to business angels, potential manufacturers or suppliers, professional investors, academics, patent & trade mark attorneys, government agencies and other consultants which may be required to propel your business forwards