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Operations consulting, using principles, tools and experience in manufacturing and leadership development, team mentoring, supplier relationship development, delivery excellence and demand management to develop business process, drive increased productivity, reduce cost and develop better teams for better business.

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Delivering a better working environment for teams, interdepartmental working and customer satisfaction. Helping to optimise potential and ease frustration.

I love problem solving projects and processes and i have grown teams in mid size and multinational businesses to stages where they were self sufficient outperforming teams twice their size and becoming favoured suppliers. Hence i wanted to drive that goal and feel that reward on a daily basis by supporting more business to grow and achieve.

I am a practical and analytical professional, having worked in supply chain and manufacturing business from the shop floor to senior management i have experienced many levels of customer, supplier, shareholder and employee dynamics and pride myself on delivering improvements that will generate more profit, save costs and increase moral for a better day to day.