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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Proven Transformational Experience LTD offers innovative techniques & strategies in order to transform your life either you want personal or emotional success in your relationship even in your business.

The method that Manos Ischakis has created is called Holistic Result Coaching| HRC ®

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23 December 2019

Manos became my mentor.. my friend.. my light at my dark parts of my life. My life was terrible. It was full of stress and anxiety. I couldn't imagine that one day I will able to enjoy my life. That day came #3 months since I started coaching. Thank you Manos. You transformed my life. More...

15 April 2019

Mano's help is so much useful to me as a personal coach, 10 weeks program and HRM are his tools that I gain great advantages in to my career! I see the future in a more strategic way! His words is my new way of life! Thank you so much Mano! More...

2 April 2019

I am so happy to work with Manos. He is responsible, punctual and reliable, but above all he is passionate about what he does. I learned from him that happiness is about having the right frame of mind not the right circumstances. More...

2 April 2019

Amazing work congratulations!! Inspirational and absolutely usefull many thanks!!! ❤️

2 April 2019

It's been an amazing experience working with Manos!
He is very knowledgeable and helpful in so many different areas and i can highly recommend him!

1 April 2019

I knew I was on the right path in my life..but even so, guidance and assistance is always needed √

I came across Manos Ischakis web page and social media accounts and the things, techniques and conversation we had (even from day one) were the guidance and the steps I was looking for ! !

That changed everything √ for the best √

My business volume was incresead my communication with partners and colleagues got improved and me .. myself as a person .. I m feeling more empowered and sure than ever before !

Its not about testing your limits ... Its about taking the right decisions √ the ones suitable for you √

And here is were Manos and Proven Transformational Experience team, helped me with.

Rediscovering My Inner Self Power 📌

Thank You Manos √

This Trip Is Still .. fascinating and exciting 💫

1 April 2019

It has been a privilege and a great experience working with Manos Ischakis and the Proven Transformational Experience team √

We maped down the whole process followed the steps and .. The desired result just came reality 💯

Thank You Team for this

12 November 2018

Only good words for Manolis. He a loving and caring person. Whatever he is into, he is trying and performing his best, helping people to find their path, their way to happiness, to successful life. I recommend him with no hesitation.!!!! More...

3 September 2018

Working with Manolis was a great experience to me. After doing some sessions with him my everyday life started to flow much better, my income doubled and a lot of personal matters from the past that kept me back without even realising them, were found and solved. Manolis helped me overcome obstacles, feel happier, improve my mindset and reach my full potentials . Thank you Manolis. More...

2 September 2018

Meeting Manolis was and will be a pivotal moment in my life! He genuinely cares for others...not just to help them for a while. ..he is determined to help us make permanent changes in our lives for the better. He knows his craft better than anyone! I am grateful for all the help he has given me! He is a true inspiration! More...


I love transforming people lives! You born to be happy and live a happy relationship not to suffer.. Are you ready to transform your life?

My challenges had inspired me. I ought to find a way to change my life. My parents were divorced. I was in depression. I had a panic attack. I was broke. I had no future.

So, I ought to decide what I wanted out of my life. So, I asked me:

Do I want to live as a goner or do I live as Manos?

That is my breakthrough and my journey started... This is what I want to share with you!

The way to be happy and enjoy your life... your relationship... your whole existence!

I've created a system that is called Holistic Result Coaching ®.

It's very powerfull and unique because it approaches holistically any challenges or desires working on the #3 levels of consciousness:

1. Conscious
2. Unconscious
3. Superconscious

Thus, the change comes from your very inner self and it helps you to expand your consciousness and increase your emotoinal intellegince.

If you think about it, every challenge or non achievement, in somehow, is a lack of emotional intelligence |EQ.

Every success is defiened 80% from your EQ and 20% of the technical stuff!

So, if you feel that this is your turn to make a lasting change then let's book our first free session to experience how you can get what you want!

Don't forget to ask me about the 100% Result Guarantee!

Dare to Live the Life YOU Deserve!

This is your coach,



All you need is the completed system that can lead you emotionally and practically from where you are now to where you want to be.

Personal Coaching is the most powerful way to do that!


Because I will be beside you from the day one until to achieve what you want.

Usually, we are going to meet once per week but I won't stop there...

I will offer you daily e-support because I don't just want you to move forward as soon as possible but I want to be sure that you will move on and overcome any challenge in order to reach the utlimate destination.

Ending successfully our sessions, I will offer you, as a gift, access in my Emotional Intelligence Online Training Academy ®

So, I wonder:

Since that I am 110% commited to get what you want, are you ready to transform your life?

If Yes, Book our First FREE Session Now!

Dare to Live the Life YOU Deserve!

This is your coach,