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Parveen Madher Educational Consultancy specialises in integrative learning. By integrative learning I mean using a variety of learning techniques to suit each individual student.

We believe in a two step process:


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At Parveen Madher Educational Consultancy we pride ourselves on how passionate all our tutors are about the subjects they teach.
We find when the tutor is passionate it allows the student to feel more comfortable and therefore become passionate about the subject they are learning too.
It is deeply rewarding when you can see the tutoring is making such a huge change with their confidence and self esteem within the subject.

I was inspired to start my own business as I have always loved seeing the difference it can make in a students life when they have a tutor, especially when they are struggling a lot within the certain subject.
Another reason was because of how much I fell in love with the tutoring and the amazing experiences which can come from it.

Our clients should choose us because we make sure the families are matched perfectly to the tutor. This is very important as when the tutor and the student have a strong connection we see greater results in their grades.