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Next Step Now combines empirically-based assessment tools with high-quality coaching services and training and facilitating, offering a unique portfolio to help you and the people involved in your business to thrive.

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I strongly believe that everybody can reach their full potential and when a client experiences a 'lightbulb' moment... well, there is nothing more satisfying.

During my last job, I was gradually nudged into the position of the ‘caretaker’, handling the ‘softer’, emotional side of the operations. It was during this experience that my fascination with group behaviour grew and I pursued a MSc in ‘Occupational & Business Psychology’ and diverse coaching degrees.

In my work as a coach I draw on a range of models and approaches but in particular cognitive-behavioural, person-centred, solution-focused, and strengths-based methodologies. It is about personal growth, creativity, performance, ‘stretching’, and action.


Adaptive Capacity is your capacity for navigating the complexity and uncertainty of our world in not only healthy but effective ways.
Adaptive capacity is more than just coping, bouncing back or being resilient in difficult times.
We build our adaptive capacity through increasing awareness of our own levels of resilience, understanding the resources we can call on, and how we can sustain this over time, not just when times are tough.
This is key to your overall sense of well-being and performance.
These sessions are based on extensive research from the Resilience Engine, and will introduce you to some key concepts and provide some practical recommendations for becoming more resilient and building your adaptive capacity.

We offer Professional & Personal Development Coaching to enable individuals to make changes in their working lives, reduce stress, and promote wellbeing. Together, we will determine your objectives and agree on your expectations. You are your own best expert and by learning to think more skilfully you can become more resilient and cope better with the pressures faced in the workplace.

Group coaching is designed to help members of a group to gain an understanding of the group’s strengths, weaknesses, and culture, and what may support or hinder the group’s effectiveness in light of the group’s character, business, context, and goals. A group can be a team, the family, or the board.

To improve team performance, we profile all group members, establish ‘where we are now’, have coaching conversations about ‘where we want to be’, and set up mechanisms to ensure a successful and sustainable change.

Whether you want to develop your existing employees, increase team performance, or identify talent of high potential leaders, we can help you find what you are looking for with psychometric assessment tools, situational judgement tests, and tailored exercises.

I am BPS trained and qualified to use a variety of tools including any Cognitive Ability test available on the market, as well as Personality Profiling tools such as Hogan, 15FQ+, and Strengthscope.

Whatever the project, we will go the extra mile to help transform your business.