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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


At Neko Web Design, we create websites, web applications and eCommerce stores for entrepreneurs and businesses. As a fully remote agency, we are able to work with clients regardless of location. Some of the platforms and technologies we use to serve clients include WordPress, WebFlow, Shopify and JavaScript for custom development.


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13 July 2020

Kelechi is efficient, patient, experienced and meticulous. After a consultation she was able to pin point exactly what my business required in terms of implementing the best strategic approach for my business’ online presence. She was also able to facilitate the development and completion of several web based strategies and solutions for my business. Neko Web Design comes highly recommended and I will definitely be using this company again in the future. Thank you Kelechi! More...

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A great website should be simple, but engaging. On first glance, it should be easy for a site visitor to know exactly what the website is about, and they should be intrigued to know more. All designs should be relevant to the industry. For example, the style of website that would work great for a dental practice might not be what works best for a personal trainer - hence why we make all of our designs from scratch.

When starting a new project, we want to really understand the client and their business. What do they do? What are their goals? Who are their target demographic? Likes and dislikes? It varies on a case-by-case basis, but the key is always a thorough understanding of the background?

I love working with entrepreneurs and business owners, and helping them make their web goals a reality. Knowing that I am able to help a business achieve its goals keeps me very motivated.

Coming from a Computer Science background, I was heavily involved in the tech industry from a young age. After graduating, I spent 5 years working as a professional software engineer at a number of large corporations. Whilst I enjoyed being in that space, I was always drawn to the idea of working with entrepreneurs and businesses and making a positive impact on them. I realised I could use my technical skills and experience in that way, which led to me starting my own business.

Clients should choose Neko Web Design because we care. We care about how our work impacts our clients AND their customers. We always want to see our clients succeed, and we go the extra mile to make our clients happy.



We help clients design and build new websites from scratch using WebFlow and WordPress. We can extend the websites for extra functionality such as appointment bookings and online purchases.

We build eCommerce stores for clients using WebFlow and Shopify. We prefer these two platforms as they open the doors for many possibilities for our clients.

With WebFlow, we get great control over design. This is great for smaller scale eCommerce projects where eCommerce sales are not at the core of the business (e.g. a hairdresser also selling products online).

With Shopify, we can extend the stores functionality through the use of apps that are readily available, or can be custom built. We also have the technical know-how to modify the code of Shopify themes to give our clients a higher level of customisation. Also, Shopify's infrastructure is incredibly robust and built for scale, so it can grow with any business.

Sometimes, clients have highly specialised requirements that cannot be achieved with the likes of WordPress/WebFlow alone. In these cases, we offer custom full-stack web development services to build products for our clients