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Two highly skill personal trainers: Tamm & Gaz, coming together with different experitise and backgrounds to help everyone achieve their goals into a healthier lifestyle.


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Working with them 1-1 allows us to teach and educated clients/ patients without the technical jargon (or we can use this if you wish!) so they understand themselves what they are doing a certain exercise, types of contraction and training zones etc. This alone has the client using their new knowledge sooner or later to plan their own sessions if they do wish!
Mae also set short, medium and long term goals and track progress using many methods. So the client can easily see their progress or if their programme needs altered in anyway if certain barriers are needing addessed.

Not limiting what you can eat, having the healthier relationship with food- cleaner eating, training with resistance and increasing your N.E.A.T (non-exercise activity thermogenesis)

We love educating our clients, we loooove newbies! Teaching them and if they are happy... for them to go it alone! A personal trainer isn’t forever, and can be costly, it should be a short term solution. There’s nothing better than seeing your client progress after struggles, or increasing ROM and decreasing pain/ discomfort with medical conditions. We will always have people to help!

Tamm and Gaz are friends that have different expertise and see eye-eye on a lot of things. Gaz has been a keen sportsman for 30 years and once, was the world’s best squash player for under 35s! Tamm has the anatomy and physiology covered and loves to analyse the client during sessions and loves a challenge! We believe together we have everything covered

There aren’t many personal trainers who take their job seriously- some love the social side of it all and just love to beast their clients. Our qualifications are recognised and prestigious. We are REPs registered (meaning we have an ethical code of conduct to follow, and qualifications are registered). We continue our professional development and (unlike most) we do the paperwork needed after each session! Lol! No one likes paperwork apart from Tamm, we track our client’s progress carefully, helping us analyse our clients biomechanics, posture, muscular imbalances and so much more.