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30% off discount on couples therapy and individual therapy until May 30th 2024 supporting you with your counselling and life coaching needs.

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3 April 2024

I am happy with the couples therapy we received very ethical company such nice staff.

31 March 2024

Great Relationship Coaching I was given so much resources to use and took some tests also and had someone to talk to daily. The relationship coaching was very good.The daily coaching package is good if you are on your own.My coach was there every day to talk to but if you don't need every day you can do the weekly package but because I was depressed and single at the time I found the daily package very beneficial. More...

30 March 2024

A very modern competent service that really helped my marriage head into a more positive direction.I was aligned with one of the M. D.D specialists in Mayfair for 8 weeks of solid mediation and conflict management.The results were excellent. More...

29 March 2024

I have just completely my Couples Therapy package with my therapist Nia a few days ago .She was amazing she really knows how to handle people my husband finally opened up on a few things and she was very patient,understanding and professional with our situation.Just a lovely company overall.

28 March 2024

We had a very good marriage counselling experience. It essentially helped us overcome our marriage breakdown and external family issues. Thank you M.D.D

27 March 2024

A great experience with this company a nice location easy to get to we went to the Knightsbridge office but they have a lot of locations so you can choose. The Marriage counselling was well rounded and exactly what me and my husband Steve needed.I would 100% use again if I needed to. More...

26 March 2024

My couples therapist was personable,intelligent and very knowledgeable.I chose to have my therapy with M.D.D as it was recommended by a friend.The results were very good for us.

25 March 2024

I used the anger management package and cognitive behavioural therapy to control my anger after my girlfriend said I was scaring her and my son. I liked the M.D.D services because it was effective without being too intense or forceful taking into consideration my specific needs as a individual.The therapist Lucy was very good More...

25 March 2024

The counselling session helped me align my thoughts and helped me articulate the problems. Nia is an excellent coach who streamlined my goals and provided me guidance for a holistic approach.

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24 March 2024

This service was very helpful the first step they give you a free 40 mins consultation assessment to really establish what you need from your therapy. The assessment is very in depth and really lets you know the company is good by the meticulous approach.They ask very good questions.I used the Couples Therapy for 10 weeks in the Knighstsbridge Office.We 2 sessions separately and 8 together.To book the free consultation is easy you call here 03333443853 or you email the customer services. More...

23 March 2024

This is very good company for marriage counselling.I bought the marriage relationship counselling package.My husband and I enjoyed the process it really helped us understand each other better.

21 March 2024


Relationships can be hard going, but Miss Date Doctor provide insights and strategies for working through the problems. My MDD therapist is very knowledgeable, provided structure to our conversation that uncovered behaviours that can help improve my relationship. Thank you.

19 March 2024

Such a good company from trying to get married to my partner and my mum passing away I was overwhelmed with issues and M.D .D booked me in quickly.My therapist Nia was amazing so kind and very experienced I learned so much from her she is an amazing therapist.I also had a session with sophie while she was on holiday she was good also.The company is up to date and very good I have had counselling in the past which was rigid and outdated this was very different and worth it for me.It helped me through depression a lot. More...

17 March 2024

My wife and I were experiencing very serious marriage issues which were incredibly challenging and affecting both our families. We used Miss Date Doctor for 8 weeks and our therapist was was fantastic and very experienced because the way she directed the sessions was excellent and very professional.We navigated our way consistently weekly to a much better place in our marriage. More...

15 March 2024

I have found the M.D.D to be a very credible platform.The psychotherapy was very in depth but not uncomfortable because of the sensitive and warm approach of the therapist. It really helped me with my depression.I am very pleased with the service overall. More...

12 March 2024

Miss Date Doctor Couples Therapy Mayfair was a beautiful location and easy to get to.They have alot of choices for locations you can just choose what is best for you. The therapist was very good and it helped me increase my mental fortitude and understanding my wife.We are in a much better place now and we are considering doing the couples retreat with them to learn more and meet other couples.A worthwhile service. More...

12 March 2024

I was at a stage in my life of feeling very depressed and low and not understanding my emotions and I came across Miss Date Doctor. The psychotherapy was very good and they give you round the clock support.The website is fantastic so much services and a lot of helpful articles very good therapy provider. More...

11 March 2024

Miss Date Doctor offer such good couples therapy and the staff are amazing very warm and friendly customer service.I also received a gift voucher for being a regular customer. The couples therapy was in depth and meticulous addressing every aspect of trust,love and communication in our homework exercises.Its a very modern company with so much different options on the website.Thanks M.D.D More...

2 March 2024

Excellent Couples Therapy at Miss Date Doctor we using it again this really helped our marriage.

28 February 2024

My experience with this company is very positive the marriage counselling was outstanding.My wife and I were very close to divorce and sleeping in separate rooms and arguing every chance we got but after my wife was recommended the M. D.D by her sister we decided to try it.All I can say is no regrets the marriage counselling was balanced, thorough and very modern. More...

17 February 2024

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13 February 2024

The therapy provided was very good I suffered a lot of childhood trauma as a child and this was affecting my marriage. The therapist educated me on various stress inducing strategies and conducted a number of introspective tests with me. The CBT and psychotherapy contributed to me being a lot less stressed and much better in my marriage and relationships with my family members. More...

11 February 2024

The therapy was very good and my therapist was very analytic ,observant yet friendly and very strategic and pragmatic.I ordered 8 sessions but have decided to continue it was that good. They are a team of professionals and it really showed in the way the session and customer services was handled. More...

7 February 2024

The 3 day couples therapy intensive package was very well organised and structured our therapist Nia was amazing. My wife and I spoke about things we had avoided for years due to the skillful mediation from our therapist. The couples therapy changed our relationship I did not realise how much we were unintentionally hurting each other.If you want a well rounded service with a therapist that really helps you.I recommend the M.D.D More...

6 February 2024

Very good Couples Therapy.My Therapist was very helpful my husband is very stubborn but she was able to make him feel at ease and establish what was making him unhappy in the marriage also. We did 12 sessions and finally my kids no longer have to see Mum and Dad fighting.Thank you M.D.D for all your help fantastic therapy. More...

5 February 2024

Incredible Couples Therapy from Miss Date Doctor you can choose from one of their offices for face to face counselling or use the phone or zoom option. I used both because I am a teacher my schedule is busy. Me and my husband were very satisfied and have a much closer bond and the homework was fantastic. More...

5 February 2024

I did the Relationship coaching because my girlfriend kept cheating on me and messing me around and I did not have any support. The M.D.D helped me learn about self love,respect and boundaries.The Relationship Coaching was very in depth and very helpful. More...

5 February 2024

If your marriage is falling apart I would recommend this company a very deep in depth way of doing couples therapy and very caring therapists that take pride in their work.My therapist Melinda was amazing

29 January 2024

These people taught me how to control my thoughts and really improved my relationship skills.

29 January 2024

Very good couples therapy our relationship was in tatters. The approach and my therapist Sophie were fantastic.

25 January 2024

I was looking for somewhere that does face to face counselling and came across M.D.D I am glad that I did.My therapist stephanie really supported me through a dark time in my life where I was disowned by most of my family because of my choice of wife. The therapy was extremely helpful and precise in regards to helping me work on particular areas of my cognitive psychology and thought process.This very good therapy and you can have your sessions online or face to face so its quite flexible.Highly recommended I sent one of my friends who needed some help to them also. More...

25 January 2024

My experience was positive the life coaching and psychotherapy was amazing and the locations are convenient you can choose which office you want to go to they have quite a few options all over London and the UK. I was given a lot of training for self regulation,emotional intelligence and learned alot about relationship intelligence.I have a bad dating history.My relationships tend to never last.This service really helped me with my depression and overall wellbeing.They also give you free calls with your sessions for if you need extra support .I had around 15 sessions bi weekly.The therapist I had was fantastic and she was also a certified ICF life coach so I got the coaching side and therapy side benefits.I would use it again if I needed to. More...

24 January 2024

Miss Date Doctor is a very good considerate couples therapy provider.They are so focused on pleasing the customer and helping the relationship it was amazing for me and my wife. We booked the 8 session package because my wife was threatening divorce and to be frank we were living separate lives it was incredibly difficult.I can say using this service was a good decision.They are a team of really experienced experts my therapist was amazing she really broke down the lack of functionality in our relationship and what we needed to work.They gave us streamlined exercises and strategy homework for us to do together.We really learned from it they were tears and realisations but it really helped our relationship .I know we would of definitely divorced if not for this company.Thank you for all you did for us eternally grateful. More...

1 January 2024

Yes I believe the phone I got today was very good for me I understood the things I need to work on and how the steps I need take for the future

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1 January 2024

Yes I find it very helpful what advice I got given using the relationship counselling london service. This made me realise although I was suffering in the relationship but I need to understand to learn talk gently how I talk and be patient the process my break up also the no contact so thank you

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1 January 2024

My experience with Relationship Counselling London has been A*. Nia has been great, very professional and understanding. They use quality strategies to help in all circumstances. I highly recommend this company and the money is worth their services. More...

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17 December 2023

The Couples Therapy at Miss Date Doctor is very good. They provide you with individual sessions and sessions as a couple. They also have a choice of conference calls, zoom or face to face for your sessions . The couples therapy was very rigorous and we worked on trust, communication,respect and emotional needs. I think this company is great and they have lovely professional staff. More...

16 December 2023

The breakup counselling was so good. I could barely speak when I called them and they were so patient and helpful. Calming me down and giving me the reassurance I needed at that time. After a few sessions I started to feel better but it was so good to have some help, an 8-years relationship ended in a 5 minute discussion. It was so rough for me, but I am incredibly grateful for the support Miss Date Doctor gave me. More...

15 September 2023

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25 August 2023

Enrolling in Miss Date Doctor's relationship coaching was like getting a personal trainer for my heart. Their coaches sculpted my emotional fitness, enabling me to communicate and connect more effectively.

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