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Trauma and Abuse Specialist
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Anxiety and Depression
Past Life Regression
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Do you feel 'STUCK'?
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1 August 2019

A magical massage with Lisa. She really listened to what I needed help with and delivered a first class therapy. I couldn’t recommend more highly, thank you!

20 July 2019

I would highly recommend Karen and the Parks inner child therapy. Karen supported me through around ten sessions to work through my past, my childhood and my programming. Each session was a pleasure and I left stronger and more positive each time. We worked through my own inner critic and also put in place new ways of coping, thinking and it was a little heartwrenching when the last session was over as we had journeyed together through so much. Thankyou for helping me find the true authentic me and teaching me to love myself and see my full potential. More...

27 June 2019

I really enjoyed my first Pilates class with Laura this week. Beautiful, relaxing place. Good luck with your expansion.

1 June 2019

All very professional, lovely lady who does it, set in beautiful grounds , all good

Thank you so much, It was a pleasure to support you.

7 January 2019

What a magical space is The Space, a beautiful yoga studio full of light and warmth. Definitely recommend!

28 November 2018

Nighttime Snacking & Hypnosis: I met Karen at a yoga workshop and immediately felt comfortable in her presence. During the tea break I found out she was a therapist and she came highly recommended by the yoga tutor. One of the treatments provided by Karen is Hypnosis. On my drive home I thought maybe Karen could help me with my nighttime snacking. I am a yoga instructor and teach my students how the mind can control us but I was unable to delve deep enough into my own mind to solve my issue. I have been waking during the night for over 20 years and getting up to eat - mainly sweet snacks - and at times not realising I had done so until the morning but generally I was aware. I messaged Karen and explained my problem. We chatted briefly, arranged an appointment. She asked me a couple of questions, nothing tricky! I had a one hour Hypnotherapy Treatment with Karen almost 4 weeks ago now and I am more than happy to say I have not once got up to snack during the night. Karen's aftercare communication and support is wonderful too. If you feel that a treatment or therapy may help you - I would highly recommend you contact Karen to find out what she can offer.Thank you so much Karen and your charming Maya Wellbeing treatment room.Best Wishes Vimala More...

31 October 2018

Fabulous relaxing atmosphere!

31 October 2018

Great rooms & lovely staff, really enjoyed the day.

10 October 2018

I highly recommend Karen. I had hypnotherapy following over 25yrs of waking to eat during sleeping hours. I have immediate results and now night four without nighttime eating! Karen provides you with an understanding of your therapy or treatment. Asked a few questions of my needs before proceeding. I felt comfortable, safe and at ease in her company and in her beautiful treatment room. In addition Karen maintains post therapy contact and support, if required. Thank you so much Karen x More...

30 August 2018

Karen was able to help me with some anxiety issues through her hypnotherapy techniques. She is incredibly understanding and professional, and after a couple of sessions was able to address my issues which are no longer a burden. If you are open minded and would like to change something in your life, I wouldn't hesitate to get in touch with her. More...

10 August 2018

Wonderful modern relaxing space, everyone is lovely and welcoming and fabulous yoga classes!x

10 August 2018

Great yoga session last night at the Space with Derek Smith. Great teacher - whether you're a beginner or advanced - supported bridge pose with brick - a real achievement!

10 August 2018

Excellent sports massage either gentle or deep tissue. As a Team GB triathlete Lisa has been brilliant in dealing with all manner of my injuries and muscle pains over many years. I cannot recommend her highly enough. More...

10 August 2018

Must have been a good yoga session today- as I'm now on a high! :) Thanks Izzy

10 August 2018

Have been going to Lisa for amazing massages for several years now and couldn't recommend her more highly. 'The Space' is beautifully designed and has a lovely atmosphere!

10 August 2018

What a beautiful place! I was delighted to meet Lisa today and to feel the wonderfully peaceful energy of The Space.I'm really looking forward to using the lovely studio very soon.

7 August 2018

Karen Helps people transform! Pure alchemy. Thank you for the Total relaxation and a lovely session!

30 July 2018

My mother needed to go to the dentist, being absolutely petrified, meant she just wouldn't go. Karen not only came and saw my mother in the Home but spent time getting to know her and afterwards provided a recording which my mother used for 3 weeks before her appointment. She went to the dentist without any tears or major anxiety, showing how much Karen's hypnotherapy on her phobia worked. I would highly recommend her help to anyone with a phobia. More...

27 May 2017

I met Karen through a local networking organisation. She is both a friendly and professional lady. Following our meeting I booked a course of Hypnotherapy with her. I was quite nervous at my first session, but Karen's soothing voice relaxed me easily . After just a few sessions I am thrilled with the outcome, and would thoroughly recommend her as both a highly skilled therapist and as a genuine caring individual. Thank you Karen. More...

15 February 2017

I met Karen last year and I am so glad I did! The setting is beautiful and instantly safe and calm.
With her work, I have started to believe in myself, to accept myself and to move on with life. We used hypnotherepy to put the past there and remove barriers. Its a long journey but this lady is my inspiration! So worth it. More...

15 February 2017

I never really knew much about Reiki before seeing Karen at Maya Wellbeing but now I can highly recommend it to everyone. I really look forward to my monthly session where I come out feeling refreshed, revitalised and very calm . It is a very positive experience and well worth trying. More...

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I am passionate about supporting you to live the life you want and deserve without any restrictions!

I felt completely STUCK in my life for many years; I was very ill with M.E and living in a very unhappy marriage.

I saw a Hypnotherapist / Wellness Coach and she supported me to dramatically change my life! I actually moved counties and started a whole new life and I am now so happy, healthy and confident and loving my abundant life!

So I trained as a Hypnotherapist, Wellness Coach and I am an Inner Child Therapist for Trauma and Abuse. I love my job so much!

I changed my life dramatically after being so low that I wanted my life to end. I hope knowing this that you are inspired to believe that you too can make whatever changes you want in your life.

My previous relevant experience has been as a social worker for years in a mental health team and in a stroke rehabilitation team. Adding in the amazing tool of carrying out therapy under Hypnosis can make change so much quicker and long lasting.

I love to empower people with the tools I teach them; tools for life!