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Leeds, West Yorkshire



A West Yorkshire based Freelance Photographer with 12+ years experience and Photography Degree qualification. I love to shoot portraits, weddings, commercial briefs, products and fashion.

Please feel free to get in touch - I'm looking forward to hearing from you to discuss your shoot.


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16 December 2017

Matt is a very professional and approachable guy whose experience shines through his end results. I couldn't be happier with how my photos turned out!


The variety is always a real bonus when your jobs is a Freelance Photographer. The new faces and stories you gain access to that no other job would allow. Also the challenge of turning someone else's request into a visual form. I relish that challenge each time.

My creativity just wasn't free when working in a 'normal' career. There a loads of things I miss about the 9-5 life and the relationships you can build with the teammates you make over those years can be fantastic. But there's nothing like the buzz of being on the spot and crafting your own product and being at the helm of your own business giving your customer exactly what they want and sometimes, something they didn't even know they wanted - but is so much better. As a creative you live for these moments.

I am dedicated to the job in hand - if it's your wedding then there is nothing else that matters in the world that day but this moment and capturing every little detail of your once in a lifetime day. If it's a commercial brief, I want to be there with you and feel like one of the team, crafting your image to bring the next clients through your door. I see the world photographically and have the eye that will capture that moment you envisioned when you created your brief and hopefully so much more. I can't wait to discuss your ideas. Please drop me an email soon! Thanks for taking the time.