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I am a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist with a passion to help people achieve their fitness goals. Having been both overweight and underweight myself, i know the obstacles that can stop you from getting where you want to be. That's why I decided to do this job, so I can use my own experiences and knowledge to give people the determination they need to succeed.

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I combine my knowledge of fitness with my qualifications in nutrition to help my clients get to where they want to be - whether that's losing weight or bulking up, recovering from an injury or training for a big challenge etc. etc. I firmly believe that living healthy is a way of life, and try my best to take that approach with my clients. That means giving them the tools you need to stick with it, even when we're not training together.

This approach has driven great results for my clients. Some recent examples include:

*Completing the Three Peaks Challenge - in March 2017, I was approached by a lady who had set herself a big challenge in memory of a family member she had lost. At the time, she had fallen out of love with fitness, and hadn't set foot in a gym in years. Together, we had a few months to shed the lbs and build her fitness to help her complete this hugely important and massively challenging task. We took the approach of combining toning exercises(body weight, TRX etc.) with cardio (boxing) to build the strength and endurance she needed. Not only did she complete the challenge and change her body shape in the process, she also reinvigorated her passion for fitness. Following the challenge, we continued working together to build on her progress.
*Shaping up for you big day - I recently worked with a client who, like everyone else, wanted to look his best for his wedding day. With of goal of loosing weight and toning up, we built a programme that combined weight training with healthy eating. After analysing his food intake, we talked through small changes he could make to complement his training - mainly substituting or swapping items that would help increase protein but decrease calories overall. Over the course of five months, he lost around 6kg, while increasing his muscle mass to improve his physique.
*Overcoming a lower back injury - I have worked with clients that have all kinds of barriers to training the way they want, whether its lack of time, money etc. But I have also worked with a lot of clients that have been prevented from achieving their goals by injuries. One example is a client that came to me with long-term back injury which had stopped him from building up his lower body for years. It was important to steadily build his strength and ensure no further strain to the injury. We therefore took an approach of a three-day split to training, where we worked different parts of the body, slowly increasing the weight on his back and legs. Over four months of working together, he managed to more than double his squatting weight from 50kg to 110kg. And a result, he was also able to build muscle mass and definition in his lower body.

There is no secret to getting the body of your dreams! It's all about hard work and determination, but most of all - consistency.

Seeing my clients achieve their goals and helping them change their lives for the better.

To have the freedom to work for myself, and build up a brand that people would be excited to work with.

I will make workouts fun and enjoyable so you're more likely to stick with it, and therefore more like to achieve your goals. Plus, I have a magical beard which is proven to help achieve your goals 25% faster - TRUE STORY!


Pad work, improve boxing technique, relieve stress and have fun working out