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Loveyourmind2020.com ,offers a service that promotes confidence and anxiety using positive coaching and the principles of CBT.
The service is a great way to explore your needs and can address anxiety issues that lead to negative personal beliefs before going into a session of CBT intervention .

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19 hour response time

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I personal passion to help people to manage there thoughts and bring a control of there mind and behaviours

Personal experience of trauma and CBT intervention that breathed life back into my world

My emphatic approach and the client is king ethos .My personal drive to help and listen to them to ensure a process tailored to there moment in time ,to ensure the correct intervention is for them ,help and support on there journey forwards.

Online only at this time using Zoom ,other platforms can be made available to suit the client such as teams,googlechat.
Mobile phone introduction service available

Online therapy to protect the client and counselor. Covid 19 constraints reviewed against government guidelines


Please visit loveyourmind2020.com for full details on what I can offer you to help you manage your inner fears and get you back on track

initial introduction to have an open friendly discussion on your needs and expectations .

loveyourmind2020.com for full details

A chance to have a download to a trained CBT therapist ,its a great place to start your journey ,the counsellor will respond as much as you need ,however this is for you to off load ,full impartial listening for you ,you are the centre and foremost person in this process.

PLEASE VISIT Loveyourmind2020.com for full details and booking

This is part of a structure intervention which will take through a collaborative process with the therapist .
This will involve a planned session formed of a process
usual duration at a minimum will be 10 weeks ,one 30 minute session per week with homework based journals and feedback sheets issued on our private email correspondence .
The weekly sessions will be ZOOM based or which other platform you are confident using,
Key areas are :
Collaborative approach ,
Internet connection(webcam)/Zoom app with microphone .
Email account(knowledge of attaching files/photos of homework)
Private environment (counselling is a discrete 1 to 1 approach )
Time allowed to undertake the homework sheets
Session schedules (allow yourself time .)

Sessions will be successful as long as the collaborative relationship is kept open and honest.

Please see our webpage Loveyourmind.com. for more details and rates…...