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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I am a graphic designer specialising in Logo and Website design. I run a graphics company 'LjG Graphics' (LJG being my initials - Liam John Green).

I joined Bark to work with business owners (like you) create a professional Logo that best represents your brand, as well as offering a complete bespoke website design service to those businesses that either wish to start from scratch or make chnages to their current site.

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30 November 2020

Business Card Design

Liam is an enthusiastic chap who takes pride in getting things right

I am a VERY fussy person and want every detail perfect and then some. I am also prone to changing my mind on things as projects develop. Liam coped with these challenges admirably without ever giving me a hard time, attitude or backchat - in fact I found him very patient with my demands and that he completed the projects with a smile on his face and maintaining his wicked sense of humour.

I have been in business a long time and Liam helped me to produce - The best brochure we have ever had - the most professional business cards (everybody compliments on them!) - the most outstanding letterhead - and a great update to our web site

I highly recommend Liam and his work - we collaborated marvellously and I will use him again soon.

Good luck

16 November 2020

I absolutely love my website! Liam did an amazing job and completed it very quickly too! It’s better then I could of ever imagined! I love how creative the sliding photo area is! I’m so so pleased with it and I would definitely recommend Liam More...

2 September 2020

Liam has helped me create and build a website to support for my social media page.
He’s very professional, hard working and easy to work with. He listens to ideas but isn’t afraid to suggest things that someone inexperienced may not know.
Definitely recommend.

23 May 2020

Logo Design

It has been delightful to work with Liam.
Very professional and supportive of my vision as a client.

Thank you Liam

22 April 2020

Would recommend to anyone looking at logos and watermarks has worked with me for 2 days now and gone back and to the drawing board I don’t no how many times, and found the perfect logo for me went above and beyond and really good lad to work with 👍🏻


A great website is one that not only is maximised to it's full potential in terms of how many potential customer's it reaches but also one that follows the corporate features of the organisation it is representing.
You could think of a website as the first handshake with your new client. It has to be met with a smile and a 'nice day' comment and that the exact same principle a website must follow: polite, but informative. (it's the first impression on your potential customers - it's important!)

Many designers go straight for what the customer needs rather than what the customer brings. For me, I find out a lot more information about a new businesses by having a fantastic communication system with the client and more importantly getting to know them as an individual, this way the client learns about me and my business and I learn about the client and their business.

My process is simple.
1. Get to know my client and what their business brings.
2. Ask some questions about the brand.
3. Hand draw a logo or website front page on a blank piece of paper.
4. Computerise the hand draw version.
5. Communicate back to my client to ensure they're happy with the creation.
6. Export files in the clients' desired format.
7. Completed - Happy customer, Happy me!

The information that a client sends when requesting work is very important to the design process as I can always refer back to it when working on the project. The more information the client can share about the project, the better the finished product will be.

Useful info could be any of the following:
1. Business Name.
2. Why the work is needed.
3. Exactly what work is needed.
4. Anything that the product should contain. E.g. business name, phone number, website domain name, etc.
5. When the work should be completed by.
6. What is the clients budget for the entire project.

The one thing that I enjoy most about being a graphic designer is when myself and the client reach the end of the design process and we are both happy with the finished article, if you like. The fact that my work is helping another business and that business is going to share my work to help them brand and market their company fills me with pride and excitement.

I've always wanted to start my own business. I was never really sure what business I wanted to create but I definitely knew it was down the graphic design path. I studied at college for 2 years in two subjects, Info. Tech (ICT) and Digital Media. So clearly, I have always been interested in who the graphics industry works and operates and the fact that I am my own boss and I set my own goals is something that definitely pushed my to start my own company.

Its simple. I offer professional work for affordable prices. I have a massive interest in graphic design and I know what works in a project, and what doesn't. When communicating with clients, I believe the best way to get the product exactly how they need it is to listen and go over the design brief as many time as necessary.

If you do decide to join me on your design journey I'd like to thank you for choosing LjG Graphics as your new designer and I can't wait to start working on this project together.


I provide a professional Logo Design service to any business regardless of size and experience.

Everyone’s budget is different, that’s why I’m commited to ensuring that the services you require from me are at an affordable price for all.

I also provide a bespoke Website Design service to help my clients build their perfect first website or help established business owners make beneficial changes to their current website, bringing in as many new potential customers through the door as possible.

Everyone’s budget is different, that’s why I’m commited to ensuring that the services you require from me are at an affordable price for all.