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I am a freelance Business Development and Marketing Consultant and offer advise on all areas of how to run, operate and grow a business. I have extensive experience in this field as well as retail head office experience spanning over 25 years.

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Helping people achieve their business goals - taking a new or struggling business to its success. I feel huge satisfaction knowing I have advised or worked with someone hands-on to improve their takings, grow their brand awareness and set their business in the right direction.

I have worked in Marketing for over 20 years and within that came business development projects and brand building. I worked within retail head offices for most of my career and was often bound by their policies, templates and rules which was at times frustrating. It meant certain tactics were not able to be applied to the cause. I decided to come out of retail and go it alone because it would open up my remit to help businesses in the ways I saw fit. I could also work much closer with people and at a pace to suit both them and myself. I knew I was good at what I did and wanted to expand that knowledge to others.

I am a genuine, honest, hard-working person with a huge passion for what I do. I have 25+ years of business experience and to date have been assisting in the setting up and running of a business from scratch. I have knowledge, experience and contacts across so many fields - brand building, procurement, budgeting and costing, distribution logistics, marketing (all channels), project management, event planning, copywriting and importantly - new business/client acquisition. I also have vast experience of public speaking on a high-profile level having presented to wealthy 'angel' investors numerous times for clients looking for investment, as well as having presented overseas following invites to talk about the key points in building a business and women in business. For each presentation I give, I write the presentation packs myself and have created and written many business plans, marketing strategies and profit/margin/cost analysis plans. I am incredibly approachable, personable, and always determined and dedicated to every client I work with. I'm friendly and flexible and will offer good rates based on a clients needs - whether that be on an advisory level or getting stuck in with the implementation of tasks. Nothing is unachievable - I will persevere until I get my clients where they need to be - including possible re-procurement of product components or services to get a lower price and increase their margins. For me, their success is genuinely mine too.