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I'm a qualified person centred Counsellor, I have a genuine interest in people and am naturally empathetic and aware that people need support going though difficult times. I have experience and knowledge working with mental health but my passion is working with

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8 July 2019

Hello I 100% recommend this elite passionate counsellor who is very motivated to help people who are struggling in there lifes nikkie is very warm and welcoming lovely compassionate lady she listens and addresses any sort of problems you are going through she will give you time and patience for you to talk about it shes non-judgemental she loves working and helping people to discover who they really are and by using different coping mechanisms and adapting her techniques to witch suits you as the client her caravan is so very warm and welcoming it's got that loving energy that makes you feel kinda inspired but that's me I highly recommend nikkie to anybody out there who is suffering with any sort mental health problem please call her or message her. I have lived the life been through it all and I'm only going to get better even if you become positive never give up I've been counselling with nikkie 9 weeks in I've made changes with nikkie mood diary she suggested to me on the 02/05/19 that's when I started with her and from that day on I've improved big time I'm so stable but I'm working at it please don't give up I know I'm learning and training my mind is a big skill like anything you do in life it's a skill and you have to keep it up as you do that you become better at everything you do in life and as a person im a inspiration to all mental health suffers believe in yourself you all can achieve it trust me I'm going to continue progressing with nikkie and keep working on change as nikkie said to me take each day as it comes I'm living proof you can recover from BPD or PTSD please believe in me a lot of the work is all down to yourself like me when I leave nikkie she can support you guide you help you listen to you through it all and achieve your goals to feel normal again its amazing but I will continue to work with her there is light at the end of the tunnel for everybody good luck. More...

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15 August 2018

A review off my website from a satisfied client
(Thursday, February 23 17 01:28 pm GMT)
I found nicky very comfortable to work with and relaxed and was able to open up my mind and difficulties in my life what I was facing I would recommend nicky to enybody with mental health problems she's works to bring out the best in a person who's struggling and I had positive out come she is not judgmental always welcoming with a smile on her face wanting to achieve change with clients she gets to the point of your issue she makes you feel safe in the room and only specks when needed and gets to the point I've never meet a counsellor like nicky I'm not making her big headed but there was something special about nickys counselling skills but it's about the client working with her and wanting to change 50% is going to mind 50% is stepping in the room then 100% is all down to yourself when you finish
the session it works with nicky too its commitment I found. Thank you nicky please keep up the positive work. " More...

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I have a genuine interest in people and am naturally empathetic and aware that people need support going though difficult times.

Friends and family are sometimes too close and it can be very helpful speaking without being told what you should and shouldn't be doing.

I like the challenge of meeting new clients and helping them through their journey. I listen with compassion and interest as people offload things and explore their feelings. It seemed a natural thing for me to pursue as I like to support people and welcome new clients.

I worked at a mental health charity for 6 years and decided it was time for me to take the step into the unknown. Mental health doesn't Judge or discriminate, and neither do I.
I work with different people from all walks of life, from the hard workers, military, to concessions for people on benefits as well as the older generation.

I enjoy my job, I am passionate and ethic to working with unique individuals who had been struggling, because life has thrown you a hand you can't work through on your own. I am honoured to be able to share your life events, you are the expert of your life you just don't know it yet.


The group is for people who have been through a trauma and suffer from PTSD and don't know how to move forwards, feeling stuck and can't move passed whatever it was that turned your world upside down.

It helps people with PTSD in the following ways
•Mental health / Wellbeing
•Buddy system
•Learn new skills
•Loose isolation
•Helps start with improve of interaction
•Social skills
•taking that first step to change

What good will it do coming to the group?
We look at what your “feelings” are that you go through on a daily basis and work through a different feeling each week.
They range from
•panic attacks
•low mood

Why should I come to your group and not just go to the doctors as they can give me medication

I'm not a doctor I can't give out medication but I can listen and I understand what it’s like to be in a position where there isn't any help around and don't know where else to go, this is another reason why I started up this group.

Takes pressure off doctors & NHS counselling waiting lists or just another form of help until you can access them.

What will I gain coming to the group?
You will learn about what is going on within yourself such as
•To help educate about PTSD,
•Ways of coping or not coping
•How the brain works the way it does after a traumatic event.
•Sleeping habits
•Drinking habits
•Eating habits
•Hyper vigilant (being on guard all the while)
•Being very jumpy
•Help others going through the same

How much?
It costs £5 for the 2 hours for the session, this goes towards room hire, work sheets, and refreshments.

How many are there in a group?
Higham Ferrers & Wellingborough = 4 maximum to a group is 6
Kettering = 3 maximum to a group is 6
If you have any other questions please ask me.