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KIROO Design

Loughborough, United Kingdom


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Get a free quote from this professional

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Predominately KIROO Design is a web and software development company and we have been in the business for over 15 years silently working in the background for many leading web developers on an outsourcing / white label basis. KIROO consists of a group of very talented and dedicated homeworkers and office based staff that can bring your vision to life.

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23 July 2018

The KIROO DESIGN team offer excellence for all of your electronic needs.

Reviewed on Facebook

21 February 2017

With KIROO Design you basically ask for something and within next to no time, the features becomes available... What a great service they provide and it really is a world class one. We cannot thank them enough for delivering exactly “and much more” of what we wanted, thanks to their skills and development knowledge. This company can be trusted, their skills are amazing and they do go that extra mile to get the job done, and in style! More...

20 February 2017

The best way to describe this company is plainly and simply AWESOME! What a backend system we have, truly powerful and thoroughly enjoyable to work with. Highly recommend this company, they have our business for life! More...

20 February 2017

We started off with just an idea then put it in front of the Kiroo designers, we are so happy that we did, they did absolutely everything for us, they designed the logo, built a very complex website, came up with marketing ideas that we never even thought of and of course we implemented them, i. e. The Golden Ticket.

Basically they revolutionised the toilet tissue industry and what a refreshing approach to it they have made, they even designed the embossing on the sheets as well as the IMPERIUM packaging; we are so pleased with the end result we just can't wait to start manufacturing our products to eventually hit the shop shelves.

Kiroo also handle our facebook and twitter campaigns by creating high quality graphically designed posts for consumers to engage with. As one of the Directors of the IMPERIUM brand they have our endorsement and all of our future business.

20 February 2017

We had no end of problems with different web designers who just couldn't deliver what we needed, then we came across Kiroo and spoke to their CEO who assured us that there is nothing to worry about as long as they leave them to do their job, we placed our trust in them and have never looked back since. This company is all about customer 1st and delivering great solutions. More...

20 February 2017

We cannot emphasise enough just how good these guys are, they are our electronic backbone and have designed not only a great functioning website with lots of back office control, they handle all of our graphics for social media (facebook) along with lots of other electronic support, they also designed our logo of which we are very proud of. Definitely worth dealing with if it is peace of mind you want. More...


Aesthetics, user friendly and functionality. A company literally has a window of 3 seconds to captivate their audience. Once a company has a great landing page that immediately captivates the user, the opportunity to create sales, leads, customers etc has dramatically increased. Do not lose this window of opportunity.

"Seldom in life do we get the opportunity of a 2nd attempt to make a 1st impression so, let's not take the chance and wait for that opportunity shall we because, it may never come!"

Qamar Hussain

These would be a series of questions to commence with:

1] What is your industry sector?
2] Do you have your company logo?
3] Are you looking for: Static | Dynamic or Responsive website?
4] Have you created a site map and how many levels deep do you want your navigation to go?
5] Are you looking for CMS (please note all of our CMS are bespoke)?
6] Are you looking for CRM (please note all of our CRM are bespoke)?
7] Are you looking for a backend database?
8] Are you looking to upload video content on your website?
9] Do you or have you purchased your URL yet?
10] Are you looking to have your logo animated?
11] Would you require a sales / explainer video?
12] Do you require animated banner headers?
13] Do you require scrolling text on different pages with the ability to update the text as and when you please?
14] Do you have a social media account and are you looking to have professionally designed response posts?
15] Are you looking to submit all of your site pages to various search engines (this is business critical)?
16] Do you have a budget in mind?

These are a few basic questions that we will need from you prior to further engagement.

Once we have gathered relevant information from our clients, we then send out an estimate, if our client is happy to proceed on that basis, we will ask for a 50% deposit of the build cost and begin to brain storm designs and aim to have a HTML limited functioning design template in front of you for your approval within the swiftest time frame possible, we will then begin the hard code and subsequent pages based on the approved design. Design templates are an additional cost of £100.00 per template so, we only design 1, which is free of charge, subsequent designs are charged accordingly.

Depending on the size of your business and its processes, it may become a requirement for an onsite visit to better understand the business model a company is working with, this is usually relevant to organisations that require backend systems, which in turn require a system flow of managing the processes of the company, i.e. EDI, CRM and CMS. These such instances require a much deeper understanding of subsequent designs and relevant software requirements; this is an expense afforded by the enquiring company in terms of on site consultations, travel and hotel accommodation "if required".

Obviously the more information we can have the better it will be for us to work with. It is recommended that potential clients do as much of their homework as they can before they approach us because this will save time; the quicker our clients can act and respond to us, the quicker we can deliver.

Bringing peoples imagination to life has got to be one of the most enjoyable points of being in this industry. People have aspirations of doing well in their life via their online presence and we want to make sure that your company is represented in the best possible manner by using the relevant programming skills we have accumulated over the years.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is a powerful force of human nature, it will not stop for anything. One thing business has taught the KIROO brand is that, always believe in yourself above all the negativity surrounding your idea because there is nothing to stop you from reaching your full potential other than your own fears, let them go and become KIROO!

Because we are passionate about what we do and we do get into the propensity of the clients wishes. Our work speaks for itself, we really do not have to bang a drum anymore, we are who we say we are, we are KIROO!

K: is for kid, the child within us that we always need to allow for the creative design impulses to naturally flow!

I: is for intense, our zest for living as we fearlessly dive into the darkness of the abyss in order to quench our thirst for knowledge and the adventure that comes with it!

R: is for rational, the way we think things out!

O: is for ornate, nothing plain here!

O: is for our openness, it's refreshing!

To finalise:

the internet, i.e. web interface users, is controlled by user emotions, based on that principle guiding factor, our designs are purely based on; the quality of emotional response distinguished from the intellectual processes of the mind. Those considerations are given in each area of our expertise.


Video animation is a great way to promote your company, it basically acts as a sales person bringing you high quality in HD with a professional voice over; audiences are more likely to engage with you when they can see that a company has gone to the expense, time and effort to promote their product or service in a manner that is less intensive as reading about them and more enjoyable to engage with.

KIROO can bring your imagination to life with a video informing your target audience about you, which hugely adds value to your electronic presence. If this is something that you're interested in developing, then we can surely accommodate to showcase your company in the best possible taste.