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South Woodford, London, Greater London


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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Providing you with a confidential space,
to notice how you are. . ..
• dealing with anxiety fears or phobias
• how you manage your difficult feelings
• relationships .
• how you are coping in general
• family issues
• career/work.

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7 customer reviews

3 May 2020

Karen has made a huge difference in my life. She has this really unique quality about her, that makes you feel very confortable. At times I felt I was confiding into a long time friend. At the same time she's a very sharp therapist and can make poignant observations to help you build a sense of perspective that stays with you when you leave a session. Our sessions have allowed me to be kinder to myself and bring more lightness into my life. More...

28 April 2020

Karen worked with me through the traumatic break-up of my marriage, my divorce and the difficult times that followed. Whatever state I was in at the beginning of a session, Karen would always help me find balance and a way forward. With a wonderful mix of gentleness and good humour she would support me through moments of crisis and help me find new perspectives and a resilience I never believed I would have. Karen was always a safe port in the storm, and I don’t know what I would have done without her. More...

28 April 2020

I have been a client of Karen’s for the past decade. During this time, I have faced a number of milestones in my life, from bereavement to parenthood and many other significant events in between. I can genuinely state that Karen has been an incredible source of support, guidance and, indeed, inspiration throughout these most significant years of my life.
In my opinion, Karen is a superb therapist.

27 April 2020

Karen and I worked together for a number of years at a time in my life when I felt lost and not able to understand why I felt so vulnerable. Karen enabled me to look at my life and my actions in a different way so that meant I stopped judging myself and became more accepting of me. The things I thought were negative traits I now see as strategies for my survival. Her patience and understanding helped us to develop tools together which I now use when times are challenging for me. Thank you, Karen.” More...

24 April 2020

My time working with Karen was very positive, she provided me with a great space from day one to hear myself out loud and work through some questions and decisions I had to make during quite a difficult time in my life. It's important to find a therapist that is welcoming enough to allow you to express yourself without fear and that's what Karen manages to do. She also provided some useful exercises and key points to remember when outside of the meetings and in the real world. I would definitely recommend therapy, and Karen to anyone seeking some support. More...

22 April 2020

I felt lost and hopeless when I found Karen. She listened patiently and prompted me to focus where I needed to focus. I never really considered seeing a counsellor before but I highly recommend that you do it. I highly recommend Karen, I cannot thank her enough. More...

22 April 2020

Karen helped me through the most difficult time of my life. Between a nervous breakdown and then shortly after losing a loved one I'd developed a panic disorder so severe I was having multiple debilitating panic attacks a day (something that before this I believed was a myth made up by people unable to cope with reality - boy was I wrong).
Through Karen's incredible insight, experience and empathy she helped me rebuild, understand and accept myself like never before. She equipped me with the tools and knowledge to identify within myself those triggers and thoughts that got me to that point, helping me to protect myself from ever feeling that way again.
Karen saved my life.

Karen, you can publish that with my name if you want - I stand by every word.

Love and light x


Working with people
Seeing how change happens, as clients lIsten to themselves.
Being a witness to this process.

managing a schedule that I can cope with.
Choosing to work the way I feel suits.

I offer my life and extensive work experience.
Supporting you to challenge yourself and your beliefs and giving you the space to really notIce how you are, we explore ways to manage, together.