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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


I can help. I have been a practising therapist for 32 years and use accelerated methods of training that bring about change which can improve all aspects of your life. Believe me! You are not alone. I really can help YOU. I am available for online therapy.

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31 May 2021

Addiction Therapy

She was clear and to the point and felt she was able to understand my issues and give solutions and help with my mind set and support me the way I really needed

12 March 2021

Whilst other people will go to a doctor when they have a worry, which will sometimes involve a long wait and perhaps a series of appointments, I go to Jill. Most often, a phone or video call is all that is needed for diagnosis and reassurance. If a remedy is needed, it is with me next day.
If you are busy and under pressure - even if it is just time pressure - you will find that Jill's professional service is superior and is not compromised by remote operation.

7 February 2021

My appointments with Jill are always really insightful, exploring how my behaviours and emotions affect my physical well being. We are able to pinpoint specific repeated emotional responses to situations which can trigger physical symptoms. By getting to the route cause, I can work on adjusting the way I approach so many things along with using the frequencies in my vitali-chi which link to that personal growth. More...

3 February 2021

I have known Jill as a friend, colleague and teacher for the past thirty years and have great respect for her as a therapist and a friend. She is unfailingly dedicated to her work and has helped many many people over the years in their healing journeys. She helped me through a difficult time when I had a frozen shoulder and also personal relationship challenges. It was due to her wisdom, caring concern and skills as well as her friendship that I was wholly healed and recovered both physically and emotional in a short period of time. She is the person I still turn to when I need to ‘talk’! More...

2 February 2021

When my father died, Jill’s grief counselling actually saved me, and got my life back on track. Incredible lady and heals in many, many ways! 100% recommendation.

31 January 2021

I always looked forward to seeing Jill she reassured me and helped me have an understanding of how I was feeling her remedies are amazing !!!

31 January 2021

Jill is an extremely good healer - had some lovely relaxing sessions with her. She’s also a very good listener and always makes for an interesting session.

31 January 2021

Not quite sure how she does it but she has some amazing skills!

31 January 2021

Working with Jill over the last 4 years has been a total benefit for me working through cancer emotions and stroke. I feel confident and re-assured that any future problems will be dealt with total professionalism in the field of well being. Many thanks Jill

31 January 2021

Jill has an impressively broad range of qualifications and capabilities. I have no doubt that the range of other testimonials will reinforce my view that you will feel in safe hands.
More than once, Jill has dealt with issues for me in one session that were considered a lost cause.
Her biggest limitation is that there is only one of her.
Don't leave Jill until you've run out of other options. Sort it now.

31 January 2021

My husband and I have been using Jill’s treatments and therapies for over 10 years. We have had amazing results both mentally and physically. My husband required surgery for calcification of an old sporting injury- after visiting Jill for a few sessions surgery was not required. Highly recommend. More...


Helping people. There is no greater satisfaction than solving an issue for a client, one that has been bothering them for a while.

I am a natural healer. I used to walk my grandfather down the garden at the age of 11, guiding him to exercise...

I will help them, no matter the issue. I have an innate ability to cut through the fog and provide tangible and workable solutions.

Yes, online by WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype or Messenger.

We have always followed government guidelines in terms of social distancing, mask wearing, sanitising. In fact, we make and sell our own sanitiser, which is proven to be antiviral.


Hi - I have been a practising therapist for 32 years and in that time have treated thousands of people for physical and emotional issues. Whatever is ailing you, I am confident that I can help resolve your problem(s).

There are times in life when you may have become addicted to a behaviour or substance. No matter what your problem is, I can find a way forward. Whatever you are addicted to, you do NOT need it. I will help you find the way.

Relationships can be difficult and trying at times. I will help sort through your issues and give you clear and uncomplicated guidance. Helping you to understand and change unacceptable patterns of behaviour thereby resolving the relationship. Or maybe help you to end, find closure or attract a new relationship.

We can all become depressed, and when you are in the middle of the thickest of fog it may seem hard to find your way out of it. Let me be your sunshine and help you find a way through so that you can once again look forward to a bright new day.

Sometimes in life you can arrive at a place that just doesn't feel right. Even totally wrong. But the thinking that got you there is not the thinking that will get you out of there. Let me lend you my compass and together, we can both find a way to a much brighter future.

Have you lost weight and put it back on again only to repeat this pattern many times? Or suddenly gained weight for the first time? Whatever your reason for your desire to lose weight, I can help. I will look at the emotional root cause of your weight gain and as a trained nutrition advisor help design a healthy eating and exercise plan that is right for YOU!

Bad things happen. It is a sad fact of life. How you deal with those memories and the feelings alongside them can make a long term difference to your overall wellbeing. Let me help you heal and come through and out the other side. I know I can.

Are you tired all of the time? Or ill? Or have chronic symptoms? Do you have trouble sleeping or suffer from stress and anxiety? My approach focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause to any of your symptoms. Your problem is identified by a range of methods and thorough examination is given to present day diet, environmental and lifestyle influences and emotional and relationship wellbeing.