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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


With over 10 years experience in offering digital design services, with a proven track record of delivering increases in conversion and business objectives.
Close working relationships with my clients ensure a time and cost efficient delivery.


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7 June 2020

James was so great to work with. So personable and knowledgeable. He built us an amazing website at an affordable price.
He guided us when we needed and listened to our vision and brought it to life so quickly.
Thank you James!
Highly recommend

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A website is only as good as the business problem that it solves. A website can be a beautiful piece of design or an all singing and dancing experience, but at the end of the day, if it doesn't provide a solution for the customer or end in converted customers, it can't be considered a great website.

It needs to be something that both the user finds easy to use, visually appealing and delivers what the business needs.

What is the problem that you're trying to solve?
Have you worked on a project like this before? What went well and what didn't go so well?
What would you measure as success from this project?
How do you like to work and how can I help make this process easier for you?
Who are your audience? Is it existing or new?
How does your business make money?

I love providing solutions to problems. Users are looking for an answer to something or a product that solves a problem for them. I love helping those people find those solutions. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a client happy with the results of a project and working with them to develop that product to the next level.

I have worked for over 10 years in the creative industry. Working in large and smaller businesses. I grew tired of the red tape, convoluted processes and excruciatingly bad service that was being provided to honest, working clients. I wanted to prove that I could do it better and that it didn't need to cost a fortune or take underhanded tactics to deliver a great service.

I am an honest and approachable professional. Your business needs are my priority. I maintain a small number of clients to be able to offer the best services possible instead of spreading myself too thin across a larger number of projects. I am genuinely passionate about creating great design solutions for your customers and doing all I can to use digital, to make your business more efficient and deliver results.


Website Design includes full designs for your business' website that work across all device sizes (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet etc.). These can then be developed either using my own development services, or your own separate developer.

Example projects would include:

eCommerce Website - An online shop for selling products and services that users can buy straight from the website.

Brochure Website - A website that demonstrates what services are offered and tells a story.

Including both the Website Design service and Development service to build the site and make it interactive and usable online.

Brand Design includes a guide on Visual style and tone-of-voice for your brand.

This includes:
Colour Palette(s)
Use of imagery
Tone-of-voice for copy and imagery
Social channels assets

Delivered in a PDF document for reference for your brand internally and for other designers to pick up and use for creating new communications.

Full designs for your mobile app (Android or iOS). This does not include development. The designs would be provided for use by the client for a separate developer to build into a working application.

If required, I could source a developer if the client didn't have their own already.