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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


If you are struggling with any of the following, I'd like to help:

* Confidence
* Anxiety
* Stress

I hold a safe space to give you the tools and support you need to find the confidence to be yourself so that you can live a happy, healthy life.

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2 February 2022

Claire is amazing , I’ve been attending sessions with her on and off for 3 years.
I was originally attended sessions for confidence and selfesteem however when I fell pregnant with a miracle surprise baby anxiety took over and she provided a lot of support and reassurance throughout the pregnancy and through the first couple of months of being a very anxious mummy , my anxiety is better and only have Claire to thank Claire has supported me none stop even throughout the pandemic especially when I returned to work as I went straight into working in intensive care unit after maternity and had a lot of changes to deal with.
I honestly don’t believe I would have achieved as much as I have these past years without her support and encouragement .
Claire is 100000% trustworthy , caring , supportive and completely awesome

3 December 2021

Had a great experience with Claire! She made me feel very comfortable and felt safe talking about sensitive topics. Highly recommend to anyone

24 August 2021

I came to Claire with a great deal of uncertainty and self-doubt but also seeds of desire; she helped me to tune into my own inner wisdom, to gain strength and confidence and the feeling of lightness and ease that followed each session was remarkable. Claire is intuitive, holistic and very easy to open up to. The techniques or exercises she chose to use were so simple and yet so powerful! I’m so grateful I met her - I recommend her wholeheartedly! More...

18 August 2021

Working with Claire was a joy. She is easy going, caring and truly an expert. I would recomend her to anyone. In the coaching and Reiki sessions I was able to release long held fears and connect to a much brighter future. A great therapist and lovely person. thankyou. More...

Inspire Aspire Coaching, Therapies & Reiki School

Reply from Inspire Aspire Coaching, Therapies & Reiki School

Thank you so much for your kind words, it was a pleasure to work with you and I'm delighted to have made such a difference.

15 March 2021

Life Coaching

Working with Claire has been a breath of fresh air, totally understanding and very good at finding a solution’s for you to help yourself. I have found Claire very helpful in finding myself and dealing with things that I wouldn’t have with out her. Would highly recommend to anyone. More...

Inspire Aspire Coaching, Therapies & Reiki School

Reply from Inspire Aspire Coaching, Therapies & Reiki School

Thank you so much Lewis, it has been such a pleasure to work with you.

6 November 2019

I can’t recommend Claire enough. She has just a lovely energy and made me feel so comfortable the minute I walked in. She took time to talk and get to know me before my treatment. Claire gave me a massage and Raki healing . The best massage I have ever had, I had the best night sleep and woke up so positive and happy today, my energy had been lifted . I have booked in for next month already . More...

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I love holding the space for and empowering my clients, giving them the tools they need to change their lives. We get so used to our limiting behaviours, we don't realise that things can be different.
When people start to feel the difference and make those changes, and I see them feeling happier, healthier, more confident and reaching their goals (often creating totally different goals with their new found confidence and sense of personal power), that's the most rewarding part for me.
It's such a privilege to see within another person, to see the parts most other people never get to see. There is nothing more precious to me.

I wanted to create a way that I could share what I had learnt in my journey and give others the support and space that I had needed and couldn't find. I am fiercely passionate about our right to love and acceptance. Most illness and pain come from lack of self-worth so I want to show people to know how magnificent and powerful they really are and give them the tools and beliefs to create what they want and to have a life of joy, confidence and purpose.

There are a few reasons my clients say they are glad they chose me:

1. I'm not like normal, traditional therapist, coach or counsellor who just works with a single approach or tool. I know we all have different ways of learning and so I have a wide variety of tools to choose from so I can find what works best for you. This is why so many of my clients have been to other therapists previously and given up as that approach hasn't worked so they then sadly think therapy/coaching doesn't work.

2. I have a very empowering approach, I want to give you the tools to help yourself so you can get on with living your best life, not be seeing me forever! Right from the start I will give you the tools, techniques and tips to help you grow and change so that when you aren't with me, you can still help yourself. Many therapists don't teach you how to do it yourself so you have to keep going back and never feel empowered.

3. I don't just sit and listen to you talk; I do listen and it's important that you are heard and witnessed in a safe space but as a holistic coach and therapist I will work interactively with powerful tools that engage body, mind and spirit. Most therapists/coach just work with the mind and clients sit and talk about their problem but aren't helped to get out of that place. This doesn't work and I will show you why.

4. In our first session I will give you the clarity that has been missing for you and let you know what is really going on for you and causing the problem, and, tell you how to move forward so you have a clear plan that works for you. Not a one fits all solution, but the way that will work for you so you have the confidence and support you need in the process.

5. It's really important to me that you feel safe enough to express yourself. Sessions with me involve laughter, swearing, sometimes tears, as it's essential you have a place where you can get in touch with your emotions safely like anger, guilt, shame and sadness as well as joy and freedom. Sessions are interactive and often fun. I'm not stuffy and formal as I want you to feel safe to be yourself and that may be something you have never been able to do before.

6. I will show you that you have the right to be loved, to be who you really are and will show you how to do that in your own life so you feel safe and confident. I want you to be able to be the person you hide away out of fear that you won't be accepted. It's so important you have somewhere safe to do that and be witnessed so you can start that journey to accepting yourself fully.

7. I have many years experience of helping clients to do this work and I do the work myself so I know what it is like, how rewarding and challenging it is. The tools I have work and I am passionate about them because I see them working and changing the lives of my clients every day. However, the most important thing is that I believe in you because when you start this work you need someone who believes in you and will support you while you are working through your issues and give you the space and support to create the confidence, strength and belief in yourself.

8. Unlike a lot of therapists/coaches I work with both approaches; I look at the past and what keeps you stuck and I also help you get clear on what you want to create in the future for yourself. You need both, a lot of therapy is focused on the past and doesn't lift you from those old patterns so you stay stuck and often a coach is focused on your future but doesn't look at the beliefs and experiences that have brought you to where you are now. My unique approach gives you both.

Yes I use Zoom which is stable and secure. I can also offer by phone which some clients prefer.

I have moved my work online or phone where possible.

I do offer in-person sessions for those that are able to visit my clinic space in Hitchin, Hertfordshire where masks are worn, cleaning takes place in between every client, windows can be opened and social distancing can be maintained between me and my clients throughout the session.


I help you to find what it is you want to really achieve in your life, not just to help you create them. I help you tap into your deepest resources and inner wisdom so you know what you REALLY want. My approach is different to most coaches, I'm interactive, down-to-earth, real and fun, encouraing you to be completely yourself. I also use techniques you won't find anywhere else that will give you a framework to understand your dynamics, your patterns, your triggers and help you transform your challenges and sabotages into allies.

I can help you with any issues due the approaches I use and the tools that I have. I specialise in anxiety and confidence issues which may manifest in many ways; feeling stuck, procrastination, lack of motivation or direction, anger, depression, sleep issues, stress, physical pain and unidentified illnesses and help you to understand that what you are experiencing may be teaching you something that will help you to transform your experience and unlock the next step in your development.

I also work with conscious creation, a more powerful and practical form of the law of attraction to help you create health, wellbeing and the lifestyle you want.

All coaching available online via video call or phone or in-person in North Hertfordshire in Hitchin.

I have been working with clients full-time for over 9 years helping them with a wide variety of therapeutic tools that help them to overcome the limiting and distressing effects of anxiety, stress and other behaviours.

I help you to get to the root of your pain and to work with it so that it stops being a negative and destructive force in your life.

My approach and tools vary according to the client as different things will suit different people and I love having options to work in this way as many people who come to me have tried therapy or counselling before and been disappointed as it hasn't worked.

Just some of the tools I use include EFT (tapping), Parts Work, Reiki energy healing, talking therapy, breathwork, visualisation and many more. All proven methods that are empowering and quickly make an impact in your life - I can teach them to you so you can use them yourself - and I've seen them work over and over again.

You'll find an accepting, kind, safe space where you can talk freely without judgement and be yourself.

Reiki is a gentle but powerful relaxing treatment that is actually much more than just a healing treatment; it can be used as a whole self-development system but for most people, it is the healing aspect that they are interested in.

I trained under a physiotherapist using tools like massage, machines and other things to help injuries and pain but over the years I noticed when I used Reiki, as you don't need to touch, clients commented that things improved dramatically and for much longer than using the gadgets and other techniques I had been trained with and so it's become one of my most popular tools and I teach it also.

Some people are drawn towards Reiki, some are curious or resistant but it works and so for many it is a last resort after trying so many other things that have failed.

Reiki is very relaxing and accessible, it is done fully clothed and there is no need to touch at all as it works energetically. This means it can be done remotely also so you can be anywhere in the world and we can conduct the session through phone or internet.

We offer Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Master Teacher/Practitioner Courses also as well as Spiritual Development courses for those who are interested, through ReikiHitchin (see Facebook or our website).

An incredibly simple but powerful technique that can be used for anything where there is an element of anxiety or emotion involved.

Children and adults of all ages and abilities can learn to do it in a short time and it really resets the emotional feelings we have around events that upset or limit us, even if we don't know what they are and we don't need to talk about them in session either.

It has been used and researched for many areas including stress, anxiety, grief, sports performance, learning issues, confidence, physical pain and so many more!

I am a CPCAB Breathworth Coach so I can teach you to breathe more efficiently which can create incredible benefits in way you would probably wouldn't think, such as weight, mental health, anxiety, trauma, pain as just a few examples.

We are really only beginning to understand the power of the breath and it does far more than "just" keep us alive. Come and learn more to improve your wellbeing and let breathwork change your life for the better.