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Dear Friend,
if you are looking for a way to solve problems that are intangible -like emotions or personal issues than you are in the right place.Тhe path to harmonious relationships.
However... Topics where I can be useful to you: relationships and personal growth:

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21 September 2017

Life Coaching

Zornitsa is a unique and multicolored woman with a huge heart. She explains very well, easily detects the problem and gives the exact directions where and what to look for and how to find it within yourself or in others.
Thanks for your dedication and help.

Тhe path to harmonious relationships

Reply from Тhe path to harmonious relationships

Thank you !


I love helping people. I feel so happy and proud when I see my clients achieving
their biggest desired results. Going from dissatisfied with the current situation to very satisfied with their life . I have a feeling that you are really interested of improving your life and need just little push to do it.

My dear readers,
I write this information for you to share my experience of a family constellation and to help as much as I can to make your life better each day.
I will start by explaining what a constellation is.
Constellation is a three-dimensional, group process that represents a family system or a live family tree of a certain person. It includes all ancestors and relatives, where each one having a definite place in the system and no one can be excluded. In family constellation, hidden things come to light, for example, conflicts and destructive relationships, and the system seeks compensation for injustice. Those persons excluded from the system, in one way or another, must be returned so that love can flow freely between its members. Most often, the youngest member of the system or the last member of the system (the children - granddaughter, grandson, etc.) pay the price. During a constellation, it is possible to resolve these conflicts and return those who have been forgotten or excluded for some reason from the family system. That is, everyone should take their place by rank and hierarchy in the system. The so-called "family ranking by hierarchy" is made.
The examples of exclusion in a family system are as follows:
● Divorce - The child lives with one parent and nobody is talking about the other parent. The child is in put into the situation of choosing between his/her mother and father and carries the pain that is not his/hers, hating one of the the parents, depending on the situation.
● Abortion - An abortion was made and nobody is talking about this child as if they never existed. (If this child is not recognized in the system this shall lead to breakdown of the relationship between the partners, and that is the price paid if what happened is rejected)
● Early death of children - Mainly, speaking of our grandmothers, this has usually happened very often and leads to a loss of money and a lack of abundance in the family.
Here, I will also help with a powerful ritual and constellation, and then everything comes in to place.
The facts and events that happened to the members of your family are important, not the personality of the people!
Questions that are asked before constellation are valid for both your mother's family and your father's father, looking back in time to the sixth generation of great-grandmother and great-grandfather. We are searching for the reasons of death for each family member, and if there are any strange events in your family like:
● early death - we search for a person in your mother's and/or father's family deceased under the age of 25 years;
● Whether in your family someone remained without parents under the age of 25 years. Especially important here is death occurred during or after birth, even if it was your great-grandmother.
Other events may include suicides or suicide attempts; crimes, especially murders; someone who has been deceived, for example by inheritance, a promise of marriage, which was given, but not kept, etc.; difficult fate or accidents; someone has been stigmatized or expelled from the family; illegal children born or children who have been abandoned;
A soldier or a person killed during wars (great-grandfather or grandfather);
Adopted children;
Drug addiction and alcoholism;
Abuse and violence;
Secrets in the family;
Secrets in the family;
Parallel relationships, cheating;
Did our parents have previous matrimonial relationships, fiancés and previous marriages, as well as any mixed marriages.
Unfortunately, all this affects us directly, as the heirs, and we, as the last generation came into the family, pay a hard price for the actions of our parents. It sounds cruel, but it is the fact, however, with constellation it can be healed and returned to the person to whom it belongs by being acknowledged and accepted in our heart with love. Only then can we live our life here and now, and be the person we are.

My talent is to pinpoint the problem, to give you a solution and specific homework. All my clients who adhere strictly to my advice often manage to transform their lives with no more than 5 consultations. Each of us is unique and my job is to be with you in this process, to support you and to build together a new and healthy structure that will bring you the desired results in your life. I also know that the only resource we have is time, and it is up to us to change the circumstances that keep us from being happy today, right here and right now. I love my work and with all my heart I want to help you rediscover yourself and show your best self. Only then will you easily get respect, abundance, mutual love, ability to live with your mission and be satisfied with your work.

What do I guarantee:
To devote this one hour only to you and to be at your service.
To be honest with you and to tell you things that hardly anyone else and even you yourself will not admit – but that is exactly what will cure your pain.
Confidentiality – The whole information remains reserved only for you.
What do I expect from you?
Being prepared for work and transformation – I will give many assignments and actions for homework, so it is important to have the courage to do them.


One consultation with me takes 60 minutes and costs 50 pounds.
Via Skype or face to face.
Pay with PayPal or a card.
skype zornitsa_f
paypal zori_petrova@abv.bg

"Children seldom or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents. Unconsciously they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly. Family Constellations are a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations."
Family Constellations as presented by Bert Hellinger is a powerful alternative to counselling, psychotherapy and coaching. The perfect approach for resolving deeper issues, patterns and relationships that come from your family system.
This is affected by what took place in their lives and their parents before them. This is even if you have vowed to be totally different to them. It is affecting you if you are living in reaction to your earlier experience.
A constellation can merge into the past to assist you in coming to a better place where you don’t have to carry burdens and wounds from the past that aren’t yours to carry.

This has the power to set you free in all aspects of your life.

A Family Constellation is a three-dimensional group process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness. Bert Hellinger, the founder of this work, who studied and treated families for more than 50 years, observed that many of us unconsciously "take on" destructive familial patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, aloneness, alcoholism and even illness as a way of "belonging" in our families. Bonded by a deep love, a child will often sacrifice his own best interests in a vain attempt to ease the suffering of a parent or other family member.
Family Constellations allow us to break these patterns so that we can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. The results can be life-changing.Family Constellation is easy to describe: A straightforward method for increasing the flow of love in the family system.

The method was created by a German therapist, Bart Hellinger, as a result of his observations of indigenous South African tribes, where he served as a priest. He noticed that in the tribe, family relationships followed an internal order based on intergenerational interaction and the collective field. The individual behavior, feelings, and attitudes are considered and understood in the context of the larger group, as each person is part of a family and assumes certain roles in the family structure. Hellinger gradually developed the systemic therapy work that reveals how the fates of our previous family members influence those who come later.
Every member of the family, including those who have departed through death, abortion or difficult faith, is energetically present and influences the others around him/her. Likewise, emotions or situations that are not dealt with by people in the family can be taken up by those who come later in the system (children and grandchildren).

There is a certain family conscience that preserves the balance of the family system. When the orders of this conscience are ignored, love is being hurt and people in the family, usually children, are under the pressure of the system to compensate for the imbalance. Then they take on many symptoms, adopt certain behaviours or even repeat a destiny that is not their own.

Family Constellation has become a reliable intervention when people are “stuck” or when they have pain in their lives with anxieties, problems, and barriers that seem somehow not to be of their own making.
Through Family Constellations we are able to watch family entanglements unravel by observing representatives who stand for members of the family system with the support of an experienced facilitator.
Nowadays, the method has become known as “movements of the soul”.

According to Bert Hellinger, the constellations work on the level of the soul. They go deeper than the rational mind and any psychological analysis.

A constellation is a recreated model of the family and it allows us to find out what events or people from the past, even a few generations back, affect our lives, and how.

Family system constellations allow us to deal with:

• Unconscious mechanisms that motivate our existence
• blockages and beliefs that we have since birth
• "entanglements" from loyalties we might carry to our ancestors.

Many different kinds of issues can be explored in this way, not only familial:

• Challenges in communication, in life, work, or relationships
• Diseases and emotional or mental disorders
• Professional and organizational (business) issues
• Parental difficulties
• Internal conflicts of the personality

Constellation work is useful for:

• Clarifying and improving relationships in intimate, family and work relationships
• Finding the “right” place in life, gaining strength and ability to act; reconnecting with resources
• Bringing awareness to a current health situation

helping in cases of divorce, separation, departure through death, etc.

• in case of self-doubt or inability to make a decision on a personal or professional level;
• For improving relationships with children and supporting the whole family
Constellations cannot replace either medical or psychiatric treatment, even though they are therapeutic.

The solutions brought about through this therapy work bring relaxation and understanding. When respecting certain order and unspoken lows directing the family soul, then love can flow freely.

Naturally, the success of family constellations depends on the degree of openness of the client, how much he/ she can face, to what degree they can integrate the new level of awareness. A constellation made out of curiosity or a problem that is not really important to the client will be rather superficial and will not have an impact. This can also happen if the client remains emotionally distant and attempts to interpret the constellation in a rational way.
In this sense, family constellations are not a magic pill to achieve amazing results. It is also desirable to avoid having too high expectations. What can be realized and what the person will integrate is a very personal journey in the process of his growth. Hellinger says that solutions can only be found if they are in harmony with the person’s soul.

If you care about your relationships with your loved ones, your friends and family and you want to keep them in your life. And have the best relationships you can imagine is possible. YOU NEED Family constellations therapy now.
For just 150£/in a single session you can save your family, your relationship .
Keep your loved ones and save your relationships. Also you can find the one and keep him or her. Standing for yourself live happy life now.
Family constellations therapy is so versatile that not having it now, literally putting you and your relationships on chance .

Book now your session now.

One Constellation is 160 £
Via face to face.
Pay with PayPal zori_petrova@abv.bg or a card.