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Dedicated home care, friendship and support services throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

There is a very old saying that ‘home is where the heart is’ and at Happiest at Home we truly believe that continuing to live in the comfort of your own home is what is best for you.

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5 April 2021

Home & Domiciliary Care

Very easy to deal with, fingers crossed everything goes to plan.

24 March 2021

Home & Domiciliary Care

So happy with the carer introduced to us by Happiest at Home. We have found them to be professional, quick to communicate and accommodating and friendly. Our carer is flexible and professional. It's all working very well for all of us. More...

11 March 2021

Home & Domiciliary Care

Really quick at responding to emails and messages can't wait to start with them

31 December 2020

Home & Domiciliary Care

It is quite simple. My wife of 82 years had a bad fall in the bedroom, and was badly bruised and in a lot of discomfort.
For a few days she was insisting that I find help for her, and then she went on to make a quite dramatic recovery. As a result we only used your services to have a major clean of the house (2 cleaners on the one visit) on one occasion. The postscript to the above situation is that our family have asked us to move 200 miles to be nearer them, and we will be joining a warden controlled retirement complex probably in late February in Oxfordshire. The cleaning went well but my wife is now back in control and your services will no longer be required.

15 November 2020

I’ve worked for a few care company’s and I have to say happiest at home are the best, there always there if you need anything and really care about the staff, there really on the ball and very understanding and flexible not only to its staff but to the people using there services, pay is by far the best I’ve had in all my time of doing care, can’t express how much I would really recommend this company not to just to work for but for people who are looking assistants or care, they really are best!!

24 October 2020

Home & Domiciliary Care

Excellent response in double quick time. Good explanation of what they offer x

Happiest at Home
Happiest at Home

Reply from Happiest at Home

Thanks Christine

29 September 2020

“I live alone and have huge anxiety and self-confidence problems. I have suffered with this horrible condition for my whole adult life and it’s so bad that I struggle to leave the house.

I heard about Happiest at Home and contacted them, as I desperately needed to get out of the house at least once a week to get some fresh air, have a chat and make a new friend.

I now have my Carepal who is called Amanda, she is lovely and takes me out in her car to places like the beach. I should have done this 30 years ago, I have missed out on so much!”
Miss D.R / Newcastle upon Tyne

29 September 2020

“I live in Bath, Somerset and my Mum Betty lives in Durham, County Durham. I was starting to notice how Mum was beginning to struggle with tasks such as cleaning and weekly shopping and I was getting more and more worried as I live so far away from her. I was struggling to find a suitable company that could help, when I came across Happiest at Home.

I contacted them and they were happy to help. The whole process was so simple and efficient. I explained what I wanted for Mum and within the hour I had an email from them that included a profile of a Carepal called Dawn. Dawn lives in a nearby village and she is now Mum’s dedicated Carepal. She visits Mum twice a week for a couple of hours. Mum really has become great friends with Dawn and really looks forward to the days that she comes. We have all of Dawn’s contact information to make any changes to times or to ask Dawn to help Mum with something specific that week. Happiest at Home have also given us an app for our phone, that lets us see where and when Dawn arrived and left Mum’s.

I really could not be more relieved, and Mum could not be happier.

If you want a first-class service at a reasonable price then please contact them. They really do deliver!”

Mrs C.T./Bath

29 September 2020

We have a lovely young boy, Chris, who has just turned 20 and who has Down’s Syndrome. He loves to socialise and to get out into the community. He’s very chatty and friendly and we were anxious to get a ‘friend’ for him of a similar age, who would spend quality time with him and teach him life skills. It was also essential that we had the same companion for every weekly visit, as he closely bonds with people and becomes upset if people let him down.

We had used another home support company, but we got a different support worker every visit.

We asked around and we were recommended Happiest at Home by a friend who’s Mum uses them. We called them up, they were very knowledgeable and fully understood what we were trying to achieve, they listened!

Within a couple of days they had a couple of options for us. We met a couple of recommended Carepals and eventually decided that Mark was the best fit for Chris.

If you are looking for the same person to visit then use Happy at Home.


Each and everyone of our care team love to work for Happiest at Home, because we are the only company that guarantees that they work with their dedicated clients. They all work part time and only ever see a hand full of clients, that they get to know and love to support.

We've all worked in the care industry for 25 years, so we started Happiest at Home to provide the very best care outcomes for our lovely clients.

We are the only company in the North of England that guarantee's a dedicated support worker or CarePal as we like to call them, to ensure that you see the same happy face each and every visit.
We also are very competitively priced and we ensure our CarePals receive the highest wages in the industry.


What is companionship care?

Many people we support simply want someone to visit them, to have regular contact, company and conversation. Often, family live in other parts of the UK and are unable to visit as often as they would like to. Sometimes they have recently lost a partner and are finding it hard to adjust.

CAREPals provide dedicated company

We can give you a hand with the weekly shop, take you to appointments or accompany you to your favourite social group or gathering. Companionship is quite simply being there for you or your loved one. If you need someone to make sure that you are eating healthily or to go out for lunch with, then your dedicated CAREPal will be there for you.

Studies have shown that loneliness has a serious negative effect on health and wellbeing, so Happiest at Home aims to prevent loneliness through companionship care.

Happiest at Home will help you to live well
Age alone should not be a barrier to adventure. We have had a major amount of success in helping people to find new hobbies and interests.

We have helped clients take up new hobbies such as playing card games, dancing, cookery classes and one client now has a passion for indoor rock climbing at the age of 80! If there is an old hobby that you would like to take up again, we can match you with a CAREPal that has similar interests so that you can share the experience together.

Whatever your interest or passion, we are very confident that we can find the right CAREPal for you.

All of our CAREPals drive and have their own car

To ensure that you can continue to access all community and social events, all of our CAREPals drive and have their own vehicle. This way they can drive you to see friends and access all community activities.

Find your perfect companion

Our home care could provide a fresh start, opening new doors and new friendship. Choose Happiest at Home to help you find your ideal companion.

Book a FREE no obligation consultation with us, and we will be very happy to discuss your ideal tailored companionship service.


Living a quality life starts with living in a fresh and clean house. Many studies show that having a clean and tidy house can have positive effect on mental health and general wellbeing.

Home help for people living in their own home

Our home help service include help dusting, vacuuming, decluttering, feeding the dog, taking the bins out, washing and ironing. We cover all aspects of housekeeping to ensure you live in a clean, tidy and safe home.

Because your CAREPal is dedicated to you, they will get to know how you like your house to be kept to make it the happy place you deserve.

This will free up time and energy, allowing you to spend more time doing the things that you enjoy the most.

All of our CAREPals drive and have their own car

To ensure that you can continue to access all community and social events, all of our CAREPals drive and have their own vehicle. This way they can drive you to see friends and access all community activities.

Get home help

Need some extra help at home? Contact us today to book a FREE no obligation consultation to see how we can tailor your requirements with a Happiest at Home CAREPal.

You deserve a break too!

Even though many families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, the physical, emotional and financial consequences for the family caregiver can be overwhelming without some support, such as respite.

Happiest at Home can provide a planned programme of care visits, for a few hours through to a few weeks, for families and those providing unpaid care. Respite provides the much needed temporary break from the often exhausting challenges faced by the family caregiver, giving the caregiver an opportunity to take a break or holiday, relax and recharge.

Respite has been shown to help sustain family caregiver, with health and well being benefits.

Live-in care provides flexibility when, typically a customer needs a personal assistant around the house at various times of day or night to assist or carry out varying tasks.

No two days need be the same and our customers can, if they wish, choose a different agenda each day. The daily tasks of everyday living can be fulfilled by the CAREPal but he/she can also help with pastimes and activities if required.

Arranging your live-in care service

The first step is to contact Happiest at Home to arrange an initial visit. This gives you the opportunity to talk to us face to face and ask any questions. We only move to the next stage once you are entirely happy with the service and feel comfortable with instructing us. One of our supervisors will visit to carry out the necessary safety assessments and to note all the details we need to go through before we start the care. This will, of course, include start dates and any other instructions you may have for us. We will then arrange for the Personal Assistant to arrive on the requested day.

Starting your live-in care service

On the first day the Happiest at Home CAREPal will arrive at an agreed time, accompanied by a Supervisor. The role of the Supervisor is to introduce the CAREPal to you, and confirm the way you wish your care to be administered.

After a short settling-in period the Supervisor will leave you and your CAREPal to get to know one another. But it doesn’t stop there. The Supervisor will keep in contact with you on a regular basis to make sure that everything continues to run smoothly.

The benefits of live-In Care

There are many benefits to opting for a live-in care service over a care home. The main advantage is that the person receiving care can stay in an environment they’re most familiar with. They can be around the people and things they know and love best.

Getting used to a new and unfamiliar environment is difficult at the best of times. Coupled with the disruption to routines and lifestyles, such a move can cause significant amounts of distress and not just to the individual – it impacts the whole family.

With our live-in services, we keep disruption and upheaval to an absolute minimum. Rather than change what you or your loved one are used to, ask your new CarePal to fit tasks around established routines.

A one-to-one alternative to care in a nursing home

In a nursing home there are many people receiving care.

In fact, a report produced, from a sample of seven specialist Dementia care homes, by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, found that staff to resident ratios in residential care homes averaged 1:4. It was also found that the poorer the staff to resident ratio was, the more pressure the care home staff were under and the less time they had to spend with the residents as a result.

Happiest at Home helps to deliver one-to-one live-in care. This means that you or your loved one is at the centre of the carer’s attention. They’re fully committed to ensuring that yours or their medical needs are always provided for.

Staff rotation is also common at many nursing and elderly care homes. This means that residents don’t get to build up that rapport with the person responsible for providing their care. They also don’t have that consistency. And consistency is hugely important in any form of care.

We don’t rotate our carers, meaning our customers can build up a relationship with their carer. This approach also enables the carer to really understand and listen to the needs of the individual.

What difference does staying at home make compared to a residential home?
The home is so much more than just a building with four walls, windows and a door. It’s a treasure trove that constantly reminds us of the happiest times in our life; it houses possessions with sentimental value, and it’s easier for family and friends to come and visit.

We’ll provide help around the home – from assisting you with basic chores, like washing the dishes and preparing meals, to collecting prescriptions.

Coming out of a care home

Many of our customers have tried a care home and decided it’s not for them. If this is the case for you or your loved one, we can visit you and your family to discuss an option that does work for you. To keep that level of continuity, we liaise with any professionals currently involved in providing care in a home.

Finding out more about alternatives to Care Homes

The choice between a residential care home and one-to-one care in the home is one of the toughest you’re likely to ever face. It’s not an easy decision to make, and it’s one that requires a significant amount of thought. However, you’re not alone.

Our team of care advisors are warm, friendly and more than willing to talk you through the steps involved in home-based care, our services and the costs.