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Hello and welcome to our page here on Bark. We are a Birmingham based construction company covering the whole of the West Midlands.
Our background is in the commercial/industrial sector where we have worked on a variety of projects, including Schools, NHS Surgeries Care Homes and Housing.

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The team have worked together for many years, though Gravitas Build Limited was officially set up last year 2020.

All suppliers provide some kind of guarantee or warranty associated with the products supplied. Depending on the nature of the project, a retention is sometimes used to cover breakdowns, bad workmanship (rare), or things that for one reason or another are not fit for purpose. This might amount to a 2% retention based on the value of the build. Basically the contract would allow you to hold onto 2% of our money to cover the cost of putting work right where you had to appoint another builder to correct defective work. This is all allowed for via a JCT Contract.

Construction is a very challenging occupation but also one of the most creative too. Because we get involved with the process at all levels, conception, planning and construction, we have the benefit of seeing something developed on a drawing board (computer these days), become a reality; a legacy for future generations to use and benefit from, we wouldn't do anything else.

At some point or other, the team have all worked for other employers and I suppose its the dissatisfaction of having to work to someone else's low standards, particularly when they are trying to cut corners just to save a £pound here and there that eventually wears a bit thin. We believe in "team", in "quality", and in delivering a project that not only we can be proud of, but one that you can be proud of. We can only do that by being in control of our own company and having a say.

They say that a property is most people's biggest investment and that may be true. But home is where you live, where you bring up your family, where memories are made. Your home provides you with a lifestyle born out of the dreams gleaned from watching property programs and house improvement magazines and why not. Our dedicated team of professionals are passionate about helping you fulfil your property dreams and we bring with us a wealth of experience gained from years of working in the commercial world where high standards of workmanship, time planning, and communication are not just expected, they are demanded.


Construction is a term often used to describe building works and tends to apply to larger "construction" projects as opposed to "building" a wall where people will often search for builders.

A great way to create more space without the cost of moving to a larger house is to build an extension. Usually added to the rear of the house, a house extension is typically either single or double-storey in height and is often used to add additional kitchen space, a bathroom or additional bedrooms.

With an extensive background in construction, we are a building company able to help with large extensions and house builds where greater experience and knowledge is needed.

As a Building Company, we build large house extensions as well as new build houses up to c£1million pounds.

Have yourself a plot of land you want to build on? We are experienced builders with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building your new home or large extension. As a commercial construction company, we've come across just about every problem a project could be faced with, worked the problem, found a solution and completed the build. Need help with your project? Give us a call, we'd love to hear from you.