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From a new perspective is a Business consultancy that provides practical support and guidance to organisations on an interim or project basis in the areas of:

Business growth strategy embracing both commercial and operational processes, business planning, New business development and organisational change, incorporating Leadership coaching and team development.

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16 September 2019

I have worked with Clayton for three years. I initially approached Harrison Spence because I was overwhelmed with the tasks involved in running my business. I am a good financial adviser and offer a great service to my client’s but I didn’t have the necessary skills or time to develop my business further. I was considering the options of selling or consolidating to relieve me of the ‘burden of the business’ and focus on delivering financial planning to my clients.
Harrison Spence duly valued my business but more importantly highlighted some development areas and suggested a business development programme with Clayton Witter. I admit to being sceptical at first because I had tried coaching twice before with little success. However, the aim of the Clayton’s programme was to coach me through the skills required to grow my business. The impact was immediate, profits increased significantly and the valuation of my business is now much higher. I understand the profitability of each client and have a great team to assist me. As a result I have no intention of selling, as thanks to Clayton we are now in a great position and looking forward to a clear prosperous future.


Supporting teams and individuals to create environments that deliver the success they set out to achieve and working with a diverse range of people and businesses.

My desire to exercise freedom over my work life balance while continuing to support individuals and teams to create and achieve successful outcomes.

I have a proven track record of leading and developing a successful £300 million pound business and I am passionate supporting individuals and businesses to be the best that they can be.


Leadership can be a lonely pursuit with a range a personal challenges as a qualified coach I provide coaching support to senior executives helping them to understand and overcome issues that are blocking their ability to perform at their best.


Certificated Enterprise Mentor
Issuing authoritySFEDI & Department of Business Innovation & Skills Dec 2012

Certified Myers Briggs Practitioner.
Issuing authority OPP – MBTI 2010

Diploma - Executive coaching.
Issuing authorityAoCE - Academy of Executive Coaching 2009