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The reason Free2bme has proven to be successful is because it incorporates the ‘whole person’ being the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and the pain and issues of the heart. 

Free2bme provides the right help and support that is needed to recognise, face and deal with the real issues and struggles that are going on behind the scene.

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25 November 2022

Life Coaching

My time spent with Karen has been extremely positive and worth every penny. At the beginning of this year, I felt very overwhelmed and lost with no direction or confidence whatsoever, getting back into the workforce after having children with special educational needs, after spending years fighting their corner.
I've accomplished so much with Karen. She could empathise with me immediately how I was feeling. I now feel far more confident and focused moving forward, and I cannot thank her enough.
Would definitely recommend!!

18 February 2022

Relationship and Marriage Counselling

Had one session with Karen so far and already I’m Seeing things more clearly and can see the pathway to getting my mind and heart into a stable place

9 July 2021

Karen straight away made me feel at ease.
She has such a special way of letting you open up and is so easy to chat too.Best thing ever happened to me was finding Karen. Highly recommend

16 December 2020


I have had a few sessions with Karen so far and I am very happy with her approach and style. I have seen changes within myself and my life already- much sooner than expected. I feel a big shift and changes happening within my life and relationships already. Definitely recommend. More...

15 December 2020


Very quick response via phone, very friendly and sounds like a good fit

13 May 2020

Relationship and Marriage Counselling

Karen is wonderful!
I have got everything and more out of the sessions I have had so far. She's tailored to my spiritual beliefs which has helped me understand things in a way I would want too. She's approachable, and made me feel very comfortable about opening up. She has pushed me in ways I need as I tend to divert from what is being asked and she doesn't let me get away with it, allowing me to see the real me and get what I needed from each session.
I have recommended Karen to family and friends and they will not be disappointed.
I have found someone I can trust and will continue going to now or in years to come.
Thank you Karen for taking me on a journey! xxx

21 April 2020

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

I contacted Karen after a series of life events left me feeling lost, anxious and completely overwhelmed by my thoughts.
I’d set out in search of a counsellor, but Karen has proven to be so much more; a counsellor, life coach and spiritual guide all in one. Karen is warm, understanding and relaxed and I felt comfortable opening up at the very first session.
The support, encouragement and guidance Karen has provided me with has challenged my own thought processes and I’m already feeling more positive and calm. I’ve learnt so much!
I’ve still got some way to go but am so grateful to Karen already. I look forward to continuing my journey with Karen and would recommend her services to anyone.

21 February 2020

Karen is a very approachable person, she’s been able to make us both feel comfortable and at easy very quickly.
We found the sessions very effective after years of struggle in our relationship.
Karen has been able to get our issues resolved very quickly.
Words can never be enough to express how grateful we are to have met Her.
Thank you so much, God bless you Karen!

3 February 2020

Felt comfortable and relaxed with my 1st session being able to open up. Speaking freely with Karen I feel I have found the right person who understands and has the experience to support my emotions and thoughts. Already feeling confident and optimistic in dealing with future challenges. More...

31 January 2020

I cannot recommend Karen high enough. I went to see Karen when my relationship was nearly to end, I had no hope in my relationship at all, the dark thoughts took me over, I felt like I was no longer able to cope with my troubled relationship, I became very sensitive, until I googled for help and found Karen’s website on bark, it was like a light in a tunnel. Karen was so welcoming. Sessions with Karen were so relaxing and helped me see things in a different way. Sometimes I would go to the session feeling heavy, stressed, and blank.
The good thing about the sessions was that Karen is a devoted Christian and used bible scriptures to support her advices. I felt so good listening about God’s grace into our relationship, she’s really an expert. Within a space of 3 sessions she was able to help overcome my problems. I’m now very happy in my relationship, I’ve learned so much with Karen. I cannot recommend Karen enough. I will be forever grateful to her.

4 August 2019

There is always solution to every problem and an answer to every question. Karen has a unique gift in being able to give guidance that will allow you to move forward confidently. We are never too old to learn new ways to replace old habits that don’t serve us. If you are thinking of contacting Karen my advice would be ...just do it. She is a warm, understanding, caring person who truly wants to guide people to enjoy a more rewarding future. You might think you have all the answers now but you will be amazed and happy at what you will learn to become the person you are destined to be. More...

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10 April 2019

I can highly recommend doing this life coach course it has really opened my eyes and am learning so much about myself Karen is the warmest welcoming person you could ever wish to meet.

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Offering a variety of services that encompasses a journeying from where you are now to where you would like to be. Offered to private one to ones, couples, small groups to congregations of people, either remotely or in person offering: Life Coach Counselling and Therapy. Beginning with recognising where you are now by exploring present day struggles and sufferings. To being able to face the underlining cause and issues with support to take the necessary steps to identify, process and overcome the inner fears including the unconscious resistances, struggles and blockages. Being able to accept and own the experience to deal with the root cause to all your issues of pain, torment and burdens. Bringing you back into full life, health, and wellbeing that will increasing self esteem, hope, vision and confidence.

A Program is also offered to equip and educate. This is usually carried out primarily as workshops. However it can be adjusted and is sometimes incorporated into the privates sessions to include as follows:
Establishing You. Establishing Your Life. Establishing Your Position, Power and Purpose.

Establishing You.
Focus on owning and accepting one self by recognising your uniqueness, value, worth and belonging on a physical, emotional and thought processing level.

Establishing Your Life. Working through potential blockages to give and receive love for yourself, for healthy relationships and connection with the world around you. Giving some focus on emotional addiction, rejection including self rejection, smoke screens and fears.
To encompass the gardening your heart from life's experiences and exposures, to replanting what should of been to increasing expectations and vision, raising your personal frequency to experience success and positive outcomes in life going forward.

Establishing Your Position, Power, and Purpose.
Learning how to keep yourself connected to your higher self at all times. Being aware of personal boundaries and energy vampires (the subtle ways we can be used. abused and drained of our energy). Increasing assertiveness by knowing and maintaining your position, power and purpose and how that applies and works in everyday life.