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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Dyahanne brings a wealth of experience and understanding. Having worked in Education, Government, Housing and the Sports Industry, her expertise lies in:
* Team and individual
* Early Years
* Safeguarding
* Leadership and
* Abuse
* Faith / Spiritual Guidance

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29 January 2021

Bereavement Counselling

Working with Dy has been amazing, she is so caring and goes above the call of duty to make sure I’m doing well. I love that she incorporates prayer and Christian teaching into our sessions, I feel like I have found the perfect person to talk to and guide me through difficult situations

18 October 2020

Bereavement Counselling

I’m always looking forward to my sessions with Dyahanne because she always brings out the best in me. Dyahanne takes time to listen without judgement and I’m comfortable talking to her about anything. I love the way she gave herself time to get to know me and give me tips to improve myself financially, socially, emotionally and support with my ministry. I believe that her work is always Holy Spirit led (if you’re a Christian you’ll understand). I would recommend anyone to work with her whether it’s bereavement support, marital or any other issue you need support with. I’m glad I connected with her. More...

14 September 2020

Bereavement Counselling

Dyahanne is amazing, she genuinely wants to help and her technique is very effective. She reached out when I was calling out for help on Bark. ..I love that she doesn't leave me to work out all the answers by myself. She is not afraid to be upfront and get to the root of a situation. She is helping me alot and I value her time. Thankyou so much. More...

5 September 2020

Such an amazing and inspirational person
Lady Dyahanne has certainly left footprints in my life. We met during a time I was going through trials approx 12 years ago. Lady Dyahanne took the time to support and mentor me to reaching my self actualisation as a whole person. I have gained from her in so many way; first & foremost spiritually awakening, a role model, a drive for aspiring to greater heights, releasing my potential, a change of mindset, realisation of my value and worth.
I now have a sound foundation to believing in myself, to building confidence, and embracing constructive feedback for improving myself.
Truly sent by God in my life

4 September 2020

As a semi pro footballer, I had a really bad injury that affected me mentally. Having someone to talk to in my redevelopment really helped as well as bringing faith into it also. I feel mentally stronger thanks to Dyahanne and am working on my physical training to get me where I want to be. Our sessions was much needed. Thank you. More...

19 August 2020

If it wasn’t for Dyahanne I would not have opened my nursery. She was with me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, her guidance And support was totally invaluable. The particular way that Dyahanne championed, encouraged and worked with me throughout the process, overcoming obstacles with me was absolutely amazing. Dyahanne remains today as my champion and confidante and I am thankful to have her in my life. More...

7 August 2020

Life Coaching

She immediately responded to my request for a Christian life coach. We connected and she has been a blessing from the start.

7 August 2020

First Lady Dyahanne Sappleton has professional support me to deal with specific problems that I have in the past. She is extremely supportive as she has excellent listening,communication, empathy skills which results in finding solutions to various problems I have faced. Through the experience help of first Lady Dyahanne Sappleton it is now possible for me to have a positive attitude and different approach with various situations. I would therefore like to thank her very much for her support, encouraging words, excellent help which she has given me. God richly bless you always. More...

3 August 2020

Fortunately, I found Dyahanne at a time in my life when I would need counsel the most. She has been a pinnacle of support for me. She has an empathic, non-judgemental and a professional approach. Her skills and expertise, has helped me to reflect, challenge/change my decisions and outlook on life.
I am happy to have met her. Surely, my life will not be the same and just keeps moving from strength to strength.

Thank you Dyahanne.

27 July 2020

Dyhanne helped me to work through the concerns that had relating to work and personal matters.

I was able to unravel my issues and see things from a different perspective. I was able to problem solve easier as my understanding was more objectice.

Her style is both very assertive and patient, which challenged me and led me to have many lightbulb moments. Thank you again.

25 July 2020

Working with Dyahanne Sappleton has taught me to give 110% because she encourages you to give your best. She leads by example, not asking you to do anything she would not be prepared to do herself. She is an excellent team player and comunicates well at all levels. She is very approachable and cares about her staff. She is very knowledgeable about her product she delivers and with excellent teaching skills. More...

23 July 2020

It an honour and a privilege to work with Dyahanne Sappleton she's a great listener and a confident .

23 July 2020

It was an amazing therapeutic journey. Working with Dyahanne has helped me to arrived at self actualisation.

23 July 2020

Florida USA Love you keep up the good work


I love to see lives transformed, goals and desires realised and an overall fulfilled life.

To spend time doing what I am passionate about - helping others, without constraints.

You will entrust yourself into the hands of an individual that has faced her own challenges and have overcome all but most of them. What you see and get will be real life occurrences, nothing made up or fabricated for a sale. Everything will be genuine and transparent.


A versatile service that reaches the individual where they are at...
The services are not a clone has I believe each individual is unique although they may share similarities with others.

Allowing you to confidently deal with life’s issues whatever as been thrown your way.
The service will be confidential. You will be accepted for who you are but yet challenged to become the best that you can be.

Holding a Masters in Education, has helped to build confidence in terms of academic knowledge, however, life as not been mastered so I will share what I have learnt on this journey.