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Experienced philosophy teacher and tutor.

£40/hour for A-level tuition.

£50/hour for bespoke adult tuition.

I am an experienced philosophy tutor, and I recently obtained my PhD from Royal Holloway (part of the University of London). My thesis covers all of the topics on the AQA Philosophy specification, so I have deep familiarity with the syllabus.

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Helping students find their own voice. One of the most common difficulties that new philosophy students have is developing the confidence to criticise famous philosophers. Helping students move from thinking "I don't understand" to thinking "this theory is incoherent" is deeply rewarding, and empowering students to argue back is what keeps my job interesting and surprising.

I have loved teaching ever since I began teaching philosophy in schools five years ago. What makes tutoring unique is the depth and complexity that you can reach in one-to-one or small group discussions. I can move exactly at the student's pace, rather than having to spread my attention across a large group.

My students have often thanked me for two things in particular: the comprehensiveness of my feedback and the clarity of my explanations of difficult ideas. Because of my experience working with very young students, I have learned to approach philosophy like a novice and remove the jargon from my teaching. I take pride in my ability to make intimidating topics and tasks accessible for students of all abilities.