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I am a freelance web designer and digital marketer based in London. The services I provide are;
Website Design & Development,
Website upgrades, maintenance and relaunch,
Search engine optimization, search engine marketing & PPC.
Email marketing campaigns, automation and template design,



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Clear site design & navigation.
A clear call to action.
Mobile & tablet responsiveness.
Seo Friendly.
Intuitive design to ensure easy customer experience.

- I would begin with a detailed discussion of the goals and expectations of the project.
- I would then like to identify what the business’s current customers/web traffic are and what the business's ideal customer/web traffic would be.
- What does the business do differently, and what is the unique selling point.
- Who are the competitors.
- Current problems with existing website/digital marketing (if exists)
- What tech and analytics the client currently has in place (if exists).
- What is the client vision in terms of branding.
- What other marketing channels have been used - online or offline.
- Which geographical/ non-geographic markets does the business serve? Which do they plan to serve and when?
- Any events / seasonal trends I should be aware of.

Digital marketing and website design is a constantly changing and evolving field, I love being in a fast-paced environment, and I couldn't be happier when engaging with others to fulfill their online goals

I always had an interest in all things digital and website design, when I first got introduced to SEO it was a hobby at first, but I quickly saw the opportunity to turn a hobby into fulling profession.
Helping others fulfill their business goals is extremely rewarding and satisfying.

I am able to bridge the gap between a very basic template website and a £10,000 platform. This is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses.
I use proven strategies and targeted techniques to provide highly targeted and specific digital marketing for each of my clients, ensuring my clients reach their full online potential.