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Simplified SEO Solutions for Business Growth

Discover the power of SEO to transform your business. I'm here to guide you through the process with over 20 years of expertise in boosting online visibility and search rankings.

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4 customer reviews

22 September 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists

professional and reliable service, response always on time.
Definitely recommend to anyone!

7 May 2021

I have tried a number of ways marketing my business over the years and I have found Business Promotion Central
to be one of the most effective and profitable.
Having used their services for some 4 years now, I can rate them overall as a 5 star service.

5 May 2021

I have been a client of Stephens for several years.

I run a shower fitting and repair servicing business.

The majority of our work comes from our website.

Stephen has always ensured the enquires keep on coming in a regular and steady way.

Our website ranks very highly for all the local areas we serve.

Certainly a five star service that I am extremely glad I found.

4 May 2021

Working with Stephen at Business Promotion Central has been a pleasure.
Stephen and his team took the time to understand our business and the service provided has been top class.
We have grown our business every year and I would not be without the service they provide. 5 stars


The businesses that I and my team enjoy helping have some great people behind them.

I like to think of these people as my friends.

Helping business and website owners to become trusted brands and trusted resources is very rewarding.

Times have been difficult and so being in a position to help businesses continue trading or to help new start-up businesses get their first customers is something I feel grateful to be able to assist with.

Helping to get attention for a first offer or helping an established business refresh a core offer and bringing it back to life are some of the things I love to do.

Running a business is a challenge and I enjoy challenges.

I am in business to make a difference and I like to think the people I do business with see me as a friend and trusted resource. Someone that can help them achieve their business goals and objectives.

Achieving goals in business is the aspiration that lets us have more freedom to lead the life we desire.

It gives us a way to contribute back to society. To live the lifestyle both we and our families deserve.

Contributing along the way to greater causes and society in general, I fell this is all part of running a successful business.

I am told I am a friendly guy and I believe in delivering what is promised.

I have a genuine desire to help others achieve their goals and objectives. Your success is my success.

If I do not think I can help your business, I will be honest and tell you that. I do not like to promise what I cannot deliver.

You must also feel that I am someone you can happily work with on a friendly basis.

The best way to find that out is to get in contact and we can explore possible future progression from there.

Yes - I can provide services remotely. Meetings can be held online and services delivered online. Results, reports and progress can all be provided online.

All services and meetings can be held remotely. I have found zoom to be an excellent tool for gaining an initial understanding of a business and then scheduling further follow up and reports.


Sometimes, as a business owner, you need something that will work quickly and bring you results.

Maybe you -
* have an emergency and need to bring in profits quickly

* want to launch a new product or business start-up

* need to quickly refresh the interest around a core offer

* want to quickly have your professional expert status recognised

* want to improve the reputation of your business and brand

* want to paint yourself or your business in a positive light

* want to promote a course or training

* want to promote a book

* want to promote a video

* want to promote other content

* need more business to keep your employees fully engaged.

Any of these objectives are a great fit for the Gold package.

92% of search traffic comes from Google.

Are you associated with big brands?

Our Gold package will get you associated with links from some of the biggest recognised brands on the internet today. Domains with authority scores of 90+.

These type of placements are almost impossible to find without the right kind of deal in place.

Imagine for a moment seeing yourself or your business featured on
• Yahoo! News/Finance,
• Business Insider
• Associated Press,
• MarketWatch,
• Medium,
• Nasdaq

or one of the other major brand websites, linking right back to your business or content.

Yahoo! Finance is a nine-figure traffic site. ‘Massive impact’ would be an understatement.

There are a number of additional reasons why this can be the ideal way to attract more of your ideal clients.

If this package sounds like it might be of interest, please get in contact.

Let me tell you quickly about one of my clients.

(I did get permission to relay to this to you)

My client knew about our gold package but had never tried it.

One day she rang me and ordered a Gold package, almost in a panic. I could detect a shakiness in her voice.

I asked if there was anything wrong. She just said ‘no’ and so I proceeded to get the details I needed for our Gold package.

I checked in a few days later to see how the client was.

She sounded so much better.

When I asked about the results she had received so far, she told me that her Accountancy practice had picked up two new quality business clients, for immediate financial audits and had brought in $20,000 in new business.

‘Wow’ I said, ‘Great result.’

‘Yes, it is’ she replied. ‘I can tell you now, at the time I booked the Gold package I had a lot of worry. Our family pet dog Duke had just been diagnosed with a serious tumor on his rear leg. The vet estimated that treatment would be $10,000.

I was thinking of applying for an extra mortgage on my house. Duke is a family member and I could not bear anything happening to him. The kids would have been devastated’

‘Then I remembered you mentioning your Gold package. That it was able to generate speedy results for businesses that needed exactly that. I though right, this is the time to try it out. I am so happy that I did.

I now have enough fee income to be able to treat my dog and these two new clients will be good long term repeat income for the business’

I told my client I was just glad I had been able to help her dog, even though I had not known her motivation at the time she placed her order. I love animals and I know exactly how my client must have been feeling.

This was certainly an unexpected way for our Gold package to help one of my clients.

If you feel the Gold package may be a good fit for your business, then please request more details using the contact link on this page.

I can provide more insights and we can discover if this will work for your business or promotion.