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At BRIDCON we support startups and small businesses, executives and decision-makers, to design and implement advanced strategic and tactical management solutions ensuring sustainable growth in competitive and challenging environments.

Decrypting the customer's journey and his universe, helps us drive the evolution of markets by analysing and measurably stimulating target audiences.


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10 January 2021

All information was helpful for realising exactly what I would like to do in my future business plan

Thank you, we appreciate your feedback.

7 January 2021

Gabriel Barcaru was very professional and very helpful . Highly recommended.

Thank you, we appreciate your feedback.

4 January 2021

I chose BRIDCON Business and Management Consulting because they understand my problem and they know how to solve it in a time and cost-effective manner. Very knowledgeable and versatile.

Thank you, we appreciate your feedback.

2 January 2021

After the few minutes of chat, I knew you are the right partner that will help me grow the business in the right direction. Many, many thanks.

Thank you, we appreciate your feedback.

14 November 2020

Excellent service and professionalism .

Thank you, we appreciate your feedback.

27 October 2020

Thanks a lot Mr. Gabriel Barcaru because you helped far to see how to start a bisniss, it's a good supervisor and has a lot of ideas that may not have you thought but will help a lot the business. Recommend to try at least talking with him and then sure you will understand that you have chosen the best option help to start a bisniss. THANK YOU! More...

Thank you, we appreciate your feedback.

19 October 2020

I had an initial call with Gabriel. Amazing person! Very open and helpful. Even after having 2 video calls with him, I was able to see and understand his experience in the field.

Thank you, we appreciate your feedback.


A great website is a space where the target audience feels home, a universe where your customer discovers the unicity of your offerings. If you need a website for promoting purposes or e-commerce, we can design and deliver a fully-featured website that will boost your business and your sales. But the website is just a part of your development; we also consider social media architecture and integration of various custom features to ensure you run a successful business.

When starting a project, we ensure a comprehensive discussion is carried out with you, making notes and communicating of all the aspects of the project. We must design answers to the most important questions of your customers: how are you different and why shall we buy from you?

Our team follows an approach based on a diagnosis and creative intervention phase. The diagnosis establishes a complete analysis of the project and created the strategy of execution. The creative intervention is how we build and deliver the magic.

We discuss with the client his present and desired state. This process will help both of us to draw a map and describe the journey, by measurably setting achievable targets and objectives.

People perceive most of the challenges and opportunities they encounter as complicated. We approach new environments by designing and deploying complex solutions that can be managed in simple ways. Working with us is a unique and successful learning experience.

BRIDCON stands for hybrid concepts. It means enhancing the impact we create by merging knowledge and technology, developing people and implementing systems that efficiently serve their objectives.

We believe in people and the value we bring to their growth. We trust and follow collaboration, honesty, integrity, inclusion, diversity, innovation, responsibility, accountability and transparency.

We merge human cognition and behaviour with data analysis to design and deploy advanced strategic and tactical management solutions, ensuring sustainable business growth in competitive and challenging environments.

When others are trying to solve problems, we are trying to prevent problems and welcome opportunity.

We dedicated the necessary resources to adapt to the present challenges and meet our customers' needs. We are providing services online and remotely, assuring that the inconveniences created by the changes in the dynamics of businesses will not alter the quality of our deliverables.

Our activity is aligned and constantly follows the present business guidelines released and updated by the UK Government.



Management Consulting and Advisory is a service addressed to executives, decision-makers and small to medium enterprises.

Business Consulting and Advisory is a service addressed to entrepreneurs, business owners, small teams and startups.

Various packages of Business Mentoring, Business Strategy and Business Planning solutions, custom made to serve your budget and business model.

Strategic sales and sales management solutions to help your business grow by correctly stimulating the behaviour of target audiences.

Strategic marketing and digital solutions to help your business find the target audience, and manage the relation with your customers.

Technology and Intelligence solutions to help you use the right automation and integration solutions, and manage your business in a simple and cost-effective manner.